my country’s powered lithium battery industry integrates ‘accelerator keys’

my country's powered lithium battery industry integrates 'accelerator keys'

Since this year, the sales growth rate of new energy vehicles has slowed down, and the company’s fund pressure is conducted to the power lithium battery company. my country’s powered lithium battery industry integration process is accelerating, and the market concentration is gradually improved. In the future, with Japan and South Korea gradually entered my country market, integrated The process will further accelerate.

The impact of many factors such as subsidies, this year, my country’s new energy vehicle production and sales volume has fallen. my country’s auto industry association data shows that my country’s new energy automotive production in China is 983,000 and 9.47 million respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 11.

7% and 10.1% respectively, monthly production and sales continue for four months since July. decline.

In contrast, although the amount of power lithium battery installed capacity has slowed, the overall performance is better than the vehicle sales data.. my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association’s dynamic lithium battery application branch statistics show that my country’s powered lithium battery installed capacity is 46.

18GWh, up 33.39% year-on-year. The overall performance of the power lithium battery industry is still, but the industry’s internal differentiation is further intensified.

. Liu Yanlong, secretary general of my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, said the downstream energy car enterprise pressure is transmitted upwards. At the same time, the prices of upstream materials are high.

The profit space of the power lithium battery company is severely squeezed. The battery company is difficult to survive in the clause. The dynamic lithium battery company of the second or three launders is getting bigger and bigger, and there is a risk of being eliminated.

. Liu Yanlong, 2019 my country’s powered lithium battery market concentration further improved. According to statistics from the Power Lithium Battery Application Branch, there are 89 power lithium batteries in my country’s installed data from January to October 2018.

This figure decreased from 29 this year.. “This year, the whole power lithium battery industry chain is flying,” National Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fund New Energy Automobile Entrepreneurship Investment Subfund Partner and President Fang Jianhua believes that this “black swan” incident is exactly the development of the industry The inevitable result of the transition to high quality development to high quality development.

Fang Jianhua said that the pressure impact caused by the reshuffles of the industry chain will be very large, each of the power lithium battery companies, may bring billions of yuan, and each of every vehicle factory will bring Ten billion yuan, involving the middle and downstream of the industrial chain, is worth alert. Looking forward to the future, Liang Rui, president of Xinwangda Electric Automobile Battery Co., Ltd.

, said that after a period of industry integration, the global power lithium battery company will eventually be left around, and my country should have 5-6 houses.. With this year’s June, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced the abolition of the “Specifications Conditional Conditions of Automobile Power Battery” and meet the Conditions Corporate Catalog, Japan and South Korea batteries have accelerated the production layout in my country, and foreign companies will enter our market will accelerate my country’s power lithium battery.

Industry integration progress. Liang Rui said that my country’s motivational lithium battery company shipments seem to be larger than Japan, but in terms of production technology, quality control, and Japan and Korean companies have a big gap..

Fang Jianhua also believes that from a short time, foreign new energy car companies, battery companies entered China will bring greater pressure to my country’s independent brands, but in the long run, it will help to reverse my country’s new energy vehicles and dynamic lithium High quality development in the battery industry, promoting my country’s quality company to go out of the country. During the industry integration, the continuous development of products that meet market needs on the maintenance of the power lithium battery company is crucial..

In recent years, new energy vehicles that have occurred from time to time have sounded a alarm in the whole industry. The security has become a key indicator of consumers, and it is received by more and more companies..

Liu Jincheng, chairman of Huizhou Yip Lithium Co., Ltd., believes that safety is safe and reliable is the natural property of the power lithium battery, and the power lithium battery must be safe and reliable.

. Safety performance is not the goal to achieve, or even a balanced condition, because it is impossible to use any indicator to make a balance with security. Liu Yanlong also said that safety is the primary principle of new energy vehicles, and the company cannot excessively pursue energy density, while sacrifice safety.

In addition to safety, Liu Jincheng said that next-generation power lithium battery technology should be associated with next-generation new energy vehicles.. He believes that new energy vehicles must not only be electric cars, the future must be intelligent, webinated, shared, and when sharing makes new energy cars should not be so high, we should also think about the next generation of power lithium How to develop battery.


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