Panasonic left TSLA right holding Toyota cylindrical battery square battery

Panasonic left TSLA right holding Toyota cylindrical battery square battery

Toyota Motor Company (hereinafter referred to as “Toyota Auto”) and Matsushita Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Panasonic Electric Appliance”) announced today in Japan that both signed a new company’s square power lithium battery business (under ” Business integration contract and joint venture contract in “Battery Company”).

The two sides will set up a battery company before the end of 2020, including 51% of Toyota Motors, and Panasonic Electric Purchase is 49%.. The joint venture will engage in the new energy vehicle square lithium-ion battery, full solid battery, and the research, manufacturing, procurement, management, etc.

of next-generation batteries.. Toyota will use its equipment and personnel in the field of battery development and production.

Panasonic appliances in the development, production technology and manufacturing of square cells in new energy vehicles (factory in Japan and my country Dalian), procurement, and And managed equipment, other assets, and personnel, etc., each transferred to joint venture. The number of employees related to the target undertakings of two companies to joint venture companies are about 3,500.

In addition, the goods can be sold to a wide automotive manufacturer in principle.. Panasonic appliances have been walking with TSLA before this time and Toyota, and there is a battery factory in the United States.

. Toyota has insiders telling the first financial journalist, Panasonic and TSLA teamed up with cylindrical batteries, and developed with Toyota is a square lithium-ion battery, and the product is not overlap..

Toyota Auto and Panasonic Appliance will increase the newly established battery joint venture to integrate the excellent resources of the two companies, combining the technical market data of Toyota Auto electric vehicles, all solid batteries and other leading technology and Toyota Motor’s unique manufacturing process, and Panasonic Electrical battery manufacturing technology, mass production technology, etc.. In the automotive field, the company now faces the needs of the customer’s intelligence, automatic driving, sharing service, etc.

. Especially in the face of environmental issues to be solved, the battery is the most important factor in driving the electric motor..

In addition, the vehicle battery is not only highly technical strength in cost, energy density, charging time, safety, etc., but also has a possible supply capacity and cancycle to cycle use..

In the face of changes in the environment, single efforts with battery manufacturers or automakers are unable to solve.. According to this, Toyota Auto and Panasonic Appliances discussed on the 23rd of 2017 on December 13, 2017.

The two sides have been officially hand in hand after more than a year of negotiation.. And Matsushita Electric Angry, which will help Toyota to speed up the pace of electricity.

According to Toyota Motors, 2030, the company’s global electric motor has reached more than 5.5 million yuan, as the pure electric (EV) of zero emission models and hydrogen fuel vehicles (FCEV), and strive for the year to reach more than 1 million. Among them, my country is the key market for Toyota’s advancement of electric strategy.

. Since 2020, my country has accelerated EV import in China, and by the first half of the 2020, the world has expanded to 10 kinds of types. Toyota Motors have been talked about the first financial reporter, and will add investment in China’s electricity.

. The reporter learned that Toyota’s battery technology is important for the nickel-hydrogen battery for non-inserted hybrid vehicles, and is also in the world’s leading, and due to new energy development route planning, in pure electric The advantage of the lithium ion battery in the automobile is not obvious, this is one of the reasons for the Outdoors of Toyota..

As the exclusive lithium-ion battery provider of TSLA, Panasonic Electric has rapidly develops with the development of TSLA electric vehicles, and once the global vehicle lithium-ion battery market share first, but in the last year, it was caught by CATL, so Interested in accelerating the layout of our world’s largest new energy car market. The intriguing thing is that the TSLA is also no longer a message that Tsla is no longer a “Panasonic” recently..

There are foreign media, TSLA has signed a preliminary agreement for the TSLA Shanghai Super Factory to supply battery, reducing the dependence of Panasonic battery, planning to achieve diversification of battery sources. At present, many car companies have established new energy battery joint ventures, including the vehicle companies, and the powerful lithium battery company alliance, SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile and other vehicles and CATL..

In addition, the vehicle factory often does not place the battery as a core component in a basket, but chooses two or more battery suppliers.. The joint venture battery company established by Toyota Auto and Matsushita Electric, in addition to the Toyota car, will also supply other car manufacturers, tap more market space.

In the past 100 years, the car industry change period, more and more companies choose to hold a group to seize the new opportunity. .

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