Phosphate charging lithium battery appears back tide safety accident frequent acceleration industry shuffling

Phosphate charging lithium battery appears back tide safety accident frequent acceleration industry shuffling

After the new energy car subsidies, the power lithium battery market will be flipped from time to time.. In recent years, some companies have signed the city, constantly signing the contract with major vehicle companies, and some companies continue to go down the slope, eventually sell from the market.

. In this knockout, how often is my country’s motivational lithium battery market present? September 1 September, my country’s automobile technology research center Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as “China Vehicle Center”) and the Nanjing Miyu District People’s Government jointly hosted, my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery industry development forum was held, and the same period was announced “Power Lithium Battery Blue Book” (2019) (2019) (hereinafter referred to as “Blue Book”), “Blue Book”), “Blue Book”, “The Blue Book” (hereinafter referred to as “Blue Book”, my country The degree continues to improve, the market is close to the head company. And in the view of many and guests, security factors become an important boosting factor in the power lithium battery market..

The market concentration continues to improve the “Blue Book”, 2015 my country’s power lithium battery company has reached its peak, a total of 240 companies, after year later. 2016 is 171, 104 in 2017, 2018 my country’s power lithium battery company remains 93. Among the 93 companies, the top 20 companies accounted for more than 92%.

. From further subdivision data, it can be seen that the company has more than 61%, and the market share of 3 to 10 companies is 22%. The market share of 11 to 20 companies is only 9%.

. Among all the power lithium battery companies, CATL is a unique, market accounting of 41%, with more than 60 supporting commercial vehicles, 30 supporting passenger car companies. From the perspective of matching, in 2018, 35 units have a total of 35 million WH, with a set of 55.

7 billion WH, accounting for 98%, and the remaining 58 companies share is only 2%. Further eliminated danger. In addition, after the subsidy, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has a rebound.

In 2018, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery installed capacity was 22.19 GWH, up 23.51% year-on-year.

. In the bus market, the lithium phosphate ion battery has an absolute advantage, with an amount of 71.75%.

. The imported three-yuan battery is an important matching of the number of new energy passengers in my country. The amount of installed installed in the three yuan battery has increased significantly.

. “Blue Book” pointed out that there is an important cause of energy density in addition to cost factors in addition to cost factors..

At present, the energy density of high levels of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries can reach 190Wh / kg, and the energy density of the ternary lithium ion battery reaches 270Wh / kg.. At a short-year industry meeting, Dong Yang, the first vice president of the World Automobile Organization, said that the concentration of dynamic lithium battery market is constantly improving, which is conducive to ending my country’s power lithium battery market, and enhances overall competition in my country’s powered lithium battery industry.

Force, promote the healthy development of new energy auto industry. However, the market is concentrated in 2 ~ 3 power lithium batteries, but also objectively look. The reasons for the shipwashings, and experts generally believe that the power-lithium battery market wash is a variety of factors.

. First of all, some companies blindly expand yield, did not improve research and development strength, lack of technical accumulation, product system single. With the acceleration of the market iterative cycle, the company has problems with the technical level and the development situation; secondly, the automotive company has generally had a problem of long accounts.

. Some of the powerful power lithium battery companies have a large capital pressure. Some companies have even fractured, it is difficult to escape the fate of eliminated; third, the prices of powerful lithium batteries continue to rise, and car companies have price reduction every year.

Requirements, resulting in the net profit and hair profits of the power lithium battery. Smaller power lithium battery companies are difficult to reflect size economic advantages, facing the dangers of being eliminated by the market. Safety accidents frequently accelerate the ship’s shuffle in addition to the industry’s large shuffling, an important proposition in the current development of the power lithium battery industry is safe.

New energy car safety has been widely concerned. A group of national new energy automotive Big Data Union Secretary-General Wang Zhenpo Sharing According to data, my country’s new energy vehicle combustion accident rate is 0.918 million.

