Petle intelligence: ‘lithium’ wants to disperse and grind

Petle intelligence: 'lithium' wants to disperse and grind

On May 22 -20, 2018, the battery technology exhibition hosted by my country Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, Shanghai Youchuang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

. The exhibition is held once every two years and is the largest exhibition in the scale of the international battery industry..

The CIBF2018 exhibition has more than 82,500 square meters. The exhibitors reached 1,500, with more than 4,000 booths, from more than 80,000 visits to the exhibition from more than 50 countries and regions around the world..

The dynamic lithium battery industry is moving towards maturity and puts higher requirements for equipment suppliers.. As the leader in the lithium battery grinding equipment company, Paile intelligent batches, nano-grinding machine, nano-ultrasonic high-speed dispersing machine, dry grinding system, etc.

“Star” products unveiled in the CIBF exhibition. At the exhibition, the dynamic lithium battery network reporter interviewed the deputy chief of the sales of Paile intelligent grinding system..

Paile smart CIBF booth diagram According to the power lithium battery network R & D, assembly, sales, management, technology and services. At the same time, as a “grinding dispersion” wet method and dry technical field, Paile intelligence has always been committed to the supply of innovative technology, intelligent products, and quality services from “mixing, dispersion, grinding and pulverizing”. Intelligent equipment system custom solution.

According to Jihua, the traditional grinding equipment is based on the disc, the line speed is not high, the efficiency is relatively low.. Paile intelligence cuts into the market with a bat pinned nano grinder, grinding the material into submicron and nano-range, and makes materials with better particle size distribution, far super-pendant in effect and efficiency.

. In fact, the Bar pin nano grinder has also been “questioned” the “question” of the carbon nanotube, but it will not be. Petus has found an optimal line speed high ratio relationship by regulating speed, and energy adjustment, etc.

. And as the positive and negative material is more demanding on the performance requirements of the grinder, nanogenization has become a trend..

Bar pin nano grinding machine is already mainstream system in the current market application. “Paile smart to join hands LeimixGmbH, published online high-speed mixed dispersible pulping system at the exhibition, the system production cost reduced by 70%, using German technology ‘film rotation method’. “Subseworming, this device can be used in the continuous production of power lithium battery slurry.

Specifically, the following five major advantages: 1. Any particles from nanoparticles to tens of micron, and achieve clear particle size index; 3, because it is not given to the dispersion method, the surface does not damage the surface of the particles; 4, add the dispersing effect of 2 digits Preventing the rejuvenation effect is worth looking forward to; 5, can correspond to metal pollution. Finally, Jiehua said that Paile intelligence will further attach importance to technological innovation and product quality, acceptance, and service to help the dynamic lithium battery industry, and supply the overall customization of battery companies and new projects.

The supply is more than just equipment There is also an advanced production process process, realizing three low a high: low pollution, low labor input, low energy consumption, high efficiency. .

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