Nord Shares strives to become a leader in lithium electric copper foil

Nord Shares strives to become a leader in lithium electric copper foil

Committed to 6 micron aluminum foil technology, become a domestic lithium-copper foil field lead copper foil is an indispensable key material for the production of dynamic lithium-ion batteries. The quality of its quality directly affects battery technology and performance..

6 micron lithium-ion battery is a core material of a new energy vehicle, a 3C industry representative represented by a smartphone, a laptop, an ESS energy storage system, an aerospace cell. But the technology in this area has long been monopolized by US, Japan, South Korea..

At present, lithium-copper foil products are pursuing thinning into trends.. As the application of 6 micron lithium electric copper foil is increasing, the aluminum foil product transforms from 8 microns to 6 microns.

. The biggest feature of 6 microns copper foil is thin, which makes many copper foil manufacturing companies, can play a number of battery companies that can play 6 micron copper foil advantages..

Nord Shares is a few companies that can supply 6 micron high-precision copper foils. They have established long-term cooperation with CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Haoke, Tianjin, and other companies that are gradually and Panasonic, LG chemistry. Company establishing cooperative relations.

Expand the production of lithium electric copper foil, and determined that the leader of lithium copper foil has accumulated for many years related experience, Nodewash stocks currently produced 80% of the copper foil for lithium electric copper foil, in China’s new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery market share exceeds 30 %. The company has two copper foil production bases in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, and Qinghai Province has two copper foil production base. The current total number of yield is 30,000 tons / year.

. The annual output of the Qinghai Electronic Material Company of the Nordi Share Group of 28 billion yuan, the annual output of 40,000 tons of power lithium battery, started construction in June 2016. By the end of 2017, the construction of the factory has been completed, and the equipment installation and commissioning phase; April 15, 2017, Huizhou Base, which was 114 billion yuan, was officially put into production, which made Huizhou combined copper foil company copper foil production From the previous 2100 tons / year level of 5,000 tons / year, the second phase of 3,000 tons of preparation ceremony is also officially launched.

. By 2017, the size of the lithium-electric foil is approximately 245,000 tons..

At present, Nord Shares have launched the capital market and refinurability, and proposes to build a 25,000-ton-powered lithium battery, which is 25,000 tons of power lithium batteries.. The company will continue to increase investment and expand lithium electric copper foil production.

I believe that after work, the company must be able to achieve a well-known supplier of new energy battery materials and the goal of global lithium-electric copper foil leaders, and drive technology development throughout the industry.

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