Panasonic no longer invests in TSLA battery Super Factory Mask announced the new order of Model 3

Panasonic no longer invests in TSLA battery Super Factory Mask announced the new order of Model 3

According to pointed out, TSLA encounters bottlenecks in MODEL3, which makes Panasonic and its cooperation in the prospects. In addition, Panasonic is also not optimistic about the US government in new energy industries..

Even in the last fiscal year, Panasonic has a significant growth in sales and profits.. However, its electric vehicle battery business is not prominent, but the cause of the result is related to TSLA.

. Just in April 2018, TSLA stock prices had a heavy frustration, which also made the Pan with more than 9%..

The report further pointed out that according to the previous two companies, it is 2020, and the Panasonic will invest $ 5 billion in the Super Factory of Nevada.. Up to now, Panasonic has burned 200 billion yen (about $ 1.

82 billion) investment.. About subsequent capital investment.

Panasonic executive said that it is necessary to make decisions after specific evaluation. Although investment doubts about the Panasonic Panasonic, TSLA is still announced at this time, and will receive a new group of Model3 orders next week..

Moreover, Elonmusk also said that this acceptable model3 order, in addition to the original rear wheel drive version, will receive 4 rounds of driven model3 orders. At present, TSLA only produces the rear wheel driver MODEL3, but the TSLA has expressed the production of 4 rounds of driven performance version Model3. 4 round drive version model3 has 2 electric engines, one in front of the front wheel, another is located in the rear wheel.

TSLA said that such a design will make the car with better traction control performance. Elonmusk has said that in April 2018, Elonmusk said that once the MODEL3 has a weekly production of 5,000, TSLA may start to produce 4 rounds of driven performance version of Model3 in July..

In fact, TSLA initially plans to increase Model3 yield to 5,000 vehicles at the end of 2017.. However, Model3 has never reached the expected output goal.

. Moreover, there are also reports that many Model3 vehicles and zero components have to be renovated..

Therefore, this eLonMusk’s announcement will be truth, or once again let everyone disappoint, there is a follow-up observation. .

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