Power charging lithium battery battle: a history of my country’s rising force in Japan and South Korea

Power charging lithium battery battle: a history of my country's rising force in Japan and South Korea

On October 9th, the Royal Swedish Royal Academy gave the 2019 Nobel Chemical Award to the 97-year-old John B. Gudarf, 77-year-old M. Stanley Witham and 71-year-old Ji-life to commend Three people have made, transformation, optimization, etc.

. After the chemical award announced, the mobile phone circle, the new energy car circle and other practitioners have publicly paying tribute, the Lei Jun said: “Now the lithium-ion battery has been widely used, thank these three scientists to develop a huge contribution to lithium-ion battery technology..

Since Sony issued the first commercial lithium-ion battery in Sony in 1991, it has been a whole for 28 years.. Today, the lithium cobalt-free battery is dominated by mobile phones, computers, cameras, etc.

. Two kinds of lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, lithium manganate ion batteries, lithium titanate ion batteries have supporters, you chase me, I have been eager to compete, the industry presents this. The winner is talking about: “Some people are like a turtle, slow, struggle all the way, and I can’t find the way.

. But the turtle understands, he must go. “The power lithium-ion battery is a history of my country’s rise, and the sudden history of Japan and South Korea.

. Panasonic brought to the TSLA chariot in 1890, the United States born the first electric car, using lead-acid batteries. Since then, the electric car is used in lead-acid batteries, and the famous citicar is no exception.

It has been the highest sales in the history of electric cars in 2013.. More than a hundred years without technological innovation, an electric car that has long married, calm, like a pool, no one.

However, a storm is brewing, electric cars will be ushered in new students. In 2008, TSLA was born, and Masque said: “When I am going to college, I have always wanted to be able to change the world, and now I am ginseng and. “TSLA creativity enables more than 7,000 plus-made 18650 three-dimensional lithium-ion batteries, which make up the power lithium-ion battery, which makes electric car salty fish.

Tsla became the first person to eat crabs. At this time, Panasonic is encountering to dark moments, impacts mobile phones, plasma flat-screen TVs, etc., but not only the morale is low, the performance is even more miserable, and there is a loss of loss since 2004 to 2009, and one-time loss is 4 billion US dollars.

. In order to break around, find a self-rescue road, Panasonic spent $ 6.4 billion in December 2008 to acquire TSLA initial selected lithium-ion battery supplier Sanyo motor.

Since then, Panasonic is firmly bound to TSLA’s chariots, becoming the exclusive battery supplier. Panasonic Chief Executive Guanjin He Hong has publicly said: “If TSLA is successful, electric cars become mainstream, the world will change, we will have a lot of rising opportunities. “TSLA veteran, before Keldi, director of the front battery.

” TSLA has also tried more than 300 batteries on the market, and finally chose Panasonic 18650 battery.. “Three-yuan lithium-ion battery becomes the first player of the power lithium-ion battery track.

my country’s rise, force the Japanese and South Korea TSLA, becomes red, becoming Wall Street, but the three-yuan lithium-ion battery has not won the consensus of the market.. In the early days, with the TSLA share price soared, there is still a secondary battery spontaneous incident, and even many industry people publicize the safety of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery.

. Lithium iron phosphate ion battery, lithium manganate ion battery, greet the “spring” of well-blown development due to higher safety. In 2008, domestic phosphate material sales accounted for only 1.

8%, and the rise in 2011 was 6.01%, and lithium manganate material was raised from 6.92% in 2008 to 12.

61% in 2011.. Receiving a lithium iron phosphate ion battery is BYD, and a lithium-ferrous ion battery is favored by Nissan, Japan and South Korea.

. BYD also had differences in technology routes, some people believe that the three-yuan lithium-ion battery is more promising from a professional point of view, while another person considers that the three yuan lithium technology is held by Japan and South Korea, and it is believed that the lithium iron ion battery is more easier to break through..

In the end BYD, the founder Wang Chuanfu panel: “BYD only does the lithium phosphite ion battery, in the world, there is a way out in my country. “Although Panasonic is still the” boss “of the dynamic lithium-ion battery, it is not the focus of the market, the market is onlookers, whether BYD can surpass LG, Samsung and other Japanese and Korean batteries. Wang Chuanfu has publicly said: “We are studying the battery for a long time.

We understand the future context, which is very important, so our investment is very accurate. “This is a crushed battle. BYD, which is a large number of lithium iron phosphate patents, is relaxed, becoming the first domestic second largest power lithium-ion battery company only in Panasonic.

. The industry is in the market: When BYD can catch up with the Panasonic, but it is not BYD to complete this vision..

