my country’s powered lithium battery company ‘exuberant

my country's powered lithium battery company 'exuberant

“After nearly ten years of cultivation and development, my country’s powered lithium battery industry not only places the forefront team, but also part of the company’s leading position in battery technology and market share.. This lays a solid foundation for the development of electric motor industry in my country in the global market.

. “Recently, Wu Zhengping, Director of the Foreign Trade Development Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out in the 5th Power Lithium Battery Application International Summit, my country’s powered lithium battery company is accelerating the pace of” going out “. The industry chain has the strength of “Going out”, currently, the global power lithium battery market presents the pattern of Sino-Japan and South Korea “Three-Fold”, the head company basically monopolizes the battery supply of the car enterprise.

In particular, the rapid development of new energy vehicles in my country has directly driven the booming boom in the power lithium battery market. In 2019, my country’s powered lithium battery installed capacity reached 62.2GWH.

. In this process, a batch of power lithium battery head companies have emerged..

CATL (300750), Guoxuan Gaoke (002074), Fu Can Technology, Xinwang (300207) and other companies have successively obtained TSLA, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault, Nissan and other internationally renowned car enterprises. In order to ensure battery safety, improve monomers and system comprehensive performance. Since this year, CATL, BYD (002594) launched a CTP battery module and blade battery system, which greatly improves the production efficiency and overall performance of the battery module, and effectively reduces costs; honeycomb energy launches non-cobalt material cell and square stack Tablet process, significantly reduced the cost of three-yuan material; Guoxuan high-tech also launched JTM (from core to module) technology innovation process .

.. my country’s powered lithium battery company continues to directly investigate, and has achieved important progress.

In terms of upstream materials and equipment, domestic companies also have the strength of “going out”. “In 2019, the self-sufficientness of my country’s dynamic lithium battery positive material, the negative electrode material, the electrolyte and the separator four materials has exceeded 90%, and the domestic product is working on overseas..

Zhou Bo, director of the Dynamic Lithium Battery Application Branch Standardization Working Group, my country Materials Company has penetrated to the global mainstream battery factory. Winning Technology (300457) Xu Yi told reporters that the power lithium battery equipment has basically realized domesticated coverage, take the latest domestic coater as an example, before the application of coating machines in 2018, it is fundamentally on import, current domestic The replacement is over and begins to export abroad. “The coating machine is too important, directly affecting the capacity, security and density of the battery.

. Many customers ‘coating machines are the most late domestic, our company’ goes out “very powerful, equipment, material priority suppliers have national enterprises. “The European market is worth paying attention to Zhoubo expects that by 2025 new energy vehicle sales will exceed 15 million, 2030 or reached 30 million vehicles.

. In terms of battery, 2025 global vehicle battery demand will reach 975GWH, 2030% of 2100GWH. Among them, the European market is worthy of focusing.

From January to August this year, the new energy passenger car sales in Europe is in my country.. The industry is expected that the sales of new energy vehicles in Europe and the domestic market are flat, and even surpassing our market.

. This year is the key year of European electric transformation. European countries have developed fuel-saving schedules, such as Norway to achieve fuel-saving for sale in 2025, Denmark, Netherlands, requiring fuel truck for sale by 2030.

And at the same time, traditional car companies have also launched a large-scale electric power offecess, the public, BMW, Volvo proposed that in 2025, the sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 25%, 30% and 50% respectively.. European development new energy automotive industry is imperative, there is an urgent need for dynamic lithium batteries.

Ke Mu Shen, Consulate, the UK, trade investment in Guangzhou, revealed that by 2030, the battery power required by the British automobile industry operation is between 70-100GWH. “UK is actively contacting important battery material suppliers, hoping to establish a raw material from raw materials Refined a full battery supply chain to battery pack assembly and testing. “To grab the market opportunity, my country’s powered lithium battery industry chain has been launched.

“In the past two years, the pilot intelligence (300450) built a branch in Sweden, Germany, to serve Europe’s local battery companies. “Wang Yanqing, chairman of Wuxi Team Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

. Need to be alert to the compliance risk dynamic lithium battery company to get out of the country? “The cost of domestic companies to Europe investment is about 3 times the domestic project..

“Eurasian Consulting Co., Ltd. Teng Jun reminded that domestic dynamic lithium battery companies to Europe investment or new topics, not only do integral planning, but also in process, equipment system integration, plant planning, dangerous goods storage, safety channel Waiting for many aspects to optimize design, find a reasonable solution.

At the same time, it is necessary to cater to the host factory, customer requirements, and achieve environmental compliance in materials recycling, decomposition.. “Who is going to supply positive and negative materials, electrolyte, diaphragm and other products? How do companies cooperate between companies?” Deng Jun pointed out how domestic companies cooperated in Europe, building a complete industrial chain is also a big problem.

. Wu Zhengping pointed out that the breadth and depth of “walking out” in my country is still not enough, and overseas installed volume is still very low in total shipments..

Companies must be better gifted and international competition, but also have more outstanding industries, technology, products and other advantages, and continuously improve competitiveness.. He emphasized that only relying on constant innovation research and technical progress can continue to promote the development of the dynamic lithium battery industry.

. “Wang Yanqing believes that the future battery factory’s consistency, safety requirements will become higher and higher, to increase the research and breakthrough to battery materials, process. He suggests that equipment companies must not passively, temporarily supply production line equipment, but to supply integration solutions to solve the worries of customers.

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