Panasonic TSLA R & D New Battery Supply Chain ‘is rich in’ domestic suppliers

Panasonic TSLA R & D New Battery Supply Chain 'is rich in' domestic suppliers

On November 2, according to foreign media, Panasonic is committed to developing a TSLA battery-based new battery based on TSLA, with “promoting” and TSLA’s decades.. According to Hirokazuumeda, Panasonic Chief Financial Officer, the new battery pack is a larger cylindrical battery called 4680, which can store more energy, easier to manufacture, which is achieved to reduce battery costs by 2030.

, The key to increase the goal of nearly 100 times. Japan is the world’s first country that realizes a commercial production of lithium-ion batteries, and monopolizes the global market..

Then, with the global configuration of yield and the advancement of lithium electrical technologies in other countries, my country and South Korea rise rapidly in the global lithium market, market share has new increase. At present, from the model of each battery company installed, the number of loads in the number of loading is CATL, BYD, China Aviation Lithium, LG Chemical and Panasonic. At present, the battery of the TSLA system is imported from Panasonic, LGC and CATL, and the decade before 2019 by Panasonic.

TSLA said that the pre-selection is pine, it is important to consider its battery performance, which is conducive to the promotion of TSLA electric vehicles. It is important to introduce LGC and CATL. It is important to consider battery supply chain security.

In 2018, the bottleneck finally let TSLA decided in Shanghai New supplier in battery supply. Yusu Village Oriental Analyst Zhang Xinhe said that from the global lithium battery supply chain, in the Panasonic supply chain, my country is coming out of the corner..

In the third quarter of 2020, the TSLA reverse the car market has risen sharply in the world, and Northeast Securities expects TSLA global delivery of 700,000.. In the third quarter, TSLA delivery has reached a new high, and Model3 succeeded in China, with the amount of modly delivered, German factory subsequently put into production, my country Factory continued to expand, TSLA will further explore.

Open source securities perspective, except for TSLA, the data of the emerging car forces continues to be good, is expected to promote the global resonance of the industry in the industry; this round of rise cycle is a key period, battery, diaphragm, negative electrode, etc. in China’s high quality supply chain Barrier high links have a better trend. The sector has reached the time window of the re-layout.

. Northeast Securities Contemporary TSLA is the most identified electric vehicle big chance in the future, and its upper and downstream industrial chains are worthy of focus..

In the positive supply system of Panasonic, there are a large number of Chinese materials industry companies.. Including Xiamen Tungsten, Qiyuan, Fuyuan Environmental Protection, Hunan Zhongwei, etc.

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