Panasonic CEO: TSLA self-production 4680 battery does not mean that both sides become an opponent

Panasonic CEO: TSLA self-production 4680 battery does not mean that both sides become an opponent

On January 7th, the person in charge of the TSLA important battery supplier, the Chief Executive of the Panasonic Chief Executive Zupi Zihong (KazuhirotsuGa) recently shared the insights of this electric car manufacturer independently produced 4680 new battery. According to him, TSLA autonomous production battery does not mean it will become a direct competitor of Panasonic..

In an interview, Ziyihong discussed the new initiatives taken in this Japanese Technology Group in several ways, from solar battery service to TV sector. The most interesting thing is that he discusses the plan of Panasonic and TSLA is being promoted, the latter is currently turning to update, bigger, more affordable 4680 batteries. The Panasonic person in charge pointed out that the development of TSLA4680 batteries is already in progress, but he said that due to high battery capacity, there are still many challenges in the production of battery itself.

. However, despite this, Zhizheng is emphasized that Panasonic is not worried that TSLA will become its competitors..

He said: “We have started to develop a new car battery for TSLA 4680. Due to the increase in capacity, the electrode structure is more complicated..

We will make battery prototypes in Japan and determine how manufacturing methods. High reliability is one of our advantages, although TSLA is driving the internal production of the battery, but we don’t worry that it will become our competitors..

“Panasonic is always TSLA to achieve long-term partners of electric ambitions. The latter strictly refused to participate in the expansion and production of TSLA in the US Giant Plant, which is a huge facility. Tsla is currently an important battery is produced here.

. Although TSLA has established a battery supply agreement with South Korea LG and CATL, Panasonic seems to continue to connect with its establishment. This is highlighted recently, and it has been submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Tsla and Panasonic have reached a 2021 pricing agreement on the Japanese manufacturing battery, which is usually used for Models and Modelx.. Tsla has suspended the production of flagship sedan and SUV in Fremont last month, which triggered people’s guess, that is, these two cars are upgrading.

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