Ouyang Minggao: Zhong Japan and South Korea Lithium Technology Association Leading Camp

Ouyang Minggao: Zhong Japan and South Korea Lithium Technology Association Leading Camp

The rise of the battery company has laid a certain technical foundation for the electric car revolution in my country, but the electric vehicle industry must truly rush to the super-day, and further technical research and timely industrialization.. my country’s electric vehicle development is about to enter the tenth year.

As an electric car heart power lithium battery, its industrial pattern has two days of ice and fire. 2017 global power lithium battery sales fifth, my country’s power lithium battery sales third Shenzhen Waterma Battery Co., Ltd.

its parent company Rare Wo Can (300116.sz) in April 2 billion default, overall up to 221.38 Billion.

In addition, many small and medium-sized powered lithium battery companies have closed down at cost pressures.. On the other hand, 2017 Global Power Lithium Battery CATL New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CATL) successfully successfully, the valuation of 130 billion yuan. In addition to the internal shuffling situation, how is the competitiveness of my country’s new energy cars in the global market in Japan and South Korea? Have you had a chance to achieve corner overtaking? Recently, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, my country Electric Motors, Ouyang Minggao, an interview with the “Finance” reporter, said that my country’s electric vehicle technology bottom line has been constituted.

Return can have a lithium iron battery for lithium phosphate, and there is a new generation of lithium-ion power lithium batteries.. my country’s powered lithium battery attack and proceedings: How is the power lithium battery in my country’s development route? Ouyang Ming high: Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the lithium iron phosphate lithium positive electrode ion battery, the twelfth fifteenth fifteenth fifteenth five-dimensional ion battery, 135 is focusing on research and development of high-nickel ternary positive + silicone carbon negative lithium ion battery.

Reporter: Is there a research on a domestic phosphate ion battery? What is the advantageous potential for three-yuan lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate? Ouyang Ming high: lithium iron phosphate ion battery is the technical bottom line of electric car revolution. Although the specific capacity is lower than the ternary lithium ion battery, the phosphate ion battery is mature, the material is rich, the cost is controllable, and the safety is high..

At present, the advanced lithium iron phosphate ion battery has achieved 500 kilometers of renewal mileage on the split electric car, taking into account safety and economy.. Lithium lithium phosphate and ternary are different positive materials of lithium ion batteries.

The three-dimensional lithium-ion battery achieves higher than energy, but there is still problems such as safety, raw material cost, service life.. The improvement of technical threshold is to encourage technological advancement, and the safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries are higher.

. Reporter: The three-yuan lithium-ion battery is now considered a mainstream power lithium battery route. Many companies turn to energy density, and the technical status of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery in China.

What is the technical status of my country’s three-dimensional lithium ion battery? Where is the difficult point? Ouyang Ming high: Currently developing battery samples can reach 300 watts / kg of energy than energy, the three-yuan NCM811 + silicon carbon negative electrode lithium-ion battery, but safety, especially excessive safety challenge. In 2020, the combination of 811 positive, silicon carbon negative electrode, and liquid electrolytes may become mainstream products (also some Japanese and Korean battery experts believe that 622 positive poles may be a better choice from the perspective of performance composite balance..

Industrialized ternary soft bag lithium battery is not a problem in 2020 to reach 300 watt / kg. The core is to meet the needs of the production of large-scale production, raw materials, production technology, etc..

After the industrialization of the 811 lithium ion battery is limited to positive material. From the perspective of industrialization, 350 Watt / kg will be very difficult than energy. Reporter: Is the high nickelization development trend? Ouyang Ming high: High nickelization is currently a trend, it is important to reduce the dependence of cobalt, thus controlling cost controllable.

The use of cobalt use is an inevitable trend. Reporter: Will my country will follow Japanese Panasonic Development Route? For example, the 811 lithium-ion battery developed by cylindrical 18650. Ouyang Ming high: Panasonic 18650 is more easy to achieve high-specific energy indicators because of small capacity.

Small batteries can prevent the material that is not uniform, polarization, etc.. But because the electrolyte is easy to dry, it is relatively short service life.

. But my country will not blindly follow the research path from Panasonic, and choose materials..

my country is nickel-cobalt manganese, pine is nickel-cobalt aluminum. The safety of nickel-cobalt aluminum is not good control, and manganese is relatively more stable..

Reporter: Is the lithium-ion battery be a medium-term mainstream route? Ouyang Ming high: Lithium-ion battery has always been a medium-term important product, will not be easily subversion. But positive, negative and electrolyte changes. In addition, lithium air, lithium sulfur, etc.