“Blue Book” shows that in 2018, my country’s new energy vehicle safety accidents, the passenger cars account for 57%, the passenger car accounts for 24%, and the special car accounts for 19%.. In the field of new energy passenger cars, due to the large number of vehicles, it is also caused by the safety of three-yuan lithium-ion battery safety due to most vehicles.

. Analyze the characteristics of new energy car safety accidents, “Blue Book” believes that the safety accident of new energy vehicles in 2018 is reflected in 4 aspects. First, the battery system fault is large, accounting for 47%; the second is the failure of electronic appliances, accounting for 35%; the third is the accident caused by mechanical shock, accounting for 12%; four is a single battery failure, The proportion is 18%, in which the ratio of the electrical core consistency is 6%, the ratio of the electrolyte leak is 3%, the ratio of short circuit or other unknown cause is 9%.

. “Blue Book” believes that the cause of my country’s new energy vehicle safety accident is multifaceted, such as some companies neglect the quality of new energy automotive products and product safety, specific performance is insufficient to test the test and verification of the power lithium battery products of some companies..

“my country’s power lithium battery energy is continuously improved, resulting in acceleration of product iterative cycles, some products have not been fully verified, which is used, buried safety hazards. “Blue Book” pointed out. “Blue Book” emphasizes that security is the lifeline of the company, but also the commitment to customer life and property.

. The vehicle company has a battery brand that has occurred in many safety accidents, will also give up the use, to seek battery products with better safety, thus accelerating the shuffling of the power lithium battery market..

Focus on the industry 4 major pain points must not ignore data show that in 2012, my country’s powered lithium battery company has only 40. Rapid to 240 in 2015. Dragon Dragon, Chairman of the Takir New Energy Technology Group, believes that with the advent of my country’s new energy vehicle era, a large number of consumer batteries entered the field of power lithium battery production, bringing great chaos to the industry.

. He believes that my country’s new energy car safety accident frequently originated from the industry’s 4 pain points. The most important of which is the development and industrialization of electric vehicles and supporting industries in my country.

The development of relevant standards, the relatively long revised work cycle, the existing standard system covers some new technologies and new products, existence Some products or some technical fields lack standards or standards that cannot meet the development of the industry, and there is also a standard revision work that cannot be in the development of the industry.. Obviously, the imperfection of standards will result in some supporting batteries that are inconsistent with the vehicle-based power lithium battery requirements.

. The lack of power-lithium battery design is another pain point for the industry..

In the new energy vehicle power lithium battery industry, you can often see a phenomenon: Different companies have different design ideas, even if the design idea of ​​the same company is often repeated, this will cause a large deletion of battery performance.. The third pain point is that the manufacturing process is consistent.

. Dragon Painting pointed out that the manufacturing process of industrial batteries is complex and has a lot of steps. Each process will affect the performance of the power lithium battery, but there are very few power lithium battery manufacturers to accurately control each of the details of each process to achieve high.

Consistency. The fourth pain point is characterized by the low level of production of dynamic lithium battery production..

This leads to a relatively low rate of power lithium battery manufacturing, and it is more difficult to implement online automatic testing and quality tracking.. Dragon Painting pointed out that at present, industry standards are sorted by high or low, and industrial and consumer electronics.

. With the development of IT technology, a large number of electronic products should use consumer batteries. The information age has spawned a group of consumer battery companies.

. When the new energy car era is coming, a large number of consumer battery companies have transformed a power lithium battery, which leads to the low-end output of the domestic power lithium battery market and high-end yield shortage..

“Consumer Battery Co., Ltd. does not have the accumulation of related experience, simply understand the power lithium battery with consumer battery characteristics, and has deviation in the understanding.

. Power lithium batteries assembled in new energy vehicles should comply with the standard standards, this standard requirement, consumer batteries are far more than intended. “Dragon Painting.

my country’s new energy automotive production and sales have continued to increase, and huge dynamic lithium battery demand does not have small amount of body, and the company has leaving opportunities.. These companies will be eliminated, in all elimination factors, security is an important push.


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