Nord Shares: Lithium Electric Copper Foil Business Anti-Heating Pushing Achievements

Nord Shares: Lithium Electric Copper Foil Business Anti-Heating Pushing Achievements

Nord Shares said, benefiting from the booming of my country’s lithium-ion battery industry and new energy automotive industry, the demand for electrolytic copper foil with lithium-ion batteries climbed, the company’s copper foil sector revenue increased, and the overall performance has risen sharply.. Copper foil business growth significantly lithium copper foil as a carrier and collector of a lithium ion battery negative, is the most basic raw material for lithium ion batteries.

Nord Shares engaged in lithium-ion batteries with high-grade copper foil production and sales and lithium-ion battery materials development business, one of the earliest companies in the copper foil industry.. Allographers Huizhou Electronics have more than 25 years of copper foil production related experience and technology accumulation.

my country’s automobile industry association data shows that my country’s 2017 new energy vehicles continue to develop a better development, and the production and sales are close to 800,000 units, reaching 794,000, 7.77,000, respectively, up 53.8% and 53 respectively.

3%. In 2017, the new energy vehicle market accounted for 2.7%, which increased by 0.

9 percentage points over the previous year.. The prosperous development of new energy automotive industry and lithium-ion battery industry has risen sharply to electrolytic copper foil for lithium-ion batteries.

. It is reported that Nord Shares 2017 copper foil product revenue reached 2.169 billion yuan, accounting for more than 85% of total revenues, a larger than 40.

96%. The relevant person in charge of the company stated that Nord’s share of Nord’s share in the new energy vehicle power of more than 30%, in the industry’s leading position, which is benefited from the company’s multi-year accumulation in the field of copper foil. Technology and cost advantages.

Multi-level surface consolidation of the copper foil industry leading status copper foil as an indispensable raw material in the new energy vehicle power lithium battery, and the supply of lithium electropper foil has become a bottleneck of new energy vehicle lithium-ion batteries, especially thin high-precision copper foil. Supply, directly affect the capacity density and weight of the battery. According to the relevant research report, the production technology and scale restrictions, the copper foil is weak in short-term supply, and the lithium electric copper foil is high, and the high-end lightweight copper foil manufacturer is attached to the market.

. Nord Share aims to the national policy and the supply and demand of lithium-electric copper foil, and the original standard copper foil production of the subsidiary has carried out the production line flexible transformation, the upgrading of equipment expansion, etc. And optimize product structure, constantly improve the integrated competitiveness.

It is reported that in 2017, Nord Shares completed the upgrade of the wholly-owned subsidiary Huizhou United Copper Foil Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., the output was expanded from the original 2100 ton / year to 5,000 tons / year, the company’s copper foil nominal production was 27100 Ton / year to 30000 tons / year.

At present, the company’s lithium-electric copper foil production accounts for more than 80% of the company’s effective copper foil, is one of the largest lithium electric copper foil production companies in China.. Relevant sectors said that lithium-copper foil products pursue thinning trends is also an important reason for the expansion of demand.

. At present, the mainstream of the market is 8 microns copper foil, but 6 micron copper foil can improve the energy density than 8 microns of copper foil, which has become the direction of the global advanced lithium-ion battery company..

Nord Shares is currently a few companies that can supply 6 micron high-precision copper foils, have launched long-term cooperation with CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Haoke, Tianjin Lifan, and is gradually gradually and Panasonic, LG chemistry, etc. Well-known company established a relationship between cooperation. In 2017, Nord Shares further expanded 6 micron copper foil production scale, laying the foundation for subsequent production expansion and market expansion.

. The above person in charge also introduce, the subsidiary Qinghai Nord New Materials Co., Ltd.

annual output is basically completed, and will begin to test production at the end of June. It is worth noting that the development of the lithium-ion battery industry has a significant seasonal characteristics in recent years, in the second quarter, the third quarter is the peak season, and the upstream materials company of the industrial chain should not be available..

The release node of Nord Shares has coincided with the peak season of the industry, helping to better grasp market opportunities.. In 2017, Nord’s share announced the non-public issued stock plan, which will raise funds for annual production of 25,000 tons of power lithium batteries electrolytic copper foil project and supplementary liquidity, further enhance the company’s competitiveness in the copper foil market.

Expand the market share and have an important use of the stamp of the industry. Optimizing the configuration focusing the main industry, in recent years, in the face of industry development opportunities, Nord Shares combed from the company’s development strategy, assets and business, further optimize resource allocation, stripping bad assets and maintenance business. Following 2016, the Zhengzhou cable was peeled off, and the two loss of the Shanghai Zhongke, Nord Shares were peeled off in 2017, the wholly-owned subsidiary of indirect controllement, Beijing Shin New Tiede Investment Consultant Co.

, Ltd., further optimized the asset structure, currently Obvious effect has been achieved. After combing adjustment and the focus of the main business, the Nord’s share industry is upgraded, and the effect of management is gradually appearing.

. “With the seasonal, staged demand in the lithium battery, the company’s production is unordered, the product structure is optimized, the company will usher in a new round of rapid rise. “The relevant person in charge of Nord Shares said,” The company will further focus on the lithium-powered copper foil main business, consolidate the leading position of the lithium-electric copper foil field, actively explore the international market, expand the production, expand sales, industrial integration, etc.

, to achieve the benefit continued The improvement and scale rise, further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and influence in new materials and new energy industries, and strive to become a global lithium electric copper foil leader. “.

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