Net profit, lithium-selling company

Net profit, lithium-selling company

Subsidy, a number of lithium-lived listed companies profit. With the 2017 new energy car subsidy policy adjustment, domestic power lithium battery prices have declined, due to lithium, cobalt, cobalt in the upstream raw materials, leading to the middle of the industrial chain, medium-reachen materials, face “double-sided Squeeze, profitability is also adversely affected. According to incomplete statistics, 2017, Swong Technology, Xiong Shares, DF, Staryuan Material, Anda Technology, Tianci Materials, BYD, Guoxuan High Texture, Kangxang Shares 9 Power Lithium Battery Company Net Profit Decreased.

From the material company, Dufluo announced the performance express report show that the company’s net profit from the shareholders of listed companies in 2017 was 257 million yuan, down 46% year-on-year.. Multi-fluorine said that the fact that the decline in performance is to be affected by factors such as restroom, lithium salt demand, and the price of lithium salt is lowered, resulting in decline in product profitability, gross profit margin.

Star source material 2017 net profit is 10.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year reduction of 31.06%.

According to the company, it has been influenced by the 2017 new energy car subsidies, and the subsidy standard is strict, and the subsidy policy does not have timely land, and the downstream customer battery manufacturer has slowed down the demand for battery diaphragm products, resulting in a decline in net profit.. The Tianci material also said that the decline in the sales price of lithium-ion battery electrolytes caused the gross profit margin, and the net profit decreased by 23.

02%.. From the perspective of the power lithium battery company, Xionghu’s share of the net profit of shareholders attributable to listed companies in 2017 was 0.

36 billion yuan, a year-on-year reduction of 69.77%..

Notice showing that the raw material lead ingot prices rapidly increased, resulting in a short time gross profit margin, and the company’s profit decline. It is affected by the cost of rising upstream raw materials, Guoxuan Haoke 2017 is 92 million net profit from the shareholders of listed companies, a year-on-year decline in 10.73%.

. Anda Technology also wounded by 24.45% year-on-year in 2017: important raw materials – based carbonate prices rose, resulting in the cost of lithium iron phosphate; new energy vehicle subsidies policy adjustment, application related subsidy accounts.

And at the same time, BYD, one of the largest power lithium battery production companies in China, has not achieved net profit in 2017.. According to BYD, 2017 annual report data is announced, and its 2017, the net profit is 4.

07 billion yuan, fell by 19.5% year-on-year..

BYD’s internal staff revealed to the media that the sharp decline in profit is because subsidizes. It is not difficult to see that about the decline in profits, the interpretation of a number of companies is intended to rise in the price of raw materials, subsidizing the slope. A dynamic lithium battery distributor said that “is” affected by the price of raw materials such as battery materials, electrolyte, diaphragm, greatly squeezed with sharpness of the power lithium battery industry.

Coupled with new energy car subsidies, small companies have been balanced and even losses. At the same time, new energy policy adjustments have given higher requirements for all aspects of the company, and downstream companies will become more and more difficult to survive..

“In the state where the market supply and demand is extremely imbalance, the natural law of the survival of the fittest is already staged.. In 2016, there were 116 shipments in the power lithium battery market, but from the quantity of the first ten batch promotion catalog companies in 2017, 31 companies have disappeared from the list, only 85 left.

. More expert predicts that in 2018, the number of power lithium battery companies further shrink to less than 50. Fang Jianhua, former National High-Tech President, said to the media that in 2017 is just a beginning, the next elimination speed will be faster.

. By 2020, the power lithium battery companies or more powerful lithium batteries or will be eliminated out.

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