Panasonic is considering again and TSLA to establish a super battery factory in my country.

Panasonic is considering again and TSLA to establish a super battery factory in my country.

As a TSLA exclusive car battery provider, Panasonic currently produces batteries in TSLA car in Japan and the United States. In January 2016, Panasonic and TSLA jointly investment of $ 5 billion in the construction of a super battery factory in Nevada, becoming the world’s largest automotive battery plant, which has been put into production..

In addition, starting from 2017, Panasonic also produces solar cells for TSLA’s partner Solarcity, Buffalo, New York Tsla. In 2017, TSLA confirmed and the Shanghai government has established production bases in the local area, but the plan for this year’s announcement is not as scheduled as scheduled..

In this week, Panasonic Plus President, Panasonic President, said that the company is currently considering the production of batteries, production and its factory in Nashidada, considering the future of TSLA.. According to Japanese media reports, Ziyi Hong revealed that TSLA will cut from 5,000 units in the first quarter of 2018 to 2,500 units.

. Affected by this, Panasonic also delays the original car battery delivery date..

Zhizihong said this time, because TSLA has planned to start the localization of pure electric vehicles in Shanghai. Panasonic is also considering promoting investment in our factory. Although there is no detailed plan in my country’s production of batteries, Panasonic is already considering the possibility of producing TSLA batteries in my country.

. It is understood that my country is currently the biggest market for various means of transportation such as electric vehicles..

In 2016, TSLA has reached US $ 1 billion in my country (about RMB 6.5 billion). Although sales have not announced in 2017, the data shows more.

It can be seen that it is no longer to build a plant in our country.. Tsla CEO Elon Mask said that the company’s my country’s factory will establish it within three years, and there may be a production of the battery and the production of the battery and the whole vehicle.

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