Pilot Intelligence: Start Power Charge Lithium Battery Equipment Production Base Construction Project

Pilot Intelligence: Start Power Charge Lithium Battery Equipment Production Base Construction Project

Pilot Intelligence (300450) announced the announcement in the evening of March 2, according to the development of the industry and the company’s future development plan, the company will launch the powerful lithium-ion battery equipment production base in Xinzhou Road, Wuxi City, National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Project (Phase I) Construction, by initial calculation, the project will invest about 300 million yuan. Power Lithium Ion Battery Equipment Production Base Construction Project (Phase I) Investment Subject is company, no other investment main body. Project site is No.

18, Xinzhou Road, National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi City. As the country supports the support of the new energy industry, the lithium-ion battery industry has been rapidly and sustainable. As a lithium-ion battery equipment manufacturer, the company’s current production is not enough to support the future growth rate, and the expansion of production is urgent want.

The investment of this project will alleviate this situation to a certain extent, and the company expects the company’s lithium-ion battery equipment production after project production.. This project construction is in accordance with the company’s long-term development strategic objectives.

According to reports, construction content and scale are a new office building, 4 factory buildings, important equipment has vertical machining centers, and the construction period is 1 year.. The first phase of the project is about 300 million yuan.

. Investment methods are self-raising funds, future can expand various financing channels according to market and production operations..

The company said that the base construction project will help improve the company’s production, expand the company’s production scale, improve the market share of lithium-ion battery equipment, which is conducive to enhancing the company’s core competitiveness and continuous profitability.. Analysts said the company benefits the concentration of lithium-ion battery industry.

. If it is assumed that the sales of new energy vehicles reached 2 million, and the concentration of lithium-ion battery industry continues to rise, leading lithium-ion batteries such as CATL, BYD, etc. will still have large expansion space.

. Among them, CATL expects the production of 50GWH in 2020, and the future production is doubled annually..

The company’s lithium-ion battery equipment business benefits CATL expansion, and it is expected that the high-speed rise is still maintained in 2017 ~ 2018.

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