Newly rechargeable lithium battery sector newly used battery full life cycle traceability

Newly rechargeable lithium battery sector newly used battery full life cycle traceability

In the second half of last year, Jiangsu is set as a national new energy vehicle power battery recycling pilot area.. More than half a year, the current situation of power storage batteries in Jiangsu Province, what difficulty is there? Retired lithium-ion batteries, new vendor retired batteries are important in new energy vehicles, and the long triangle and Pearl River Delta.

“In 2020, Jiangsu’s retired power storage battery is expected to approximately 20,000 tons, and will reach 80,000 tons to 2025.. “Hu Zhengkin, deputy director of the Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

Hu Zhengkin introduced that the recycling of power storage batteries includes two links from tradder utilization and resource recovery. When the new energy vehicle power battery capacity is attenuated to 80% or less, it is not possible to completely meet the vehicle power demand, but can be used in other fields..

Just like the battery that cannot be used on electric toys, it can also be used in the remote control, and the vehicle’s scrapped power battery can still be used in the field of spare power, electric energy storage, venue electric vehicles, which is the tradder. If the power storage battery is unable to use, it will be disassembled to recover the regenerative resources of which utilize value, such as cobalt, lithium..

Dynamic storage battery ladder is generally optimized by the industry. Tower company supplies the construction and operation of the three major operators to ensure that the communication “tower” has been running, and the power supply is required..

The Jiangsu Tower is currently maintained by about 90,000 base stations. Previously, the base station spare power supply uses lead-acid batteries, high temperature resistance, low energy density, not environmentally friendly. Last year, the Jiangsu Tower stopped purchasing lead-acid batteries, and the spare power will be replaced with a new energy car on the scrapped lithium battery.

At present, Jiangsu has replaced more than 4,000 groups.. Recycling Puzzle To resolve power storage battery recycling as an emerging field, currently in its infancy, facing some highlight bottlenecks.

“Power battery tradder is also facing some ‘block of road tiger’. “The relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Tower said that at present, the amount of retired battery is small, the industrial chain downstream company competes for a limited retired battery resource, the ladder is highly used in the price of battery purchases..

“According to the regulations, the automobile production company is the main body of the battery recovery, but the biggest problem is that the retired battery ownership is not clear.. “The relevant person in charge of Kaowo Auto Core Parts said that the customer is important to two categories.

First, state-owned enterprises have batch cars, and the retired battery has a large profit margin. It is unhappy to handle the professional manufacturer; second is the private enterprise of zero purchase. , Tracing and recycling is very difficult.

“In terms of testing, the retired battery recycling technology is still immature. Cai Wei, general manager of Jiangsu Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd.

. Each manufacturer’s battery standard is different, the battery management system is different. Many companies reflect that the power storage battery recycling industry standard is a blank in the country, the market is not available.

Before the long life cycle of the battery, Jiangsu as a pilot area, and the relevant layout is in full swing.. Prepare, from the forefront.

“The lead-acid battery currently extensively applied to electric bicycles has many problems with scrap and recycling have emerged. At that time, many small traders were recycled, and there were environmental issues such as picking acid, illegal smelting..

“Hu Zhengxin said. On February 1, Jiangsu Province announced the “Notice on promoting the pilot work of Jiangsu New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling and Utilization” Basical recycling of batteries. Jiangsu is focusing on the four regions of Nanjing, Nantong, Yangzhou, Wuxi, and gradually constructs radiant long triangles.

Each weight, compensation, and orderly competitive power battery full life cycle value chain recycling system. By the end of 2020, 34 construction projects were planned, and the total investment reached 1.9 billion yuan.

. In order to crack the problem of underworking the downstream information of the industry chain, the Provincial Working Office is under construction of new energy vehicle power lithium battery recycling industry alliance, alliance by new energy automobile production company, power lithium battery production company, new energy vehicle operation maintenance company , Recycled dismantling company, ladder use company, etc..

Next, Jiangsu Province will develop Jiangsu Province dynamic lithium battery recycling information sharing platform, the platform will be docked in real time with national battery traceability management platform. Once the battery enters Jiangsu, once the battery enters Jiangsu, the full life cycle can be traceable.

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