my country’s powered lithium battery market presents a diversified development trend of all flowers

my country's powered lithium battery market presents a diversified development trend of all flowers

The power lithium-ion battery has also ushered in the “high-gloss moment” that has burst out of the new energy vehicle sales, and its development prospects are bright.. In the face of the goal of global carbon emissions, the powerful development of the dynamic lithium-ion battery industry is especially important.

. How to balance carbon emission goals and sustainable development, the power lithium-ion battery industry is also test. On December, my country Electric Motors will be held in Beijing 2021.

Report of questions. The report has introduced the development of new energy vehicles through the four aspects of automotive power, battery sustainable development, battery sustainable development, and electric vehicle intelligence energy, hydrogen fuel and fuel power lithium battery, which developed the dynamic lithium-ion battery industry. Thinking about our concern.

Power lithium-ion battery technology matures the electric vehicle sales broke out, the foundation of the new energy automobile market enters the explosive rising stage, new energy vehicle sales and penetration rate presents a rapid rise in the monthly basis. Industry data shows that in January to November 2021, my country’s new energy vehicle sales reached 2.99 million, which is expected to reach 3.

3 million in 2010 in 2021.. Ouyang Minggao expects that in 2022, my country’s new energy vehicle sales will reach 5 million units.

. As the power lithium-ion battery of electric vehicle core components, its technique continuous improvement, cost decline, battery system structure design continuous innovation, blade, CTP and other innovative processes, lithium iron phosphate ion battery technology is constantly mature, for new Energy car rises to lay a solid foundation. Ouyang Ming high stated that based on the demand for long battery life for new energy vehicles, the power lithium-ion battery is still high-reducing high-nickel-nickel-based lithium ion batteries, or solid-liquid mixed high-nickel-based lithium-ion batteries, from the fundamental Improve the energy density of the power lithium ion battery.

When the new energy vehicle enters the fierce competition, the improvement of battery technology will play an important purpose for my country’s new energy vehicle competition. At present, my country’s battery technology has a leading position internationally..

Ouyang Ming high stated that my country’s battery industry chain is complete, 70% of the world’s battery production in my country, in a short time, my country’s power lithium-ion battery industry competitiveness is difficult to be shaken. He also pointed out that other countries did not relax the research on battery technology, Japan, the United States and other countries strongly support a new generation of high-performance power lithium-ion batteries represented by solid batteries, “But the whole solid state battery technology industrialization and market There is an important impact of the pattern, and the scale of R & D team in my country’s battery field is far from the world. The young people talented, as long as they continue to work hard, I believe that my country is able to walk in front.

. “The new energy chain increases the sustainable development of the whole industry chain. As the new energy car production is rising, the load capacity of the dynamic lithium-ion battery also broke out, January 2021 to September my country market power lithium-ion battery Motor 92GWH, all year round is expected to reach 150GWH.

Ouyang Minggang said that it is estimated that by 2025, my country’s market power lithium-ion battery will be around 600GWH, 2030 at 1500-2000GWH.. Based on new energy car insurance, it is possible to predict the total insurance of my country’s car battery.

It is expected that more than 2000GWH will be more than 2000GWH, more than 7000GWH in 2030, more than 15,000GWH in 2035.. Due to the hot air market, it is stimulating the upstream battery company is also expanding quickly.

Ouyang Ming high stated that the current dynamic lithium-ion battery industry has entered a desirable period, according to the statistics of my country’s powered lithium-ion battery planning production in 2023 will reach 1000GWH, 2025 close to 2500GWH. At the same time, the production is rapidly expanded, stimulating the cyclical price increase of the upper reaches of the battery industry, causing concerns about the shortage of raw materials resources. From the storage of lithium mine, cobalt mine, nickel mine, the global repository can be stored in a total of 21 million tons, and the total exploration reserves are 86 million tons.

. Ouyang Ming high stated that “the total exploration reserves are still new, and the problem of raw materials seems little..

“The worry of the industry is not reasonable, the cobalt resource reserves are limited and the distribution of global resources is uneven, and the focus of the industry is. Cobalt resources, economically available reserves are only 7.1 million tons, and global resource distribution is extremely imbalance.

The 2/3 of cobalt mines is dependent on the Congo (gold) of Africa; the 3/4 distribution of lithium ore is in Australia, Chile, Argentina, etc. National; half of the nickel mine depends on Indonesia and Russia. It is worth noting that the battery “carbon footprint” is also very worthy of attention.

According to Ouyang Ming’s high introduction, different types of batteries, their life cycle has different carbon emissions. Take the three-dimensional high nickel 811 lithium ion battery as an example, and the full life cycle carbon emissions is approximately 87 kilograms per killy..

The three-yuan battery is relatively high, and the important cause is in the positive material.. The carbon emissions prepared by the predecessor and positive electrode materials account for half of the total discharge of the ternary battery.

. Lithium iron phosphate ion battery full life cycle carbon emissions compared to three yuan NCM811 battery less than one-third. In order to solve the problem of battery carbon emissions, there are currently many domestic battery companies to transfer to the west, such as Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Qinghai and other places to make full use of “green electricity” resources in the western region.

. For example, the battery production plan in Sichuan Province has reached 500GWH, of which 160GWH has. Battery technology routes enter the diversified development era, although the current dynamic lithium-ion battery is in mainstream position, it also covers.

Electric vehicles equipped with power lithium-ion batteries are unbalanced in China, mostly in the south, central and eastern regions of the Great Wall. The Great Wall is north, western and northwest, there are not many distributions..

In this regard, in recent years, the hydrogen fuel power lithium battery in the public is gradually enriched, with its raw materials, low-carbon cleaning, large-scale commercial mass production, and the power lithium-ion battery together in the new energy vehicle market.. If the two can form a complementary form, it will greatly improve the layout of new energy vehicles in the automotive industry, which can better achieve the goal of carbon emissions.

. Ouyang Ming high stated that the breakthrough of hydrogen fuel dynamic lithium battery technology, thanks to the dynamic lithium-ion battery almost ten years, the current hydrogen-fuel power lithium battery cost is in a rapid decline, will usher in the outbreak. The hydrogen fuel power lithium battery has entered a large-scale commercial demonstration stage, and the National Ministry of Finance has launched a national hydrogen-fuel power lithium battery vehicle application demonstration project.

. For example, Beijing has recently implemented fuel power lithium battery car “Winter Olympq” demonstration project. Ouyang Minggao also pointed out that hydrogen energy electric car layout also tagged: adhere to clean and low-carbon goals, and achieve new breakthroughs in hydrogen energy technology with technological innovation.

By market leading, due to the local conditions, the difficulty of hydrogen, overcoming the difficulties and short boards of hydrogen can now. It should be noted that the current dynamic lithium-ion battery market has entered an explosive period, and its dominant position is difficult to shake within a short time, and the hydrogen fuel power lithium battery will also develop, but its volume and scale even technology, talent reserves, It is unable to compete with the main body of the lithium ion battery, which makes my country’s dynamic lithium-ion battery market, which is mainly based on lithium-ion batteries, and the hydrogen fuel power lithium battery.

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