Panasonic name Model Y put into production will cause the battery shortage TSLA battery or

Panasonic name Model Y put into production will cause the battery shortage TSLA battery or

Beijing time May 14th, TSLA’s important battery supplier and TSLA Gigabit No. 1 (GigaFactory1) partners said that Modely will put production will cause the factory’s battery shortage next year..

Today, TSLA stock price fell over 5%. Last month, a report from Asia said that TSLA and Panasonic suspended the expansion investment of TSLA Gigabit No. 1.

Tsla denied the report to a certain extent, saying that they still plan to continue investment, but they want to focus on improving production from existing equipment.. TSLA CEO Elon Mask then confirmed that although Panasonic has already investing 35 kWh-time battery annual production power, its current production is around 23 kWh.

In the latest earnings report in Panasonic, Kazuhirotsuga, CEO, said they plan to increase this year to 35 kWh.. Subsequently, Kazuhirotsuga said they have to talk to TSLA.

. He said that there is currently no sufficient production to meet TSLA’s continuous expansion business, especially the upcoming modely: “If Tsla will start selling Modely next year and expand business, the battery will be exhausted. Then what do we do? This will be one of several topics discussed with TSLA, including production of batteries in my country.

. “Last month, TSLA said it is still decided to produce Mode, Gigabe, Gigabe, California..

This car manufacturer is guiding to start production in the fall of 2020. TSLA has not confirmed the production of Model3 battery suppliers on Shanghai’s new Gigabit Factory. The factory is expected to be put into production later this year.

. This is interesting because the battery supply problem is the problem that the car manufacturer of large-scale production of electric cars must answer..

Regarding TSLA, the answer in the past few years has been simple: they have a strong partnership with Panasonic, and they are increasing production in Gigabit Factory.. But now, with the production of battery production in Gigabit Factory, the situation has become a bit blurry.

According to estimation, the production of Gigabit Plant 3 is as long as the time of Modely, and the production of Model is more than a year, so if you can figure out the TSLA battery supplier, it will be a good thing.. Analysts say that TSLA will soon negotiate another investment in Panasonic to significantly increase the production of Gigabit Plant No.


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