Peng Hui Energy will expand the production of dynamic lithium battery production

Peng Hui Energy will expand the production of dynamic lithium battery production

“Now the price is not big, anxious to produce, and the purchaser of the car enterprises live in the factory all day.. “Peng Hui Energy (300438) Dongu Hongli recently accepted my country’s Securities News reporter reported that the company’s new energy power lithium battery is large, and there is an important output bottleneck problem in the present.

. Peng Hui Energy started in 3c consumer electronics, after more than 20 years of development, has gradually moved into new energy-powered lithium batteries and storage markets..

The company has more than 40% of the recovery annual rate of revenue and profitability in the past three years. The goal is to achieve 10 billion yuan revenue scale in the past three years..

In the near future, the production is released in April, Domestic Vendor Power Lithium Battery is ranked, and Penghui Energy is 33.14 million installed number, 80775kWh installed battery capacity ranks fifth. In recent years, the company’s power lithium battery shipments are constantly climbing.

. At the same time, the company continues to get the factory order. In 2016, the company successfully cut into Kowloon, Zhongtai and other car companies; in 2017 became the second largest supplier after CATL in 2017; 2018, cut into Dongfeng Shares (601515), SAIC, Wuling, etc.

, reached a strategic cooperation; 2019 In the year, the product began to support Changan and Chery multiple models, and the product development cooperation in Guangqi, Yutong and other vehicles.. “The company continues to release orders such as Shangqi General Wuli, Dongfeng Shares, only for the new energy car shipments for the steam, Wuling every month, is around 4000 units, and then eat 1GWH production in one year.

. At present, the company’s overall output is about 2GWH. It is expected to supply the Changan car factory in June.

Existing production cannot meet the order demand of the car factory.. Lu Hongli said.

In the first half of this year, the company expects to expand 2GWH power lithium battery production. In addition, Changzhou Penghui Phase I plan to invest 1 billion yuan, intended to build 2GWH, and expect to complete construction at the end of the year, start production in 2020. The long-term design output is 10GWH, and the company gradually releases the output according to the order situation.

. Benefit from policy requirements, light power lithium batteries will replace traditional lead-acid batteries by lithium ion batteries. In the first quarter of this year, the company’s light power lithium battery charges shipped.

In 2018, the company’s light power lithium battery achieved nearly 300 million yuan, which is expected to double this year.. The technology leader Lu Hongli said that from 2015 to establish a powerful lithium battery department, the order is output to the vehicle factory in less than a year.

Behind the company’s more than 20 years of focus of core development and manufacturing.. The founding team headed by Chairman Xia Xin Defic, manufactured for nearly 20 years, undergoing battery nickel-chromium, nickel-hydrogen, and lithium battery, is the earliest lithium ion soft bag lithium battery patent, the earliest amount of soft packaging lithium ion battery Vendor.

In-depth material system, cost-oriented continuous research and development capabilities, so that the company maintains industry-leading gross profit in the 3C digital field. Annual report show that 2018 company 3C battery shipments global ranked 9th, non-mobile phone ranking 3. According to reports, the company’s self-developed lithium-ion battery composite auxiliaries, greatly increases the compaction density of the pole, and improves the cost of energy density, and reduces costs; newly imported new cylindrical production power, direct pass rate greatly improved.

The company has continuously improved lithium iron phosphate energy density through technological innovation, and can reach the level of the three-yuan material industry, in the industry leader.. In addition, the high-temperature performance and cycle life of the lithium manganese acid is improved by formulation, and the positive cost of multiple batteries is lowered.

. “Based on more than 20 years of research and development related experience, the company’s deep understanding of battery materials, the company starts to reduce product costs from design, and then reduce manufacturing costs through flexible production lines..

For upstream raw materials, the company’s purchasing bargaining capacity is strong. “Lu Hongli introduced that even in 2017 in 2017, the supplier will also pay the company, and the purchase price is lower than the market market..

Regarding the additional increase in the pure electric passenger car and the mixed car, the end of 2020 will completely exit the problem, Lu Hongli pointed out that the new energy car subsidy resort is completely canceled in the market expectations, After the industry is pure marketization, it is conducive to the company’s cost control advantage and cost-effective product advantages.. The high-speed rise “The development of the energy storage industry enters a critical point, and the market is hot.

. The performance is also good in the first quarter of this year, and the cost of lithium ion battery will gradually replace the lead-acid battery, the price is high, the market space is large..

“Lu Hongli introduced that Penghui has already launched a home energy storage system, large-scale non-mesh energy storage system, and its energy storage consumption battery is an important customer, including linkage Tianyi, Wolong Electric, etc.. Recently, at the International Energy Storage Market and Policy special in my country’s international energy storage conference, T¨¹V Nadee will group issued the first certificate for the European market for the SE1000-L MW storage system of Penghui Energy.

. This marks the international standard requirements of the company’s products that have met the energy storage applications..

“The company and the communications industry have established a stable partnership, and completed the delivery of the international market demarcar energy storage system. In the next few years, the energy storage business and foreign markets will be expected to maintain rapid growth..

Lu Hongli said. What is worth paying attention is that the company’s recent announcement, Has also jointly funded Jiangsu Tianhui Lithium Ion Battery Co., Ltd.

, layout photovoltaic storage. “Tianhe Light is the industry’s leading photovoltaic smart energy overall solution supplier, the business layout includes photovoltaic products, photovoltaic systems and intelligence energy three major sectors, product covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In the future, the company’s energy storage products are expected to run around the world on the Skycomb.

. Lu Hongli said.

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