Photovoltaic and lithium battery manufacturer Otte Today

Photovoltaic and lithium battery manufacturer Otte Today

On May 21, the company today’s photovoltaic and lithium equipment producer Otte officially launched the Banguangban, the company’s securities code: 688516, the issuance price 23.28 yuan / share, the issuance price is 33.15 times.

As close-on, Otwater has risen to 63 yuan / share. Otvi’s Branch Board IPO proposed funds 764 million yuan, of which 4.4 billion is used in the “production base construction project”, 1.

74 billion yuan for “R & D Center Project”, 150 billion yuan for “supplementary flow fund”. According to the public information, Otvi is founded in 2010. It is a domestic professional automation method supplier, an important research and development, design, production and sales of high-end intelligent equipment.

The company’s products are important to the crystal silicon photovoltaic industry and lithium battery industry.. The company applied to the crystal silicon photovoltaic industry is important to include conventional tandem soldering machines, multi-main grid solder, silicon sorting machines, film machines, laser docilers, etc.

, equipment applied to lithium power lithium battery industries is important Group production line, PACK production line, module Pack production line. In terms of technology, Otte attaches great importance to R & D investment and technological innovation, and has established a strong R & D team..

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the company’s R & D investment was 626.78,500 yuan, 57.270,900 yuan and 51.

90.31 million yuan..

208 R & D staff as of December 2019, accounting for 20.06% of the total number of companies. As of December 31, 2019, the company has obtained 512 patents, including 37 invention patents; 59 software copyrights, 48 ​​software products.

In terms of performance, Otvi’s income has achieved rapid rise, from 1.75 billion yuan in 2014 to 754 million yuan in 2019..

Among them, 2019 Otvi Photovoltaic Equipment Business Total Income is nearly 670 million yuan, and the total income of the lithium battery business is 51.8 million yuan..

According to Otvi, the company’s total operating income in January-March is about 132 million yuan, up 192.02% year-on-year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the mother’s shareholder is 101.955 million yuan.

The same period of the same period is 95.55.2 million yuan; Shares income 0.

14 yuan. Outwet has risen sharply from the same period last year, and the amount of new signing orders in 2019 has risen sharply. In order to implement such orders, the company issued a large number of goods issued in the second half of 2019, and debugging, Make the company’s equipment acceptance scale in January-March in 20020.

In the order of orders, as of the end of 2019, Otvie was 1126 billion yuan (including VAT, the same), and the core product string welder was 822 billion yuan, up 211.88% year-on-year. The silicon sorter is 1.

42 billion yuan (including value-added tax), which is up 296.31% year-on-year..

In the first quarter of 2020, the company’s new signing bill 538 million yuan (including value-added tax, no auditing, the same below), up 64.35% year-on-year, the company undertakes the new order situation is not affected, and due to the epidemic belonging to force majeure, after consultation with customers Consistency, the company can delay some of the delivery time of some products, there has not been suspended or terminating orders due to epidemic, as of March 2020, the company is 1.52 billion yuan in hand orders.

. Otte said that the company’s important downstream photovoltaic industry has broad prospects. From a short period of time, the global PV industry will maintain a higher rising speed in 2020.

As the largest photovoltaic market in the world, my country is expected to add installed capacity to 40-50GW in 2020, the rise rate is about 50%.. The photovoltaic power generation of many countries in overseas countries is close or realized on the power generation side.

In 2019, the global photovoltaic add-in machine presented multi-flowering situation, the GW class countries are expected to exceed 16, still in 2020, and the overseas market installed capacity is expected to rise. To 100-110GW. The recent forecast of many research institutions, 2020 global photovoltaic industry installed capacity is expected to be 140-160GW.


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