Overseas battery plants are shut down! The global charging lithium battery is broken?

Overseas battery plants are shut down! The global charging lithium battery is broken?

Recently, a report from a lithium-ion battery industry data vendor-BenchmarkMineralintelligence pointed out that the emergence of new crown pneumonia epidemic, leading to the slowdown of supply chain logistics throughout the lithium-ion battery industry, and has jeopardized around the world Production and use, lithium ion battery has broken risk. Affected by the epidemic, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, Panasonic and other battery manufacturers temporarily closed the battery factory in the United States..

Under the pressure of the epidemic pressure, the battery factory is closed. The epidemic is rapidly spreading around the world. The United States is undoubtedly one of the disaster-striking areas.

The manufacturing industry has been greatly impacted, and the factory has closed. LG Chemistry said on March 25 that due to the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the company has closed its battery factory in Michigan, USA..

Subsequently, Samsung SDI also said the battery factory close to the Detroit, Michigan, USA.. The two battery plants will continue to close to April 13th, as for the subsequent closing time, but also to see the epidemic development situation.

LG Chemical is a general car, mass group, TSLA and other worldwide automotive brands supply power lithium battery, which is currently located in South Korea, my country, US and Poland, with a total output of about 70GWH.. Samsung SDI core customers include Volvo, BMW, Audi, etc.

. The two battery factories are closed, and some extent is to respond to the government’s call..

The Michigan government announced the “home isolation order” on March 23, requiring a non-essential staff in the three weeks from March 24 to reduce new crown virus spread.. As for the two battery plants to close the new energy vehicle production plan for related car companies, it is not good.

. Affected by the epidemic, universal, Volkswagen, BMW and other vehicles have closed many people in Europe, the United States, South Africa and other regions..

In addition, from the two weeks from March 23, Japanese Battery Manufacturer temporarily closed the two and TSLA-related lithium-ion battery plants, namely New York Buffalo Factory and Nevada Plant.. Among them, Buffalo Factory is important to produce TSLA’s solar panels and home power generation systems.

Nevada is responsible for producing TSLA energy storage products and power lithium batteries.. It is obvious that if there is no battery supply in the Nevada factory, it is responsible for assembling Models, Modelx, Model3, and Model’s TSLA Fremont Factory to fall into the stop.

. However, due to the publication of Alameda County, California, California, the TSLA agreed to suspend the plant from March 23..

The raw material production land “closed door” is in the important production of the global lithium-ion battery, my country has gradually resumed production, but other countries are still in some downtime.. After the outbreak of the epidemic, many banned various banned directly limit the transportation of batteries.

. Australian lithium mine resources are rich, one of the important producing countries of lithium. However, Australia has a fully enclosed border, the Australian Mining and Exploration Company Association (AMEC) from March 20, informing its 200 members, strictly paying attention to Intercontinental travel restrictions.

. Chile, Argentina and Bolivia are called “lithium triangles” in South America. Among them, Chile has implemented national ban, and some areas of the capital San Diego are in isolation.

. Argentina implemented national compulsory isolation measures in March 20th to 31, and the production and operation of salt lake lithium in the territory of salt lakes was suspended..

Bolivia entered hygiene emerged from March 26 and closed all borders until April 15. In addition, due to the border and port of South Africa, the Congolese of the Congo, the Congo, the Congo, the Congo of Cobalt, and the supply of cobalt is interrupted..

Benchmark pointed out in the report, so far, there have been no news that the battery raw material or positive and negative material supply has a serious shortage. It is important because in the 2019 industry supply, this part of this inventory is exhausted, the global battery supply chain is the next few Month will face challenges. Overseas logistics is limited to domestic affected fungal production and transportation, delivery issues make supply chain’s participation in the paragraph.

Lithium producers Chilean chemical mining companies and US Yaksu company have said that the epidemic has a major impact on the company’s finance.. Yaobao told investors that expect interest tax depreciation and amortization in the first quarter of the profit (EBITDA) will drop by 20% to 25% from the same period last year, fell 15% to 20% year-on-year, and important cause is the logistics caused by the epidemic.

limit. Starl, head of NEON US trading consulting service, metal and mining business, said that during the epidemic, the raw materials in the battery supply chain will be difficult to ship in time, some companies may use the epidemic as an “force majeure” factor, while the epidemic Transport stagnation may change the company’s views on global supply chain risks, the localization trend may accelerate. Look at the domestic.

In view of the fact that my country’s domestic epidemic is gradually controlled, the company has no significant shortage signs.. Wang Jingzhong, Vice Chairman of my country’s Battery Industry Association, said in an interview with “my country Automobile News”: “Because all raw materials are basically produce manufacturers, relatively, my country’s battery supply chain is still good, but there is still a small amount of raw materials dependence Import, this may be affected, but not too big.

“So, whether the lithium production interruption in Chile, Argentina will affect domestic?” There is no big impact, and the domestic lithium production is also very large.. “Wang Jingzhong said,” As for cobalt, we are using less as little as possible.

. Three-yuan materials, we fight for cobalt. Cobalt is ok in small batteries, but in large batteries, power lithium batteries, although energy is large, but safety is relatively poor.

Therefore, we minimize cobalt use on lithium powered lithium batteries.. “Wang Jingzhong told reporters that members of my country’s Battery Industry Association have not reflected problems such as battery raw materials.

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