Pilot Intelligence and European Enterprise Signing Framework Agreement Incoming First Export High-end Charging Lithium Battery Equipment

Pilot Intelligence and European Enterprise Signing Framework Agreement Incoming First Export High-end Charging Lithium Battery Equipment

Recently, Wuxi Team, Wuxi Team, Wuxi, and European Battery Manufacturer Northvolt signed a framework agreement for lithium-ion battery production equipment. The two sides plans to cooperate with approximately 1939 billion yuan in the future..

This will break the record of Jiangsu high-end lithium-ion battery equipment export, becoming a milestone event of lithium-ion battery equipment in our city.. Recently, the reporter walked into the pilot smart production workshop saw that the big workshop was clean and tidy, although multiple machines were in assembly homework, but the scene was very quiet.

The reporter saw next to a winding machine, the appearance of the machine seems to be ordinary, but it is composed of thousands of complex components, which is a key device for lithium-ion battery.. “Our winding machine is already in the international leading level, which is important to see, such as the company’s winding machine positive and negative alignment deviation and the diaphragm and polar alignment, it has achieved ≤ ± 0.

2mm, this Two indicators foreign important competitors are ≤ ± 0.5mm, which is important to correct the correction and tension control technology..

Machine work efficiency is more than 50% higher than foreign important competitors, and the good rate is greatly improved.. “R & D engineer told reporters.

Technological innovation is the core of this high-tech company, and the recognition of the leading customers in the industry is the technology.. The pilot has a domestic excellent R & D team.

The current full-time R & D engineer has exceeded 900, 2018 R & D investment has accounted for 8% of sales, and the research and development investment accounts for the proportion of sales revenue far super domestic industry level.. With advanced technology, the pilot product broke the monopoly status of Japan and South Korea import equipment.

According to the statistics of my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, the pilot core product dynamic lithium-ion battery winder 2017 international market accounts for more than 45%, and the domestic market accounts for more than 61%, all of which are the first. “From gradually replacing the import, the order to defeat Japanese and Korean competitors get the European battery leader, the first guide is the first in Jiangsu Province to sell high-end lithium-ion battery production equipment to Europe and the United States developed countries, prove that my domestic equipment is no longer low. The synonym of the end, we can also make a first-class intelligent equipment.

“Wang Yanqing, director of the leader. In recent years, the leader is also established in the United States, South Korea, etc., and establishes cooperative relations with TSLA, Panasonic, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI.

. The forefront of the intelligence and Northvolt signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement of 1939 billion yuan, and the internationalization process takes an important step..

According to reports, 2018 first promotion officially established a strategic objective for “providing the overall solution for the customer to the customer’s intelligent manufacturing”. At present, the pilot has been able to supply the production equipment of the production of power lithium-ion batteries, digital lithium-ion batteries and energy storage lithium ion batteries, which can be used to make a manufacturing implementation system (MES) to create an efficient and intelligent digital workshop to achieve intelligentization. Production.


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