Panasonic lost exclusive supply Qingde July equipment TSLA power lithium battery ‘Three Kingdoms

Panasonic lost exclusive supply Qingde July equipment TSLA power lithium battery 'Three Kingdoms

A few days ago, the reporter learned that CATL supplies battery from Shanghai, 2022, from June 2022, 2022. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Informationization awarded TSLA-related manufacturing licenses on this 11th, the notice indicates that the model3 will use the lithium iron ion battery..

On the one hand, the news that the manufacturing cost of Tslamodel3 will be further reduced, but also means that the new car supplied by Panasonic TSLA is available to all batteries.. TSLA also means that it will be chemically purchased from Korea LG Chemistry.

These are transactions in my country. 01 Panasonic Uncertainty For this CATL supply, the industry’s battery industry professionals analyzes, TSLA will lead to the characteristics of low-cost lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, improve local procurement and prices for passenger car markets. Advantage.

Although the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology not referred to the company name of the manufacturing battery, only discloses manufacturing license information, but cooperation between Ningde and TSLA is in my country’s market has caused enough attention in the field of power lithium batteries.. For the Panasonic, the loss of exclusive supply is to cast two shadows.

First, in the medium and long-term, there is a pure electric car market that is expected to rise, and the rise of Panasonic will slow down.. To this end, June 17.

TSLA also modified the pure electric vehicle battery for the US “GigaFactory1” factory supply agreement.. Supply of Battery, Panasonic Chief Financial Officer (CFO) around TSLA (CFO), Standing Director, Positive and TSLA negotiations GigaFactory1 additional investment.

In the market, Panasonic is similar to that of large investment in the TSLA supply chain.. During this period, companies such as CATL and TSLA continuously construct a relationship, and there is a risk that orders in the order.

. “Nikkei News” disclosed, another big shadow is that this is about the Panasonic to ensure the profit constitution of the vehicle battery business. According to Japanese industry information disclosure, Panasonic Previously interested in advancing the price increase of TSLA.

The reason is that TSLA is relatively large in terms of funds.. However, from the TSLA corner, there is also a system of battery purchases in my country, with the system of building multi-channel procurement, may request loose price reduction.

Previously, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery was low in energy density. Most of the vehicle companies were mostly used on large-scale products, and lithium iron phosphate was used for bus and other commercial vehicles..

In the field of passenger cars, mainstream is a “three-yuan lithium ion battery” monopolition composed of nickel, cobalt and manganese.. After BYD launched the “blade battery”, the industry has enabled the industry to re-examine the value of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, at the same time, this also buried the final negotiation around our market around my country’s market.

. Along with Panasonic’s exclusive supply of TSLA, we have evolved in my country’s powered lithium battery industry, and in front of TSLA, in front of TSLA, as one of domestic important battery suppliers, BYD has launched a fruitful in Toyota. Comprehensive cooperation, and the Volkswagen also has recently started investment in big handles, revolving the timeliness and safety considerations for local supply chain procurement, and the bundles between various bus enterprises and battery suppliers have become increasingly close.

. 02 Panasonic Acceleration and Toyota cooperation against pressure can continue to survive. From a medium long term, due to the co-promotion of battery business, Panasonic and TSLA’s share price of two companies in Tsla have often appeared.

. But in the current, “Model3” has a strong TSLA and Panasonic stock price trend..

Since TSLA promotes multi-channel procurement, it has formed a situation in the company’s share price in the future.. As early as possible, Panasonic President Zupi Hong once expressed the loss business before the 2021 fiscal (as of March 2022).

In this context, the car battery service is expected to become a loose engine in Panasonic.. For Panasonic, more than half of the business income from TSLA, although the merger business income from about 8 trillion yen is small, there is a small Panasonic, which has sold various business, It is very important.

Because of this, it is aimed at 100% of the car battery subsidiary of 200%, and Panasonic announced the capital of Toyota, accelerating business development.. It is planned to set up 51% of Toyota, and the new company “PRIMETENETENETENERGYSOLESOLES”.

For Panasonic, the al-Toyota will also pave the way for the stable supply of the battery.. 03 my country’s head battery supplier grasps the basics of the basics in the lower situation in China, my country’s head CATL, BYD and other power lithium battery companies still have a certain initiative.

From the perspective of CATL, this power lithium battery giant is still working on the dynamic lithium battery order of dozens of car companies such as FAW Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, Beiqi New Energy, Geely Automobile, Ideal Car, Weima Automobile, Covered The vast majority of mainstream joint ventures, autonomy and new forces; and also have cooperative relationships with foreign-invested vehicles such as the public, BMW, and the head advantage of the supply side is very obvious.. At the technical level, CATL has also announced three-dimensional lithium-ion batteries, lithium phosphate ion batteries, cobalt cells, and solid state batteries, and indicates that there are mature technical reserves in various stars, currently resolving the supply.

Chain and car companies cooperation. BYD is in the world, it is a car company in electric vehicle is second only to TSLA. Therefore, BYD’s power lithium battery shipments are also considerable.

From 1 to May this year, BYD power lithium battery loading is 1.92GWH. There is a rumor that BYD’s Fandi Battery Co.

, Ltd. is negotiating the supply cooperation of the blade battery with many car cafes at home and abroad, so it can be expected that BYD will have a large increase in the loading capacity of the power lithium battery in the next two years..

For these two companies, it is obviously prepared to enter the global market.. In 2019, CATL is already officially started, and it is expected to be completed in 2021, the total output is expected to be around 100GWH; and the BYD has also cooperated with Toyota, will establish a joint venture company to produce electric vehicles, BYD’s power lithium The battery will also flow into Toyota’s supply chain.

On the other hand, it is worth paying attention to the honeycomb energy of the Great Wall car, although there has been no news from the external supply, but the cobalt battery product is announced due to the first-handed power-free battery plant, there is a cobalt battery product, From the growth space, the future of my country’s power lithium battery supply in China, my country’s Great Wall, which is constructed from Ningde, BYD, and hive, and other companies will also be a more exciting area of ​​the regional market around the regional market.

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