, because of uncertainty, industrialization in the field of vehicle is to be observed.. The advantages and disadvantage of my country’s lithium-electric technology: currently global lithium battery, Sino-Japanese and South Korea three countries master the right to speak, how is it formed? Ouyang Ming high: It is important because Zhong Japan and South Korea have industry foundations of lithium-ion batteries.

Japan has no need to say that my country’s industrial base begins from mobile phone batteries.. When the lithium ion battery technology appears, most of the world’s car companies are studying fuel power batteries, and does not optimize the prospects of the power lithium battery.

. my country has just started to study fuel power batteries, but because there is no fuel power battery related industrial foundation, basic materials and membrane electrodes and Japan have a large gap..

Later, it repeatedly compared to the domestic industrial advantage and transportation system characteristics. It is proposed that “pure electric drive” strategy characteristics characterized by lithium electricity behavior is finally in the same camp in the same camp, and in the forefront of the new energy electric vehicle industrialization..

Europe and America is now difficult now, it is important because of starting late, industry foundation is weak.. Reporter: Why do my country’s industrial advantages and transportation systems are beneficial to lithium development? Ouyang Minggang: Japan Toyota has been developing hybrids on the basis of fuel engine.

At that time, in the first two five years of planning of my country’s new energy vehicles, Toyota will use hybrid power as the focus of development, and domestic backbone car companies put a lot Strength development. By 2008, domestic mixed cars, especially hybrid car demonstration operations are not ideal. At the same time, lithium-ion battery technology has achieved breakthrough progress in 2007.

Replaced nickel-hydrogen batteries in a short period of time, making it possible to develop pure electricity. Toyota has been mixed into the fuel power battery, in fact, in order to enhance the technical threshold to ensure competitive advantage. my country’s transportation system has an electric foundation, high-speed rail, electric bicycle, electric public transport, etc.

have made my country’s social development of electric travel.. At the same time, pure electric vehicle integration technology is relatively small, so my country is suitable for pure electricity.

. Technical breakthroughs and application scenarios, this is an important reason for pure electric development. Reporter: What level is my country’s lithium talent reserves and research in the world? Ouyang Minggang: I have seen a information, about 1 million international papers in China’s related materials in the past 10 years, my country’s mainland and my country account for 40%, my country’s mainland is more than the United States, and a considerable part of the material research is Battery-related.

Most of the American research battery is also Chinese. my country’s lithium battery reserve talents and research potential are huge. Reporter: Is the high-end production of lithium electricity in my country? Ouyang Ming high: High-end output is the common problem facing in all industries in my country.

However, the proportion of high-end talents in my country’s battery industry is high, and technological innovation is active.. For example, the annual output value of CATL is 20 billion, with more than 100 doctors.

. More than 50 annual outputs of 500 billion yuan in domestic cars, only 50 annual outputs of 500 billion. Such high talent structure and proportions and other industries are completely different.

Reporter: At present, there is a low consistency in China, will it introduce industry standards? Ouyang Minggao: my country’s lithium-ion battery standard has developed strict safety standards and has clear indicators.. And the international standards adopted by the lithium-ion battery adopted recently adopted my country’s standard.

Safety and energy of lithium ion batteries are a pair of contradictions. With the development of technology and technology, lithium-ion battery companies will improve technical thresholds than energy indicators..

Compared to energy is an important and effective baton of adjustment of production structure, low-end production in the market will definitely be eliminated.. Reporter: CATL has obtained the public, Mercedes-Benz global order big single, and is the price of LG6% higher.

Why is these foreign car companies to buy my country’s powered lithium battery with higher prices? Ouyang Ming high: First, CATL’s product quality and LG are quite, and even better than LG; secondly, there is no large lithium-selling manufacturer in Europe; third, my country is the largest single market in these car companies, such as the world’s sales 40 %; Finally, my country’s lithium-industrial industry chain has improved better Korea, and the development potential is also higher than South Korea.. Next generation batteries who can break the reporter: The most popular ternary positive material is a lithium-rich group, why is it a hot spot, what is the advantages and disadvantages? Ouyang Ming high: lithium manganese group is a positive material, is a hot spot in today’s global research.

The lithium-rich positive material theoretical discharge is high, can reach 400mAh / g above, the battery can reach 400 watt / kg. At the same time, it can reduce the dependence on cobalt and nickel, reduce cost, especially cobalt..

