Ouyang Minggang: Do a good job in the top floor design of new energy vehicles

Ouyang Minggang: Do a good job in the top floor design of new energy vehicles

“Accelerate manufacturing strong country construction. Promote industrial development of integrated circuits, fifth generation mobile communications, aircraft engines, new energy vehicles, new materials, and implement major shortboard equipment special projects, develop industrial Internet platforms, create my country’s manufacturing 2025 demonstration zone. “In this year’s government work report, the discussion of my country’s manufacturing is directed to the manufacturing industry in the reform, especially on the prosperous new energy automotive industry, it is undoubtedly a more pragmatic promotion after the rise is the national strategy.

, Have a more positive impact on the development of the industry. Ouyang Ming, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Ouyang Ming, deputy chairman, depicts such a scene: the future car is not “electric car + Internet + intelligent”, but the three of these three, it will be smart transportation, wisdom Basic unit of the city. The new round of automobile intelligent revolution will make electric vehicles become a more powerful mobile intelligence platform after smartphones.

. In the new round of automobile intelligent revolution, how will my country will play? In 2009, my country has risen new energy vehicles as a national strategy, and the lead in launching an industrialization process in the world..

In 2014, the development of new energy vehicles was considered to be the only way to move towards the power of automobiles, and it was further firmly firmly firmly firmly and firmly firmly and the automotive industry was champored by fuel vehicles, and turned to electric vehicles.. In Ouyang Ming’s high view, it should be further encouraged to participate in various forms and car revolution in various forms.

. The future car is not “electric car + Internet + intelligent”, but the three integration, just like smartphones. The importance of my country’s Internet companies, electronic information companies, and the importance of reaching the genes of the automotive industry, bring new ideas, new technologies, new business models.

. my country’s Internet new forces actively participate in the “car”, which has become a major feature of my country’s country in Europe and America, which will also be our great advantage..

Charging problem of electric vehicles, abandoning battery treatment is also one of the topics of the current hot discussion. Ouyang Ming high stated that energy transformation and pollution control mentioned in the report. For example, the proportion of coal consumption has dropped 8.

1 percentage points, and the proportion of clean energy consumption is increased by 6.3 percentage points..

“In the past few years, our photovoltaic year is more than 100%. Whether it is technology or industry or use, it has an advantage in the world, which is a very specific embodiment of my country’s advantage..

In particular, the photovoltaic industry can combine with new energy automotive industries to form a larger industry.. “Now that the electricity used by our new energy cars may have coal power, and future photovoltaic power generation will have more specific gravity, and even all PV power generation.

“. “Ouyang Ming highly said that photovoltaic should be new energy vehicles to accommodate, and new energy vehicles must also completely renewable energy. The combination of the next step will form a new rising point.

In the future, use new energy vehicles to replace traditional cars, this is an expectation and encouragement.. Ouyang Ming high stated that under the support of new policy support, distributed power generation projects and power users can carry out direct transactions of electricity, distributed energy can be qualified for sales, which is charged for “photovoltaic + energy storage + electric vehicles”.

Ecosystem is a major policy breakthrough. New energy vehicles are expected to be a mobile, distributed energy energy storage facilities and consumption units. At present, the infrastructure and operation of my country’s charging piles are important dependent on state power grids and charging operations.

. According to my country Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance Data Pile protection is close to 200,000, accounting for 45% of the total industry. To this end, Ouyang Ming high suggests, to promote the convenience of charging process, spread, save money.

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