No longer fight, new energy automobile charging industry enters the ‘platform era’

No longer fight, new energy automobile charging industry enters the 'platform era'

Image from “Specific Authorization” everyone wants to break the era of the charging operators, becoming a new ecological king. “We expect to enter at least 95% charge piles in the country within two years..

“The Chief Technology Officer of the Unitedity of Technology, Zhang Junjun, said in an interview with Billion Europe.. Since its establishment in December 2018, in less than a year, the number of charging piles accessed in the company’s charging network has accounted for more than 85% of the country.

. For other companies, you want to complete such a layout in a short time is MissionImpossible (impossible task). “Unitedial matter is done.

“Unitedian technology” stands on the shoulders of the giant “. This new energy automobile charging service Internet platform is taken by Guodian Electric Grid, and the Southern Power Grid, Special Electricity, Star Charges, and the four major shareholders’ charging piles reached 335,000, accounting for more than 70% of the country..

(United States and Technology Chief Technology Officer Zhang Junjun sharing the important purpose of the joint technical matrix / joint training official) is an important purpose of the establishment of the national charging facility. Unitedialiology Technology launched a C-terminal-oriented product courage to charge APP, link multiple access operators charging facilities. In addition to able to query the pile information in real time, according to the road book accurate navigation, according to the personal preference, the charging pile station screening can also plan the route, planning long distance travel.

. In addition to the mobile phone APP, the Jongjun has also launched WeChat applets, H5 applications, and automotive end applications have been launched in multiple new energy hosting applications. Alipay small procedures have also been developed.

Zhang Junjun said, benefiting from the advantages of high coverage of charging network, since June 30, the C-terminal users have achieved rapid rise every month.. He expects that with the exposure of the news network and the launch of “Double Eleven” activities, users in November may be more amazing.

. For a long time, charging construction and new energy cars have a topic “first with chicken or first egg”. Today, with the improvement of new energy insurance, ecological construction is no longer questioned, but can anyone lead? Unitedialiology technology has supplied a difference in “solving ideas” in all paths in the past.

The industry is far from being immature, although many pure electric vehicles have a long-term completion of up to 400km ~ 500km, the intelligence is also higher than the same price fuel vehicle, but the problem of charging is still more interested in users.. According to the Ministry of Public Security, due to the end of June 2019, the national new energy vehicle ownership was 3.

44 million, and the pure electric vehicle was 28,100.. my country’s electric charging infrastructure promotes data released by the Alliance, as of the end of October, the national public charging pile is about 478,000.

The construction of public charging piles has a huge gap. Although the market space is huge, the charging pile operation company has fallen into a difficulty of profit..

The “Charging Service Report”, which is announced by my country Electric Motors, points out that at this stage, charged charging service charge is an important source of income for charging infrastructure operators.. However, the data statistics of the National Energy Administration show that the current charging trapping utilization rate is less than 15%.

Due to the low usage rate of charging piles, the pre-investment cost is high, the standards between different operators are not uniform, and the working environment is bad, and the cause of operation and maintenance pressure is caused by the decentralization of charging facilities. Most charging piles. Corporate can’t make profits.

As of now, according to the publicly available information, only the two operators of the Special Power and Stars have announced the charging sector to achieve profitability.. At the same time, the national charging resources are relatively scattered, according to incomplete statistics, the large and small charging operators in the country are close to thousands.

. The number of new charging piles more than 10,000 operators have more than 8 operators, and they hold 89.8% of resources across the country.

. What makes the consumer headache is that the top 8 operators ranked by the top 8 and charging stations are not the same batch..

Previously, in order to quickly seize the market, each charging pile company adopts different charging technologies and interfaces, causing equipment, system difficult to unify, each charging operation platform and charging APP cannot achieve interconnection, and even a dozen owners have a dozen apps. Phenomenon. The four major charging operators in the country teamed up to establish a joint technology, but also because of the huge pain of the charging market.

. “We believe that the charging industry is now not mature, and it is still in a relatively early stage..

“Zhang Junjun said. Banking Technology will summarize the difficulties in the new energy automobile charging industry to three major problems: quasi-problem, problems and good problems. “Quasi” means that the charging pile information is not accurate, causing consumers to find pile failure or waste time.

“Can” means that the user finds the station, can it be charged? Car enterprises, operators are different, leading to low-match matching rate, high bad pile rate, fuel car occupation, etc., are all pain points in front of industry and users. “Good” means whether the charging experience is good enough.

In Zhang Junjun, the charging pile of joint technology accesses has exceeded 85% of the national total, with the promotion of the courage, “quasi” is basically solved.. “Can” and “Good” still spend years to solve.

Call the “four-way” want to solve the problem facing the charging industry, obviously unrealistic reality relying on one or several companies. Not only United States and Technology, but more and more industrialists have realized this issue..

Operating business, except for national network electric, South Power Grid, Special electricity and stars, more and more operators are willing to access the charging network of Unitedities and technology. This is also the reason why the Conduct’s confidence has confident to make its charging network covers 95% in the next two years..

Although the Unitedity of Technology is formed by the national network and other charging giants, other charging operators are still willing to access. Zhang Junjun describes the “US Mission” in the charging service industry. Only O2O (online service is online) business: “Unitedial line technology is a third-party neutral platform, which does not adopt any biased measures.

