Overseas electric vehicles have been worried by fire, Korean batteries

Overseas electric vehicles have been worried by fire, Korean batteries

Huabon reported on October 15th, according to the 19th, the US Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) is investigating the three fire accidents of Universal (GM) Chevrolet Volt Electric Motors.. The investigation target is a model of 2017-2020, a total of 778.

42 million vehicles.. NHTSA said that fire losses are important in electric vehicle power lithium battery part, and the root cause is not clear.

. Gmvolt electric car is equipped with LG chemical batteries. Recently, modern cars decided to recall 77,000 Kona electric vehicles at home and abroad, and the power lithium battery used by the model is also LG chemical products.

. According to external electricity, the industry revealed that BMW considers the danger of plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) has a fire, and decided to recall 2.67 million electric vehicles worldwide.

. Ford also confirmed that more than 20,000 models of the Wing Tiger Phev, which were sold in June this year, due to the fact that the battery overheat has caused a number of fires, and announced more than 27,000 models in August..

The battery manufacturer of Ford and BMW recall is Samsung SDI. In addition, in the TSLAMODELS and MODELX models of Panasonic Battery in Japan, it is also recommended to recall due to battery abnormal problems, and the industry generally believes that recall will reach hundreds of thousands..

On the 8th, the Ministry of South Korea pointed out that Kona EV electric vehicles may be problematic in battery packs.. This LG chemistry is immediately refuted, and there is no fire in the reaction experiment, and it is not possible to say that the battery pack is poor.

. Due to LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, Skinnovation and other Korea companies lead the global electric car battery market, it has more affected by South Korea companies than other countries..

Industry insiders even not battery quality problems, but only from the abnormality, the uncertainty of investment and the negative understanding of consumers will increase, and the current company is facing difficulties.

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