Phosphate charging lithium battery opens ‘second spring’ ‘buy’ and ‘run far’ while overcoming

Phosphate charging lithium battery opens 'second spring' 'buy' and 'run far' while overcoming

As the king of electric vehicle power lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate ion battery has recently ushered in the development of “second spring”. On November 11, my country’s Automotive Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance announced that in October 2020, my country’s powered lithium battery loading volume is 5.9GWh, a year-on-year increase of 44.

0%.. Among them, the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery co-applied vehicle 3.

4GWh, up 15.7% year-on-year, fell by 19.1% from the previous month; 2.

4GWh of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery, up 127.5% year-on-year, up 3.5% year-on-year.

The amount of loading is doubled, which allows the lithium iron battery of the lithium iron to cover the three yuan lithium-ion battery for a while.. It is also the same as the new energy power lithium battery material method, and the same start of lithium iron phosphate and three-yuan batteries are subsidized by national policy.

. The biggest difference between the two, the energy density of the ternary battery is higher, farther, lithium iron phosphate is maintenance, and the service life is advantageous..

In 2016, lithium iron phosphate has a market share of up to 60%, in the industry station, and shipments are as high as 56,000 tons.. In December 2016, the state adopted precision support policies.

The first time the energy density of the battery system was first incorporated into the assessment standard, high energy density, and the long-range mileage were subsidies.. For a time, at the cost end, you choose noble metal such as cobalt nickel to obtain low-cost, fluctuating stable effects, but the energy density and the battery life are not very good, and the lithium phosphate has encountered the development of the low valley.

. With the development of the new energy automotive industry, the industry and the market have more rational understanding of electric vehicles. In September this year, the leader of the expert group of the national new energy automotive innovation project, Wang Bing, said in an interpretation of “Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Technology Road Map” 2.

0 version, future power lithium battery will no longer be guided by high energy density, and will turn In order to adhere to safety first principles, take care of performance, cost and life.. Added in 2019, new energy car subsidies slide sharply, and automakers did not agree on the optimal battery according to market-oriented strategies.

. The lithium iron phosphate advantage of German nano, Xiangtan Electrification is called the company’s recent production..

“Failed” and “ran” simultaneously overcome the fact that after experiencing the development of the continuum mileage, the phosphate battery has been continuously studied in addition to reducing the cost of solving the problem. “Run far” trend is gradually presented. Since 2010, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion battery has increased from 90Wh / kg to 190Wh / kg, while the chassis battery pack design is improved to deploy more batteries.

. In March this year, BYD phosphate blade battery has been admired, and the structural strength is improved by pulling the cell width, the thickness is lowered, and the structural strength of the tightly arranged battery structure and the structure of the honeycomb aluminum plate is improved. , The energy density is close to the current ternary battery pack 200WH / kg, the price is less than 15%, and safer.

“Blade” out, who and fight? BYD electric car “Han” with blade battery “Han” is quickly out of sale, picking up the car to queue for two months. In October, TSLA (TSLA.US) Model3 with a CATL lithium iron ion battery is equipped into the Industry and Information Directory and exports to the European market.

. Comprehensive coverage of high-end and medium and low-end markets From the current perspective, there is a high-cost phosphate ion battery not only in the medium and low-end market, but also begging to gradually. “Now there is only a small number of new cars with LG ternary lithium-ion batteries.

. “In Shanghai TSLA Nanjing West Road Experience Shop sales staff said to consumers. In the field of low-end electric vehicle sales, lithium iron phosphate coverage is more evident.

. SAIC’s universal Wuling’s Hong Kong miniev new electric car, equipped is a low-cost positive phosphate, this A00-class car price is less than 30,000 yuan, only in “Double 11”, the order quantity exceeds 20,000 units. Senior analysts with battery industry say that my country’s lithium iron phosphate ion battery is highly improved by the technical level, it is very likely to exceed the ternary lithium ion battery.

. In addition, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is targeted not only the electric vehicle, the vast emerging market (5G base station, new energy power generation), alternative market (lead-acid battery) just started. The single use cost of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is about one-quarter of the lead-acid battery, one-half of the ternary battery, the law of true fragrance or will be everywhere.

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