Necessity and existence problem of repair battery recycling and utilization of my country’s powertrain

Necessity and existence problem of repair battery recycling and utilization of my country's powertrain

The dynamic lithium battery newspapers have risen rapidly. Before 2014, the new energy vehicle production is only slightly increased..

2015-2018 my country’s new energy automotive production and sales volume presents high-speed rise. In 2018, new energy automotive production and sales completed 1270,000 and 12.56 million, rising by 59.

9% and 61.7% respectively from the same period of the previous year..

Planning to 2020 new energy vehicles have exceeded 5 million vehicles. Source of the scale of recycling market in 2018-2023 Source: Public information Source of 2020 movement lithium battery recovery will be close to 25.57GWH (185,700 tons), 2022 lithium battery recovery will be close to 45.

80GWH (folding 30.98 tons). my country’s LFP battery recovery and predictive data Source: Public information Source: my country’s three-yuan battery recovery and predictive data Source: public information, cobalt is an important component of NCA and ternary batteries.

Companies for cobalt investment concepts, TSLA, Toyota, BMW, Nissan and Chevrolet have used NCA or NMC battery types.. In North America, TSLA took the lead in using NCA batteries.

. 95kWHTSLA battery pack contains cobalt from 15 kg (31 lbs). Suppose the battery chemical technology has not changed, and the demand for cobalt should remain in the high.

. International Energy Agency hopes to 2020, 12.9 million electric vehicles on highways.

Due to about 2 million electric cars on the road, this means to produce 10.9 million electric vehicles..

This has a new cobalt demand for more than 150,000 tons.. I.

Necessity of recycling of waste power battery 1, safety and environmentally friendly waste batteries and backward recycling methods will cause serious pollution to the environment. Waste batteries are informally recycling channels and backward recovery methods to damage human health..

2. Resource Sustainable Development Adopt High Proportion of Advanced Technologies will reduce the exploitation of mineral resources, which is conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry..

3, the development of new energy vehicles industry development and uses the use of energy storage functions, converting new energy vehicles to clean energy vehicles, which is conducive to industrial development. The environmentally friendly treatment of waste batteries, converts new energy vehicles into green environmental protection vehicles, and builds the environmental protection industry of the whole industry chain, which is conducive to the development of industrial development..

Second, the problem of power lithium battery recovery market 1, technology is difficult to point the model of the dynamic lithium-ion battery model, the consistency is poor; even if the same type of battery, the user usage is very different, there is also a problem in consistent consistency after retiring. These problems lead to difficulty and cost of detecting and classifying retired batteries. The ladder battery quality, life, etc.

formed after repacking. 2, economic non-high ladder battery due to quality and life problems, its market competitiveness is not very strong, and the cost is limited to its price competitiveness. Battery Factory is even more willing to produce and recommend using B batteries (ie, a new battery, which is lower than the A-class battery, and its performance, security, etc.

also is significantly higher than that of the ladder battery) Faster battery upgrade Iteration, added uncertainty of ladder battery future. 3, battery technology upgraded faster, energy density can be said to be a year, even in the field of energy storage, low speed car, 4-5 years ago, the ladder is used in the use of available value, there is a big Uncertainty. 4.

Recycling price is chaotic, the pricing system has not yet established this point of recycling and tradder utilization. The recovery price of the power lithium-ion battery has more affected factors, including battery type, residual value (if to use it, then the raw material (important precious metal) price, the power lithium battery price, transportation cost, etc..

There is currently no unified recovery pricing standard. 5. In the storage and transportation, there is a safe hidden dynamic lithium battery compared to other batteries, there is a safety hazard in storage and transportation.

. 6. The dynamic lithium battery recycling has a signs of overheat.

Yield expansion is obviously over the retired battery, some more forward-looking industries have begun to appeal to the industry’s regulation or orderly development. .

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