Recently, Professor Peking University of Peking University synthesized 400 mAh / g of the positive electrode in the laboratory, but lithium-rich manganese-based battery life is relatively short.. Now, 300 watt / kg of lithium-rich lithium-rich ion batteries have been made at home and abroad, but there are hundreds of times, and they can’t meet car requirements.

. Lithium-rich manganese-rich own voltage is faster, and it is necessary to improve the material..

Second, it is necessary for electrolytes that are more wide in lithium-rich manganese-rich substrates, such as solid state. Reporter: Is there a timetable for lithium-rich manganese industrialization? Ouyang Ming: In the national special project, the industrialization of 811 triple lithium-ion battery is achieved by 2020. At the same time, lithium manganese group continued to insepa in-depth research, because the relevant projects have not been conclusive, there is currently no time to achieve an accurate time point of industrialization, strive for about 2025.

Comparison comparisons in lithium-ion batteries that are highly hoped by the highly hope should be equivalent to 811, even better, more than 811, and durability is a key factor.. If you can successfully improve durability, lithium-rich materials will become a newly industrialized positive material for lithium-ion batteries.

. Reporter: The big car enterprise lists the solid-state and all solid-state battery as the next R & D key, where is the difficulties of research and development? Ouyang Minggang: Although the research of solid electrolyte is already hot, it is necessary to achieve a full solid state battery, and the core is to solve the problem of solid and solids. At present, liquid electrolytes are still added.

. In the next 5 to 10 years, the proportion of liquid electrolytes will gradually decrease, presenting the trend of partial solid-state to semi-solid and to full solid development. Even if you have a full solid state, you will be close to the full solid state.

. Once the full solid development is successful, it will not only have higher safety, but will completely change the practice of the battery..

Because solid-state solves the short circuit problem of the liquid battery, the battery can be internally connected in series to increase the energy than energy.. At present, under the premise of ensuring durability, it will increase the energy than energy, and the solid-state battery has a fast charge potential.

. Many related research institutions and companies in my country are studying solid lithium ion battery technology. Reporter: What is the research status and planning of Japan in the field of solid state batteries? Ouyang Minggang: Japan Toyota exhibits a solid lithium-ion battery, they claim to achieve industrialization in 2022 or 2023.

But it is not improved than energy, so it will not be too high after industrialization.. Can the fuel power battery replace a lithium ion battery? Reporter: From pure electricity to the fuel power battery, what is the important issue of this battery development? Ouyang Minggang: my country’s fuel power battery research has made great progress, and the fuel power battery car has begun to industrialize in the local market.

. Fuel power battery system performance optimization, probably in 2025 technology will be relatively mature, if you realize large-scale production, the cost will also decline. Currently, the problem should pay more attention to the hydrogen energy technology, that is, the front-end hydrogen fuel, such as the production, transportation, storage, compression, etc.

. At present, everyone only pays attention to the fuel power battery system itself..

But with hydrogen-related technologies and infrastructure is not ideal. For example, there is the following problems in car hydrogen storage technology: the carbon fiber cost is high, the hydrogen storage weight is relatively low, and the energy loss is relatively large..

Therefore, the key is to deepen the basic research and technical development of hydrogen energy, as well as the construction of related infrastructure. Reporter: The fuel power battery subsidies have not decreased, whether the decision makers believe that the development of fuel power batteries is more realistic? Ouyang Ming high: From the country’s entire energy system (cannot be only from the perspective of the car), hydrogen energy fuel power battery technology does force development, which is in line with my country’s energy revolution..

If the energy requirements reach a certain extent, the lithium-ion battery cannot be satisfied.. But I don’t agree that hydrogen is “final energy” and hydrogen fuel power battery car is the “final environmental car” statement.

. Hydrogen and electricity are energy carriers, and there is no “final”. Small sedan is lower, and lithium-ion batteries may play a bigger use.

. Therefore, in terms of new energy vehicles, fuel and pure electricity will be symbiosis. Reporter: About passenger cars, where is the cost balance between future fuel power batteries and pure electricity? Ouyang Minggang: Studies have been studied that by 2025, the 350-kilometer mileage of 350 kilometers may become a balance point for fuel power batteries and battery electric vehicles for intermediate sedan.

. The mileage exceeds 350 kilometers, and the cost of fuel power battery is better; within 350 kilometers, the lithium-ion battery is more advantageous..

Nowadays, my country’s developed high-speed rail network can fully meet the people’s long-distance travel, so there is not much to the renewal of the long-term battery electric vehicle.. In the future, hydrogen energy is developed to a certain extent, and the fuel power battery can be used as a lithium-ion battery, which is newly increased by electricity mixing, and reduces battery usage.

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