Plate valuation is expected to raise three level layout new energy vehicles

Plate valuation is expected to raise three level layout new energy vehicles

According to industry, the recent new energy automotive production and sales have maintained high-speed rise. It is important because it is still in the transition period (February 12 to June 11th), and the market dominant low-life Miles A00 The subsidies will be substantial after the transition period after the transition period, during the period, the effect is obvious, and it is expected that the hot-selling situation in the first half will continue..

At the same time, after June 11, the purchase subsidies for purchasing subsidies for the multiplying models of the rooms of more than 300 kilometers will increase. The sales of this type of model is expected to rise..

In the new policies of “lowering replenishment” subsidies, the domestic new energy vehicle industry structure will face the upgrade, and the leading car companies that have long battery new products in research or will soon be able to benefit the lead.. On the other hand, the new energy vehicle life has raised higher requirements for their core components – the capacity, performance, safety, etc.

of the core component – the performance, safety, etc., and the industry chain of related technical reserves is also expected. New development opportunities in this market.

According to data statistics, since March 26, the new energy vehicle concept sector has risen by 4.54 percentage points, and the leading co-closing market has a big market, a shareholding, British, Xu Sheng shares, Water shares, Tang Ming Optics, Longsheng Technology, Nanjing Julong and other 6 stocks have risen before, and the accumulated increase is more than 20%..

Zhongtai Securities said that under the continuous expectation of the emergency, the new energy vehicle has been determined in the first half of the year, and the fundamental formation of related listed companies. At the same time, the lithium battery CATL has been successful, it is expected to raise the sector valuation. It is recommended to spread the layout around three levels: First, the product chain, it is recommended to pay attention to the good electrolyte session of the competition pattern; second, pay attention to the high quality lithium battery faucet, around CATL, Panasonic, LGC and other global power lithium battery and its supply chain layout; third, pay attention to the new changes in the industry, closely revolve around the global electric vehicle, tap new changes and technology trends, such as high nickel, soft bag, heat Management (heat pump technology), etc.

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