Peng Hui Energy enters sharing travel field battery companies reverse layout industrial chain and new tricks

Peng Hui Energy enters sharing travel field battery companies reverse layout industrial chain and new tricks

On December 26, Guangzhou Penghui Energy Notice said that it is proposed to pay 83 million yuan, obtain three new energy travel, lease, and integrated service company equity or control.. On December 27, the internal person of Penghui Energy said that the acquisition of the prospects for optimistic the layout of the whole industry chain.

Experts undergoing interviews believe that this will reflect the exacerbation of the competition of the lithium battery industry, and the manufacturers in the future industry must pay attention to differentiation advantages.. It has been spent 83 million to win the three company equity this Peng Hui energy, takes three industrial chain companies, with 0 yuan to give Guangzhou Green Yuanxin Energy Car Rental Co.

, Ltd. (Xinneng Automobile) 100% stake, with 20 million yuan subscription Guangdong Happiness, Travel Technology Co., Ltd.

(咚) 10% of the equity, subscribed to the 51.22% stake in 63 million yuan. Total investment reached 83 million yuan.

Notice showed that Xinyi Automobile is an important part of new energy logistics car rental, with 382 new energy logistics cars, total assets of 24897,100 yuan; 咚 Travel Main new energy vehicles total rental operations, currently have 626 sites, launched 1877 New energy car. According to the expression of Peng Hui Energy in the notice, the acquisition of Xinneng Automobile and 咚 will help the company’s extension of the industry chain, enhance brand tension, and the company’s dynamic lithium battery business has a synergistic effect. “At the same time, it is also close to the new energy logistics car market.

And users, analyze technical data and user usage habits, guide company follow-up products R & D, manufacturing and sales. “Xin Xin Automobile mains new energy vehicle sales, lease, operation, after-sales service,” 1030 rental and taxi, the taxi qualification granted by the drip company, nearly two hundred cars Take a car operation license. Peng Hui Energy said that after investing in Xinxin car, it will be based on new energy battery business, and directly open the new energy industry chain, rely on the variety of terminal consumer scenarios to obtain adequate data, and finally enhance the company’s new energy battery products market competitiveness.

And influence; at the same time listed company holding, also supply protection for the future development of Xinxin Auto. The reporter noted that the three companies did not achieve profitability. Among them, Xin Energy Automotive assets are 248.

971 million yuan, this year’s net profit-47.687 million yuan, an important 382 car purchase (including land); 咚 出行 2017, 2018 net profit is -1196 and -1114 10,000 yuan; Xin Xin Automobile last year’s net profit lost 88.71 million yuan, 95.

389 million yuan before this year. The promise promise, the number of vehicles reached 6,000 in 2019, net profit is -5 million yuan, 2020 vehicles reached 11,000, net profit 10.18 million yuan.

“Important is because of the development of the whole industry chain,” December 27, a non-famous Penghui energy insider said. According to the business prospects of three companies, this person said that the notice is subject to. Or refractive power lithium battery industry competition intensifies the current, and downstream of the new energy industry chain has become the universal choice of battery companies.

In July this year, BYD and Chang’an Automobile have reached a cooperation, set up a battery joint venture company in Chongqing, engaged in the production, sales of powered battery production, sales, planned production 10GWH; December 20, CATL announcement, will be with Geely Automotive Zhejiang Jiun Automobile Co., Ltd. established a joint venture company, engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of lithium-ion batteries, fuel power batteries, battery management systems and battery packs, CATL accounting for 51%.

In the view, the power lithium battery company and the industry have cooperated with and downstream, reflecting the industry competition. “This is in the hug. With the entry of foreign batteries, high-end batteries enter the Warring States era, new energy vehicles are not enough to digest battery companies.

. “my country’s Automobile Industry Committee, the new energy vehicle technical committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology” said the reporter. In October 2018, the industry research institute “my country Electric Motors 100 People” said in a development plan, according to my country’s 2020 new energy vehicles, 200,000 development planning, 2020 market demand for power lithium batteries For 100GWH, as of 2017, the planning production of the power lithium battery has reached 228GWH.

. Foreign powered lithium battery manufacturers are also in my country’s market. Public information shows that in July 2018, LG chemistry invests $ 2 billion in Binjiang Development Zone to build a powerful lithium battery project.

It plans to mass production in October 2019; November, Samsung’s New Power Lithium Battery Phase I officially started in Xi’an After completing, 5 60AH lithium ion power lithium battery production lines will be formed. “The current power lithium battery industry is intensified, from domestic and foreign competitive pressure coexistence. “100 people in my country will point out in the development.

The reporter noted that the third quarter of 2018, Peng Hui energy revenue was 808 billion yuan, net profit was 114 million yuan, which rose 29.43% and 17.07% year-on-year, but the shipments are still from CATL, BYD.

. In a journal, Ping An Securities Assocings Industry Research Institute Zigue Study Statistics Statistics Status, Peng Hui Energy has reached 352.1mWh (0.

352GWH) in the first three quarters, and the top ten in the industry. However, the TCL research institute data also pointed out that the CATL installed capacity reached 114.GWH, BYD reached 6.

8GWH, and the two market share exceeded 60%.. “About the industry ranked 5-10 companies, to strengthen cooperation with existing cooperation objects, do a good job in the safety and use of the full life cycle of fist products, through service, strengthen stickiness”, 文 泉.

In addition, car companies should also actively expand new areas, such as “low-speed car, bicycle or other power use”. “About the second echelon manufacturer in the industry, grasp the technical trend, and choose your own reasonable development direction in several sections..

At present, the dedicated car has a large battery demand, and the passenger car is strong on high-end battery demand, and the company should choose reasonable line and survival.. “Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Conference.


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