Phosphate charging lithium battery ushered in the development of ‘second spring’

Phosphate charging lithium battery ushered in the development of 'second spring'

At present, the new energy automotive industry has begun to drive the market driver by subsidies, and more cost-effective lithium iron phosphate ion batteries will return to the public vision.. Recently, related companies have frequent movements, increasing the layout of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, and continuously enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of products.

. According to industry insiders, in 2021 will usher in the rising lithium iron phosphate demand, expect to rise by 80% year-on-year..

Dongshan then continues to penetrate with lithium iron phosphate ion market, especially battery technology, and promoting the phosphate ion battery since 2020, it will start opening the market space, and its demand is fast reversing. The data released by my country’s Automotive Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance shows that in December 2020, my country’s power lithium battery sales were 12.2GWh, up 56.

9% year-on-year.. Among them, the sales of three yuan lithium-ion batteries are 6.

5GWh, up 9.3% year-on-year, accounting for 53.2% of the total sales; the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is sold 5.

6GWh, up 244.2% year-on-year, accounting for 45.8% of the total sales.

And in 2020, my country’s power lithium battery accumulated sales reached 65.9GWh, a decrease of 12.9% year-on-year.

. Among them, the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery accumulated sales 34.8GWH, a total of 34.

4% year-on-year; 16.8GWH of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, a total of 49.2% year-on-year, is the only achievement.

CITIC Securities pointed out that at present, TSLA, Daimler and other overseas new energy vehicles have clearly determined the lithium iron-ion battery path, which is expected to choose the lithium iron phosphate method in its electric path. , Lithium iron phosphate ion battery is expected to achieve global supporting. Active layout As the lithium phosphate ion battery ushered in the development of “second spring”, the relevant listed companies also grab the market opportunities and increase the layout.

At the 10th Science and Technology Conference and Supplier Conference he recently held, Guoxuan’s high-tech announced the lithium iron phosphate 210WH / KG single battery, which realized key technological innovation in many ways.. Guoxuan’s high school said that the energy density of lithium iron phosphate 210WH / kg monomer battery reaches the highest level known in the current phosphate system product, the performance is more secure, the market application prospect is more considerable.

Peng Hui Energy recently replied to investors’ questions in the deep interactive platform, the company’s current production and sales of new energy vehicle powered lithium batteries are all lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, and communication base stations energy storage batteries are also lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, partial consumption and Light power applications also have a large number of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries. Long Yu Technology announced the announcement, the company intended to acquire the phosphate related assets and business within the scope of Betury, and further expand the company’s business system with the technical advantages and market advantages of Bertry through its own or its subsidiaries..

BYD recently completed investment in Hunan Yunneng, further improved the strategic layout of raw materials on the upper ribonic ion battery. BYD said that as the demand for new energy automobile market increases, the propellastic phosphate-based lithium battery share rises, and the demand for upstream raw materials will increase significantly..

Through industrial investment, BYD can better play the use of upstream industrial chain associations, enhance competitive advantage. The upstream head company or beneficiary securities said that the current new energy car subsidy policy gradually slides, and the sensitivity is gradually lowered, and the automakers choose the best battery according to the market strategy, and the price is higher. Lithium iron phosphate is gradually become better.

s Choice. At the same time, in the fields other than passenger cars, passenger cars, logistics vehicles, communication energy storage, and photovoltaic storage, the sensitivity of energy density is lower, and the cost-effective requirements are higher, and lithium iron phosphate is also Further benefit. The above factors make the lithium iron phosphate long-term trend.

According to CITIC Securities, it is expected that 2020, 2021 and 2022 demand is 130,000 tons, 2.40,000 tons and 340,000 tons, respectively..

Considering future global power lithium batteries and energy storage battery demand, 2025 global phosphate phosphate positive material demand is approximately 980,000 tons, and the corresponding market size is about 28 billion yuan, and the annual compound rate of 2020 and 2025 is 43. %, Rapid rise. Shen Hang Securities pointed out that the replacement of lithium iron phosphate prices rebounded and direct demand increments and terminal application structures adjust the double power pushing demand, lithium iron phosphate will usher in the quantity price rise.

In particular, the osmosis rate of iron phosphate in the passenger car in the passenger car, the rapid development of renewable energy power generation, the new increase in energy storage installation, and the 5G base station accelerated construction, becoming an important source of demand for the future lithium iron phosphate. With the exacerbation of lithium-ion battery market, quality manufacturers are expected to continue to expand market share with cost and technical advantages..

CITIC Securities also pointed out that after the industry, the industry is clear, the concentration of lithium iron phosphate material industry continues to improve. Even in the state of the overall supply, quality company production is still tight..

The future competition is important and relying on cost advantage, and the industry head company is expected to improve profitability with scale advantages and the process of reducing the process.

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