Panasonic Due to 12% loss due to battery loss, TSLA still wants to drop 20%

Panasonic Due to 12% loss due to battery loss, TSLA still wants to drop 20%

According to the news of Reuters, Matsushita Electric Company (6752.t) announced on Thursday, and its second quarter of operating profit decreased by 12%, and the economic downturn of the economy caused by China-US trade warfare, with TSLA’s battery business Sustained loss. However, the benefits of this Japanese Electronics Division 7 ~ September were 83.

9 billion yuan ($ 772.6 million or 5.47 billion yuan), and the average expectation of the REFINITIV survey analyst in Lifpia was 33%, which was attributed to Entire profits of their housing and household appliances.

A year ago, the Panasonic of the TSLA exclusive battery supplier was 95.2 billion yen..

Panasonic Chief Financial Officer Mei Tian Bo and Hirokazuumeda said on Thursday: “Our (and Tsla’s joint venture company) is rapidly increased battery production, but the increase in production efficiency is delayed.. “But Metrian said that joint venture companies are still planning to earn profits at the end of March 31,” TSLA announced profits in the latest financial report, which is positive for us.

. “Tsla announced in the quarterly profit on week, and the investor is unexpected, and the stock price soaring. And the Panasonic Automobile Business, including the power lithium battery, lost 12.

7 billion yuan in fiscal year, and the same period of the last year was 7.1 billion yuan..

However, Panasonic 2020 fiscal year profit is expected to maintain a round of $ 300 billion, while 19 analysts have an average of 2,93.94 billion yards..

Panasonic has transferred attention from consumer electronics from profit, bet on the business of companies selling products such as automation and automation processing.. But this shift fails to boost profits.

In addition, China-US trade war has hit industrial procurement and output, and the global auto market is also shrinking.. TSLA also has not shown sustained profit.

Panasonic CEO Ziyihong (Kazuhirotsuga) acknowledged that he underestimated the development cost of auto parts and the risk-related risks related to TSLA. Although Zupiyi has promised that the company will use the company’s expertise in various industries, supply “Solution Service” to the company customer, but he has not detailed this, what is the specific content of this rising strategy?. Zhizheng Hong is expected to hold a strategic briefing in November 22, which may announce more news.

. In addition, Panasonic has been actively recruiting executives from overseas technology companies such as software giants SAP and Microsoft (MSFT.O) to shake this company’s traditional conservative culture with 101 years.

. The company also appointed the Vice President of Google, the expert of the vice president, robot and artificial intelligence area, is a member of the execution team..

It is reported that Yokymatsuoka can be called a pioneer in robot technology. In 2009, she found Google Laborat GooglexLab in 2009, and then joined the Bird’s Nest Design Team to become the technical person in charge, and she once participated in and inventions. Realistic robot.

After returning to Google’s Alphabet Nestlabs, she continues to be responsible for smart home. However, about how to reduce the battery cost is Mask’s thought..

Profit is a big event for Tslaceo Mask, under his leadership, TSLA is strict. In various ways to put pressure on Zhizheng, it is also on the verge of cutting the price, Panasonic and TSLA..

Especially in the acquisition of supercapacitor manufacturer Maxwell, and Canadian battery production line equipment manufacturers Hikar Hibarsystem, its own battery situation has become inevitable. In the reporter Previous article “Panasonic” Funeral “, Tsla’s” Unique “” has been in the dragon to go to the pulse..

From another perspective, I don’t want to accept the self-producing battery, just like him to develop the automatic driving chip FSD, saving cost is the biggest driving force.. According to the background of mechanical engineer with Honeywell Gas Turbine Power Device Performance Modeling and Data Analysis Background, Insideevs, Editor’s GEORGEBOWER, “TSLA new battery production line can save about 20% cost.

“So, we can understand why Masque is to acquire two batteries.. GeorgeBower pointed out that Maxwell’s new non-solventless dry electrode manufacturing process promoted the improvement of the production line speed (productivity), which gives TSLA20% to the ability.

The dry electrode process of MaxWell can increase 16-fold yield density, and the cost reduction is 10% -20% + compared to the existing wet electrode technology, while GeorgeBower is only based on 4-fold measurement cost, even if it can reduce 20% cost, the latter potential Still very big. However, if the partner is abandoned, TSLA will fully undertake the battery’s profit and loss, because we don’t know how much Pan is charged to TSLA, but from Panasonic’s current situation, the cost should be pressed to Mask. Low.

In addition, the recent TSLA has applied for a patent. New patents and CATL-free group CTP (CELLTOPACK) technology do not match, that is, direct integration of the battery as a battery submodule. These submodules can be stringed parallel, such as the production of various sized batteries as tie uptumes.

TSLA uses a large number of boards to integrate cells and battery packs. However, the feasibility of this technology also has disputes in the industry, and there is also a distance from the truth..

Silver has pointed out in an report that TSLA current battery cost is $ 141 / kWh. If Based on GeorgeBower, the cost of the TSLA new battery pack will reach 117.5 US dollars / kWh.

. However, it is not clear that the TSLA uses the self-produced battery of dry battery electrode technology to land..

If all this becomes a reality, TSLA will lead to other companies in terms of battery cost.. From TSLA 10 months, the domestic third super factory reaches the speed of mass production.

The progress of the battery will not be slow.. So, what happens after? “You have your way, I have my attitude.

“Panasonic and TSLA, it is really unclear. .

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