.. “Zhang Junjun said that offline charging services value is charging efficiency, prevent recurring construction, improve service level, to truly do a good job for users.

Some main units believe that their ability is to make car, charging construction is also willing to give more professional people.. Therefore, more and more car enterprises and national network electric, special electricity, Southern Power Grid, Star Charging and other industrial head companies cooperate, and joint technology as a platform company, can help the main plant to increase multi-diverse efficiency, complete the company-level solution.

(Unitedial Information / Counter, United States and Technology Official) In terms of government cooperation, United States and Technology has been in cooperation including Xiamen, Shaanxi and other regions.. Zhang Junjun said that there are still many local governments to express cooperation intentions.

. Banking Technology can conduct comprehensive system construction and data management for the government charging supervision platform of these regions, and open multi-dimensional charging data, and each access, each of the vehicles, charging data per car, It can be visually present, “facilitates the improvement of the government in terms of charging network planning, subsidy landing, etc..

On the improved user service level, United States and technology through charging red envelopes, encourage users to feedback pictures, text and other information, so that you can easily understand the specific operation of charging piles, timely offline verification, or notify relevant operators for equipment maintenance. The United States and Technology Plan will further solve the problem of “energy” by gradually enhance the quality of charging piles, large data capabilities, install camera and ground lock..

Only solve “energy” problems, at least 2 to 3 years, solve “good” problem is more difficult. In order to improve the satisfaction of C-terminal users, United States and Technology is moving the power of users..

“You will receive hundreds of user graphic feedback every day.. “Zhang Junjun said.

C-terminal user groups can be divided into operation owners and private owners. Operating vehicle users are more frequent, especially paying attention to charging prices, they recommend deducting parking fees by charging costs, launching charging packages, etc..

Private car owners charge frequency relatively low, more concerned about charging experience. The cross-city driving path planning service of the Jongjun app is from private owners..

Cooperating to solve the problem of charging expensive, joint technical plan and “green electricity” company. Green electricity is relatively cheap, but there are small demand, storage energy difficulties, etc..

For better services, United States and Technology saw 5G imagination. “With the arrival of 5G era, it is expected to upload the charging pile related data to the cloud.”.

“Zhang Junjun said. 5G can bring both the data volume and data analysis capabilities to the charging carrier, even help it predict the life of charging piles, understand the cause of the failure, and carry out timely maintenance or replacement. In addition, under the 5G era, the sensing equipment such as the camera can realize the network, which is not only conducive to the timely alarm, but also helps the user visits the situation of each charging station.

. According to the planning of joint technology, 5G pilots will be conducted in the partial charging station of the core cities in the north, explore more possibilities for the charging industry..

Objective: Building a new ecology to realize the interconnection of the charging network is just a “small target” of the Unitedity technology.. As a third-party platform, the Unitedity also hopes to construct a new energy car service ecology for open cooperation to accelerate the interconnection of new energy automotive industries.

. “In the next few years, we will focus on charging this matter. Peripheral business.

“The surrounding businesses of the current idea of ​​the United States, are also related to charging. For example, the “one-button power-on” service, parking solution, charging operation SaaS service, power lithium battery after-sales maintenance, etc..

In addition, the company also hopes to supply consultation, using big data and artificial intelligence to provide optimal methods for product development and market expansion.. Of course, this idea is based on joint technology to achieve a smooth construction of the charging system, and has a leading data capabilities and algorithm capabilities.

. As Zhang Junjun said, the charging industry still stays in the primary stage..

Dynamic lithium battery technology, intelligent network technology is in a rapid development period. In the coming years, the industry is still full of variables..

However, from the perspective of environmental protection and technology development, electrification, and network links are undoubtedly in line with future development trends in the automotive industry.. However, I saw this opportunity far more than the union technology.

. As early in February 2018, Baidu map launched the charging pile map service, which not only accepted the charging operator giants such as special electricity, national network electricity, and stars, and also included TSLA’s over-pile..

In addition, the search function along the Baidu map also joined a charging station. After setting a good destination, it is convenient to search for the position of the charging station along the way..

According to Baidu Map, the company has covered 95% of the new energy public charging piles in the country.. (Baidu map app “charging pile map” small procedure / billion Europe car) Gao De map and Alipay also announced that charging applet “ant charge” covers more than 70% of the public charging piles across the country.

In addition, my country’s largest travel service provider has also stretched the tentacles to the charging service market, and launched “Little Orange Charging”. This year, Xiaoyan charging has been a charging service system with a number of local government investment companies such as Zhejiang and Hainan, and cooperates with national network electric and Southern Power Grid in May and June..

Distributors, host plants, and even real estate developers are also in the layout of the charging network. On November 19, Guanghui announced that the national network electric has reached cooperation, the layout of the charging service market; November 5, it announced that the “charging map” service of its app has opened the national network electric, the stars, etc. 90% of the charging pile operator; July 28, Evergrande announced the joint venture company, force charging network, and Signing with Country Garden, Vanke and other three major real estate developers.

In 2019, the domestic third-party electric vehicle charging service platform is in the state of “100 contend”, no one has shown absolute domination.. Ali proves that there is a huge market in the online shopping platform.

The US group proves that there is enough space, and the drip has proved that the mobile travel platform has rising explosive power …

Now, the round to prove the charging facility third party platform value.

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