Ouyang Ming high: There is currently no real graphene battery appearance

Ouyang Ming high: There is currently no real graphene battery appearance

(The author is the “13th Five-Year” national key research and development plan “New Energy Automobile” key expert group leader, Tsinghua University Professor Ouyang Minggao) For the new energy auto industry, 2016 is “Twelfth Five-Year” electric car The end of the key special project is also the beginning of the “13th Five-Year Plan” National “New Energy Automobile”. my country’s pure electric drive technology route is presented in 2009, officially announced in 2012, the “Twelfth Five-Year” “Electric Automotive Science and Technology Development Plan” of the Ministry of Science and Technology officially proposed to establish “pure electric drive” technology transformation strategy, At the same time, the “Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan announced by the State Council” also once again confirmed this strategy again..

Pure electric drive truly achieved industrialization is 2014, this year has also become a new energy vehicle industrialization. By 2015, the development of new energy vehicles has achieved explosive rise..

From last year, the development of electric vehicles gradually turned into rationality, overall, went to today, the development of electric vehicles in my country has achieved a certain location in the international. The strategic objective of pure electric drive is to drive the overall development of various types of electric vehicles through the pure electric vehicle..

my country took the lead in developing pure electric drive vehicles. The development of the battery industry has reached the forefront of the world. The battery industry has reached the forefront.

The overall level is the top three in the forefront. It is also at the forefront of the integrity of the industrial chain..

my country’s power lithium battery industry chain, especially battery materials, such as positive and negative materials, the occupancy rate in the international market is also the first. In addition to electricization, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the development trend of the automotive industry also includes lightweight and intelligence..

From the middle and long-term scale of 2015 to 2030, electricity, lightweight, intelligent will be further deepened, from “three” to “six), and important is reflected in the following aspects: First, electric Combination of low and low carbonization. The key to low carbon is that the source of electricity is to develop in the direction of renewable energy. Now there is a smart grid planning, energy Internet planning and hydrogen development plan, so electricization and energy combinations are very close, and in the process of combining, will There are more advanced batteries, graphene will be hot.

So far, there is no real graphene battery, but there are many related research, the most exciting, the recent Huawei has breakthrough in battery technology.. Huawei’s battery has three techniques: one is to prevent the thermal decomposition of electrolyte heat decomposition, the second is to improve the thermal stability of the positive material, and the third is to use graphene to improve the heat dissipation capacity of the battery.

. Huawei uses graphene high thermal conductivity for rapid heat dissipation of the battery. High temperature attenuation is an important reason for battery attenuation.

The three technologies of Huawei can improve the heat to improve the temperature of 10 degrees, and the battery life is greatly improved.. However, on the current power lithium battery, the use of graphene is like MSG, which is an additive rather than a main material.

. However, the technology is not ended. Now the academic field is exploring graphene applications, and there will be a breakthrough in the future, and now I can’t assert it.

. The combination of electricity and energy low carbonation also has to change in terms of charging. The combination of electricity and low carbonation will achieve energy bidirectional flow, charging is not only charging, but electrical energy can be both electrical to electric vehicles, or from electric vehicles to grid.

This requires breakthrough in charging technology.. Second, lightweight and manufacturing ecological binding.

Lightweight is not only to do things, it emphasizes the change of electric vehicles and even the entire automotive industrial manufacturing perspective.. This is closely related to the Ministry of Industry and Technology 4.

0 intelligent manufacturing specialization. The future sales model is online personalization customization, order order. In terms of manufacturing, additive manufacturing 3D printing will play an important purpose.

After using carbon fiber, the previous major processes must change, and the materials should be recycled.. These are the next step to develop, and it is only a start, and the emphasis is not enough.

. Third, intelligent should be combined with the network. There is currently some Internet cars, put all the functions of the mobile phone in the car, but there is not much contact with the control itself.

. The development of the future intelligent network will be through network control, and use the online big data to achieve the reasoning of the whole vehicle decision..

The GPS now used is not fully integrated into the entire control of the car.. Therefore, the development of the future car will realize the automatic control of the car and the network closely combined, that is, the so-called intelligent network technology.

Smart Network’s development is very large. What should my country should do in the intelligent network? Now the automotive factory can make a system yourself, and Internet companies can also make a car, but in these two modes, let Internet companies and automobile companies play a third model that integrates each other, which is more important..

Take a smartphone as an example, Android operating system is an open platform, many app, software can be placed in the store for everyone to download. In the future, the car can also have such an open platform and standard interface agreement to achieve sharing, which is an open platform for Small and small companies..

After all, smart cars have very high requirements for software. For more people cross-areas, and through such an open platform, they can integrate the entire resource, each specialized to do their own things.

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