Power battery industry chain zero carbon method

Power battery industry chain zero carbon method

Under carbon neutralization, how to quickly respond to zero carbon transformation to become a new proposition of zero carbon. Since 2021, domestic energy consumption “Double Control” has enabled many battery industry chain companies to fall into limited production restrictions; with this, with the global car enterprise committed carbon neutralization target, the dynamic lithium-ion battery link becomes an electric vehicle implementation Key to the full life cycle carbon. Under external extrusion, the industrial chain company urgently needs a rapid strategic adjustment and systemic change to adapt to the new situation under the new cycle, including the Ningde Times, Vision Power, LG Energy and other power lithium-ion battery companies have started or brewed.

Carbon. schedule. Among them, the first action is a vision motivation.

. In April, the Vision Military Pharma’s Vision Technology Group announced that it will achieve carbon in operation in the end of 2022. At the end of 2028, it has achieved all-supply chain carbon and has become a company company that promises to achieve full value chain carbon.

. In July, Vision Power Telemers Nissan’s first integrated electric vehicle production, dynamic lithium-ion battery manufacturing, zero-carbon smart grid, renewable energy power system zero-industrial area. In September, the Vision Technology Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with my country’s First Automobile Group, focusing on green travel, green energy, high-end power lithium-ion batteries, zero carbon industrial parks, renewable energy systems, etc.

. In October, Erdos officially join hands with the Vision Technology Group officially launched a series of lithium-carbal materials such as the world’s first zero-carbon industrial park, positive, negative electrode, aluminum plastic film, diaphragm, electrolyte, copper foil, aluminum foil..

As the core part of the zero carbon industry, the dynamic lithium-ion battery manufacturing base of the vitality is planned for 20GWH. The power-to-weight-free battery will supply a dynamic lithium-ion battery, which will supply ultra 10GWH energy storage batteries per year..

10GWH 10GWH will achieve mass production in early next year. The vision zero-carbon industrial park will build “wind + light + storage + smart microgrid” system and steam supply electrification, can achieve 100% of the battery to use green energy. By combining technological advantages in renewable energy, energy storage, smart grid, energy management, the vision provides end-to-end zero carbon solutions to the company, helping the company’s all-round optimization energy management and carbon management.

About the power lithium-ion battery supply chain company, facing the requirements of the supply chain and carbon and carbon industry garden and its zero-carbon technology methods, can supply carbon footprints and carbon in the upstream company. method. Especially the upstream companies that want to go out of the sea, the “aircraft carrier cluster” formation of the “aircraft carrier cluster”, which can not only fully meet the current global and increasingly stringent requirements, but will also help domestic supply chain companies to achieve international The layout, more deeply involved in the global dynamic lithium-ion battery supply chain system.


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