In 2016, the new energy car subsidy policy turned, the high-energy density of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery became the fragrant, the three-yuan lithium-ion battery embarked on the super lane, CATL walked on the world, from this three yuan lithium-ion battery no longer Is the monet of TSLA. The same is the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, TSLA walks is the NCA (Nickel-Cobalt aluminum lithium-ion battery) route. This route is difficult, and an industry told zinc scale: “NCA security is poor, deformation of the control battery Requires high, and the whole process of production should control humidity at 10% or less.

. “Lithium-ion battery technology evolution species limit, resulting in NCA ternary lithium-ion batteries, except for Panasonic, the rest of the company has no large-scale manufacturing. CATL and other companies are from NCM (nickel-watenganese lithium-ion batteries) route, which is not as good as Panasonic NCA, but safer.

For only two years, CATL beyond the top of the pine into the world’s largest power lithium-ion battery company. The global market share is as high as 37.23%, and Panasonic is 21.

54%, BYD is 5.23%, LG is 4.00%, Samsung 3.

54%.. At that time, the top ten powerful lithium-ion battery companies in the world, my country exclusively 7 seats, Japan account for 1 seat, South Korea’s 2 seats, Sino-Japanese and Korean dominates the dynamic lithium-ion battery market, the United States and Europe become a bystander.

“We are not black horses, we are thick and thin. “Chairman CATL Zeng Qun is so self-evaluation,” the company’s development is like marathon running, you can’t rest, you have to have a goal..

“In the same year, Wang Chuanfu has investing in more than 25 billion yuan in Qinghai Xining, the world’s largest three-yuan lithium-ion battery factory, tried to reverse the unfavorable situation:” The demand for the three yuan lithium-ion battery is also very fierce, I believe BYD will seize this time Good opportunity, and this is also a chance to do in a hundred years.. At this point, the three-yuan lithium-ion battery finally became the king of the track, and my country’s ternary lithium-ion battery has a triple lithium battery in Japan, becoming a benchmark.

. BMW, Daimler, General, Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda and other foreign automakers, FAW, Beiqi, Guangzhou Automobile, Dongfeng, SAIC, Changan and other domestic automobile manufacturers, Yulai, Bai Teng, Weima and other new car power have put into my country Yuan lithium ion battery. At the same time, Dong Mingzhu, the rise of CATL, Jie Pizhu Jiezhu Jie Ji Ji Ji to acquire 100% equity of Zhuhai Yinlong, the latter is tied to a titanate ion battery, and he has never thought that the proposal was actually rejected.

. “Gree doesn’t have a good for you! I don’t have too much this way..

“Dong Mingzhu has worked in the general meeting of shareholders.” Do you see what there are such a list of listed companies? I don’t give you a divide 5 years. How can you take me? “Dong Mingzhu, one orphan, pulled Wang Jianlin, etc.

in November 2016, claiming to invest 1 billion yuan to enter Zhuhai Yinlong, but the chloride-ion battery is not high energy density products, unable to compete with three yuan lithium-ion battery, The difference between the two is like the king and the dead. Its bad performance ultimately leads Dong Mingzhu and Zhuhai Yinlong founder Wei Silk Cang completely determined,. Technical beyond is the next goal, the dynamic lithium-ion battery market doubles concurrent pattern: three yuan lithium ion battery leads the passenger car market, lithium iron phosphate ion battery leading passenger car market.

my country is also a leading sheep in the power lithium-ion battery. A new energy car observe person tells zinc scale: “my country’s power lithium-ion battery has a relatively low manufacturing cost, and the output is relatively large, and it is popular with the capital market..

“However, the market is not unreasonable. Zeng Yun’s thoughts: “Be sure to have a slightly long planning, how is the 2025? What should our automotive industry do? People have no peers. “From energy density, consistency, cycle life, Japan and South Korea is still dominant than domestic manufacturers.

“. In order to encourage technological innovation, new energy subsidy policy is once again turned, and the hydrogen fuel power battery has become a new type..

According to the “Blue Book of my country Hydrogens Industry Infrastructure Development” The number of vehicles should reach 2 million, and the number of hydrogen plants reached 1,000. The total output value of the industry exceeded 1 trillion yuan..

my country’s hydrogen fuel power battery industry will come out of the second “CATL” and defeat the industry leader Toyota? In addition, the graphene battery has also obtained a technical breakthrough. In 2017, the Harbin Institute of Grumpne Battery Lab manufactured a graphene battery for electric vehicles over 1,000 kilometers, although the above products were in the test stage, it is possible to become the next technical breakthrough point. Once breakthrough, my country will be technically, not just scale, and cost the day and Korean company.

. “Lithium ion battery technology now has almost reached its upper limit. “Mo Yifei, professor in Materials Science and Engineering, Maryland, said that if you want to increase energy density, you must use a completely different technology.

. Consumers have higher demand for battery life, which determines the battery, new technologies, the emergence of new technologies, will force battery manufacturers to make a choice..

This is an opportunity for a corner overtaking and a gambling of destiny.

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