Panasonic launches Tesla battery prototype with 5 times storage energy

Panasonic launches Tesla battery prototype with 5 times storage energy

Tesla has been promoting the innovation of the electric vehicle (EV) market and promises to make major changes and progress in future batteries.. Now, under the support of this Japanese technology giant, the energy storage capacity of the new battery will increase by 5 times, and will help Tesla reduces production costs.

. In addition, Panasonic said that its latest project Tesla 4680 will be clearly manufactured for Tesla..

This further strengthens contact between two companies. Panasonic Energy Business Header Kazuotadanobu announced the battery prototype at the recent media round table, explaining the reason for the development of the product, and said that this is also “the strong wishes of the other party”. 4680 When the battery is fully put into production, the specific details have not yet been announced, but the company plans to “trial production” next year.

. Panasonic Development Tight with Tesla, develops 4680 batteries: a battery with a size of 46mmx80mm. Energy Solutions throughout the electric vehicle industry, car manufacturers have been trying to improve the battery through new mileage and charging speed.

When improving the battery core, electric vehicle manufacturers may encounter other problems, such as the increase in battery size, resulting in smashing larger space and potential thermal management issues.. New 4680 batteries should supply more energy to improve battery performance.

In addition, compared with other models, the production cost of these batteries will be reduced by 50% and will increase the production of Panasonic in the next decade.. However, although the 4680 battery supplies certain energy solutions, their size is larger, and triggered issues related to thermal management.

. Mask recently explained some questions on Twitter: “Our new battery has a diameter of 46 mm, steel shell, even though the communication will be a huge challenge..

“Panasonic may use Tesla’s solution in production, the solution debut in the” battery day “activity last year, by placing a cooling tube above the battery to disseminate excess heat, and change the shape. When combined with the innovative non-label battery design, Tesla found a formula for achieving the best thermal management in its 4680 battery..

The company’s relationship has always worked with Tesla to find innovative practical battery solutions. He has created an improved version of 2170 lithium-ion battery for Tesla Model3 in 2017..

Matsushita Vice President Kazuotadanobu said that it is decided to promote 4680 production is “because the strong wishes of each other, and we think this will make our cooperation more close”. This headquartered electronic company has always been Tesla’s partners since the first launch of Models in 2012..

However, Tadanobu said that the company did not plan to supply Tesla’s lithium iron (LFP) electric vehicle battery. As a result, Tesla starts the product portfolios and networks of its battery manufacturers, with South Korea’s LGENERGYSOLUTIONS and my country’s Ningde Times reached a transaction, and transfer some production to internal. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery is safer than the nickel-based battery, but the energy density is lower, with a higher charging frequency.

In addition, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are more environmentally friendly because they have fewer rare earth materials.. Tesla does plan to purchase lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries in Ningde era, and install it in its partial MODEL3 and MODELY cars.

Through the new battery supplier network, Tesla also aims to make it more affordable, while hoping to stimulate the innovation of fuel power lithium battery manufacturing.. Tadanobu has little concerns about Tesla’s supply, he said that due to the high demand for electric vehicles, electric cars manufacturers are preparing to buy all products produced in Panasonic.

. At present, Panasonic will still be the only external manufacturer and supplier of 4680 batteries, but LG and Ningde era may follow. In addition, Panasonic test production schedule seems to be consistent with Tesla next year’s high-end car series, including the expected Cybertruck.

Tesla recently confirmed that its 4680 trial production in the Fremont Factory of California will supply the first batch of vehicles, but it is expected to be a partner, including Panasonic, will help support new production.. “Tesla is very high in the expectations of our North American factory shipments,” tadanobu said.

The nearest expansion of Panasonic witnessed its new year of North American battery capacity: 38-39 GW, higher than the 35 GW as of March 2021. Therefore, this is enough to meet more than 400,000 Tesla S models battery demand. .

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