my country’s powered lithium battery company may be the most dangerous

my country's powered lithium battery company may be the most dangerous

After the domestic power lithium battery leader CATL announced in July this year, after the establishment of a dynamic lithium battery plant in Germany, the other giant BYD was announced in Germany and the United Kingdom. It plans to set up a powerful lithium battery plant in Europe. South Korea’s LG Chemistry has been in the production of powered lithium batteries in Poland, Samsung SDI and Skinnovation in Hungary’s factory is under construction, which shows that China and South Korea’s power lithium battery companies are in Europe.

. my country’s powered lithium battery company is strongly benefited from my country’s largest mobile phone manufacturing country. In 2014, my country was the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturing country, and the battery industry was seen as high pollution industry and was abandoned by Europe and America.

my country has vigorously develops battery. Industry, BYD has become the world’s largest mobile phone battery manufacturer, which has accumulated battery technology for our companies..

Subsequently, since 2012, my country’s new energy vehicles have gradually developed, which has promoted my country’s battery companies further development, and BYD is, therefore, in the first place of the domestic power lithium battery industry market, but it considers cost and safety. Problem, odd lithium iron phosphate ion battery with lower important production costs. In the previous year of my country’s new energy vehicle, 2011 CATL was established.

It focuses on the development of dynamic lithium batteries from the date of its establishment, which is biased towards the development technology more advanced ternary lithium ion batteries, which makes cars and BYD Dynamic lithium batteries have a big difference, with a certain technical advantage, which attracts most of the domestic automobile companies and CATL cooperation. In 2015, the sales of new energy vehicles in my country under new energy vehicle subsidies have become global. The biggest new energy car market, and in the world, it is the world’s largest new energy auto market.

It has become the biggest beneficiary, rapid exceeding BYD to become a domestic first power lithium battery company.. In my country’s new energy auto market, it has been the world’s largest new energy auto market in 2017, and it is expected that this year will be the world’s largest new energy automobile market, and the new energy car subsidy dynamic lithium battery company launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

(Foreign Power Lithium Battery Company failed to enter the whitelist) , Third place. About the three-yuan lithium-ion battery, CATL, BYD, is expected to double, continue to consolidate their market share advantages this year..

After winning the leadership advantage in the domestic dynamic lithium battery market, CATL, BYD began to put their eyes to overseas markets, and the European market is undoubtedly their important goals. Europe is the world’s third largest new energy auto market, second only to our country and the United States. And Europe has adopted a more open policy, which is conducive to the development of my country’s powered lithium battery companies in the European market.

. Sino-Japanese and Korean companies launched the Korean dynamic lithium battery companies in Europe because they have failed to enter the Power Lithium Battery Company of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, so they stopped in my country’s investment, until my country is expected to be completely complete in 2020 Open the new energy car market, Samsung SDI and LG chemistry began to restart in my country’s investment construction power lithium battery factory, Samsung has decided to build a powerful lithium battery factory in Tianjin investment of $ 2.4 billion, and LG chemistry has been signing up in July this year.

Power lithium battery factory. When there is difficulties in entering our market, LG chemistry chooses to enter the European market. In 2015, it was built in Poland to build a powerful lithium battery factory.

Because it entered the European market, it was an important partner of Volvo, the public.. Recently, South Korea’s two dynamic lithium battery companies Samsung SDI and SKI are chosen in Hungary Construction Power Lithium Battery Factory, and it is clear that they have developed a powerful lithium battery business in the European market.

Samsung SDI has obtained Jaguar. Land Rover’s order. Japan’s dynamic lithium battery company can not be ignored, and Panasonic has become the world’s second largest power lithium battery company as TSLA.

It is important to focus on cooperation with TSLA, and intend to cooperate with European Auto Company to divide a piece, and A Japanese dynamic lithium battery company GS Tang Shallow has planned to build a powerful lithium battery plant in Europe, showing them equally European market. Compared to South Korea’s lading, my country’s powered lithium battery company enters the European market clearly has slowed down, but my country’s powered lithium battery company has a cost advantage, which can fully meet the domestic price of 50,000 yuan. The new energy car demand is reflected, and from them quickly showed their strong progress, it is necessary to understand that LG Chemistry and Samsung SDI have ranked forever in the world, and in 2017 they only ranked fifth and seventh in the world.

It can be seen that the development of my country’s dynamic lithium battery company is rapid, with CATL, BYD has entered the European market, will bring huge competitive pressure to Japan and South Korea powered lithium battery companies.. It is reported that the public is planning to further increase the purchase of power lithium batteries, issued 50 billion euros, Daimler also plans to purchase 20 billion power lithium batteries in the next 10 years, China and South Korea dynamic lithium battery companies Have the opportunity to share, after all, the automobile company does not want the powerful lithium battery company a large, and the dispersion order ensures the supply and reduction of power lithium batteries.

. In the face of Sino-Japanese and Korean power lithium batteries ran in Europe, Europe’s local companies are still unable to sit, BMW, the public, etc., all intentionally develop their power lithium battery business, due to the cost of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery and It has been very competitive advantage, and they plan to directly develop more advanced solid-state battery technology, but they seem to be a bit impossible to face the strong Sino-Japanese and Korean companies, and recently, the Bosch Group announced that it enters the power lithium battery.

The prospects of the industry have decided to give up entering the power lithium battery industry, so that this will help China and Japan and South Korea occupation of the European market.. my country’s dynamic lithium battery company is similar in the European market and China’s my country’s company is similar to the largest market in China.

It has begun to expand global, and CATL, BYD, etc. will undoubtedly in the European market. It has become another important achievement of my country’s manufacturing success in the world.

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