my country’s solid state charging lithium battery realizes electric vehicles or will welcome battery revolution

my country's solid state charging lithium battery realizes electric vehicles or will welcome battery revolution

After the battery pack of the thickness of the helium, it is not exploded. It can still supply it normally; bending 10,000 times, battery capacity attenuation does not exceed 5%; the acupuncture is not burned, not exploding ..

. high storage, high safety, safety is remarkable Improve the appearance of the solid-state lithium-ion battery, making the battery industry shocked. On the 19th, Suzhou Qingtao New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd., located in Kunshan, Jiangsu, can be officially put into production of solid-state lithium-ion battery production lines of Nissan, and the battery energy density can reach more than 400Wh, and the product will be important to special Power, high-end digital and other fields. As the “heart” of the new energy car, the power lithium battery will undoubtedly determine the future of new energy vehicles.

. According to incomplete statistics, my country’s powered lithium-ion battery shipments were 39.2GWh, up 28.

5% year-on-year.. Industry insiders forecast that more than 25% composite growth will be maintained until 2030.

If the bus, the aircraft and vessels also use the battery to supply power, more power, and the current aqueous lithium-ion battery performance is slow, so that the plastic solid battery has become the next generation of lithium-ion battery development The direction, including Toyota, Toshiba, Apple, and BMW, Mercedes-Benz, the public and other internationally renowned companies have all layouts in this field.. Suzhou Qingtao New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd., which is created by the Nancao Team of Tsinghua University, is one of the teams developed in China..

Focusing on solid-state lithium-ion batteries, the company’s declared patent has nearly 100, which capture solid-state electrolyte material mass production, solid electrolyte membrane molding technology, composite positive and negative formulation process, polar and electrolyte membrane inter-solid-insulating interface, etc. Question, successfully realize industrialization of research and development of oxide solid electrolyte materials, functional ion conductors ceramic composite diaphragm. Nancao Wenhua, academician of the Chinese Academy, believes that the driving force of solid lithium-ion batteries is stronger, the energy reserves are large, and the charging can be faster and the duration is longer.

. At the same time, since the solid electrolyte is not flammable, no corrosion, no volatilization, no leakage, even at high temperatures, there is no fire, so he is higher..

Carrying a full solid-state lithium-ion battery, the self-burning probability will be greatly reduced. The solid-state lithium-ion battery production line of Nissan is officially put into production, constructs a complete independent intellectual property system, forming “new energy materials – solid energy storage technology – automated equipment – Comprehensive utilization of battery resources – research results Incubation – Industry Industrial ecological chain of investment. According to Huang Ying, the current production line of the current production line is important to produce high-energy density solid-state lithium-ion batteries, large-capacity flexible solid state batteries, high-security solid-state batteries, and there are six production lines in preparation, and strive to be able to be able to be in 2020.

Meet the needs of car companies in power lithium batteries. “Quality production of solid-state lithium-ion battery, constructs ‘new energy materials – solid storage technology – automatic equipment – battery resources comprehensive utilization – research results Incubation – Industrial Investment’ Industrial Ecology Chain, in order to increase lithium-ion battery storage capacity The new path helps to promote the development of the lithium-ion battery to miniaturize, miniaturize, flexibly, and re-implicit the form of lithium ion batteries, break the shape of the traditional square, the shape of the cylinder, and the future can be used in any shape. Improve spatial use efficiency.

Li Wei, General Manager of Suzhou Qingtao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd..

At the beginning of this month, the team of Nanzhi, the first batch of “head geese talents” and teams in Kunshan City, gain a local government awarded 100 million yuan funded. .

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