Phosphate charging lithium battery energy density Future can catch up with three yuan charging lithium battery?

Phosphate charging lithium battery energy density Future can catch up with three yuan charging lithium battery?

Is the lithium phosphate ion battery energy density to catch up with a three-yuan lithium-ion battery in the future? The importance of new energy vehicles is that the lithium iron phosphate ion battery and the ternary battery are the largest difference between the two is that the energy density and safety, the size of the energy density is about the battery life, and the security is important in the material. Decompose at high temperatures, these two points are the most concerned issues when consumers buy new energy vehicles, and they are currently in the industry’s two batteries..

Lithium phosphate ion battery energy density can catch up with the three-dimensional ion battery? Because the energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion battery system is directly hooked, the battery company will improve the energy density as soon as possible.. In the case where the material performance has no breakthrough progression, some battery companies use lightweight, reduce the weight of the battery box, and the size of the battery size, etc.

, the safety, cycle life, and the actual amount of the industry have been questioned.. Since the improved material performance is limited, the use of the ferric lithium-ion battery monomer is relatively limited, and some battery companies use lightweight, reduce the weight of the battery box and improve the energy density by thinning the battery housing.

. The phosphate lithium battery core currently produces the highest energy density of 160Wh / kg, will further improve next year, it is expected to reach 170Wh / kg. According to the data, the market quotation of the phosphate ion battery cells in 2019 has dropped to 0.

7 yuan / WH, the quote of the ternary battery cell is about 0.9 yuan / WH, the gap is beginning to expand. According to estimates, take 400km and 250km battery models as an example, the comprehensive cost of the lithium iron phosphate deduction after the addition of 5600 yuan and 3,500 yuan respectively.

With the full exit of the 2021 subsidies, the price advantage of lithium iron phosphate will continue to be prominent. In recent years, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion battery has indeed enhanced a lot, and the new generation of iron lithium-ion batteries introduced in June to June 2020 will increase by 50%, which has higher security and longer. Life, life can reach 8 years or 1.

2 million kilometers, cost can be reduced by 30%. Under the large frame of the existing material system, regardless of how technology is improved, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate power lithium battery cells reaches 300Wh / kg is more confused. Relatively, the ternary technology route is more hopeless.

. According to the report, by 2020, the total demand for the power lithium battery in my country will be close to 50 million kWh, of which the lithium iron phosphate ion battery will also experience the slow rise in 2 years, to 2019, absolute demand will Falling, 2020 quickly dropped to about 7.5 million kWh; It is expected that the 2018 pure electric passenger car field will be lifted for the three-yuan battery.

The demand for the three-yuan battery will break, and will reach 42.5 million kWh by 2020. Basically completed the rule of my country’s new energy vehicle market, and lithium iron phosphate ion batteries will transfer market centers to energy storage.

. The safety of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries and three-dimensional lithium ion battery is compared to the safety dispute of three yuan and lithium iron phosphate lasted for two or three years. The view of “folding” is: Different models use different batteries, such as passenger cars to travel, using high-than-energy ternary batteries, passenger cars more valuable safety, using relatively low but more stability than energy Lithium lithium iron phosphate.

Sanyuan lithium ion batteries will decompose due to 200 degrees, and there will be a more severe chemical reaction after decomposition, so it is more likely to fire when the car collides, which is also a place where the three-yuan lithium-ion battery is generally considered insecure. This is because this reason three yuan lithium ion batteries have been suspended on the bus..

However, the quality of security is actually more dependent on the entire powertrain battery system, especially the battery management system, and the qualified BMS can cut off the power supply to prevent fire, and it is impossible to only because the three-yuan lithium material is easy to warm up. Sany-lithium-ion battery is not safe. With the safety of ternary lithium ion battery, the passenger car will be banned for the three yuan lithium-ion battery, which undoubtedly released a large market.

. Lithium iron phosphate and three-yuan market disputes, until there is no clear conclusion, and the battery technology has different new months, the future ushered in revolutionary changes is also expected, technology has matured three-yuan battery, with Its energy density is high and there is still a large improvement space, not inferior safety, low temperature, high charge efficiency, etc., will stand in the new market.

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