Panasonic Negotiation TSLA: will be upgraded in the US battery production

Panasonic Negotiation TSLA: will be upgraded in the US battery production

According to foreign media reports, Panasonic is currently negotiating with TSLA to enable the production of GigaFactory3 battery factory in Nevada from the current 35GWH to 54GWH.. A few days ago, Panasonic said in the 2019 fiscal year (April 31, 2019), the financial report has been earnings for the second quarter, which relieves Panasonic and TSLA to a certain extent.

Tight relationship. Matsushita Chief Financial Officer Mei Tian Yuyi revealed in the earnings report that Panasonic is currently discussing the expansion of the factory production, but it has not disclosed specific improvement goals..

Panasonic said in the earning report, it is currently serving two models for TSLA, 21700 cylindrical batteries for Model3 and Modely, these batteries are important in GigaFactory3 in Nevada, USA; 18650 cylindrical batteries are used for Models and Modelx, They import from Japan to the United States. It is reported that Nevada GigaFactory3 Battery Factory is currently designing 35GWH, which is the world’s largest lithium-ion battery factory, but it does not meet TSLA needs..

Earlier this year, TSLA clearly stated that the production of Panasonic battery was limited to MODEL3 production.. TSLA previously hopes that the plant can eventually produce up to 105GWH cells and 150GWH battery pack to support TSLA’s continuous development business.

. But Tsla before and Panasonic is caused by these expansion plans to be put on hold..

Today, whether it is a poor performance of Panasonic or the increase in competitors, Panasonic must be alleviated and the relationship between TSLA. Data show that Panasonic 2019 fiscal year performance is fully resolved, of which sales decreased by 6% to 74.9 billion yen, the operating profit fell by 29% to 293.

8 billion yen, net profit decreased by 21% to 225.7 billion yen. On the other hand, from 2020, Panasonic is no longer a TSLA exclusive battery supplier.

As far as Shanghai Factory, domestic model3 is currently supplied by Panasonic and LG chemistry.. Data show that in April this year, in the battery equipped with TSLA, 17.

9% come from Panasonic, which means that most of the orders are obtained by LG chemistry.. Losing the price of the TSLA part is the challenge of the Songli’s dominant, in the first quarter of this year, it is seen by the TSLA order, LG chemical transcendence, sitting on the world’s largest battery supplier’s throne, The third CATL will also supply battery from TSLA from July this year.

. Under both sides, in order to improve performance, Panasonic low and TSLA “heavy in good” or inevitable. .

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