my country’s power lithium battery new moment: Charging lithium battery to fight Japan, who is the next generation of battery kings

my country's power lithium battery new moment: Charging lithium battery to fight Japan, who is the next generation of battery kings

On June 11, CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (300750.

sz, “CATL”) is listed, making my country’s powered lithium battery industry a focus. Just in the sales list of 2017 global power lithium battery companies announced in a certain institution, there were seven in the top ten, of which CATL sales reached 12GWH, and. After the back of the beautiful data, the core technology of my country’s powered lithium battery is not strong, the manufacturing capacity is insufficient, and the company has not formed competitiveness and cooperation.

. Power lithium battery companies have also facing multiple challenges: many domestic battery companies, Japan and South Korea companies are strong adjacent to the ring, the market is competitive; the price of raw materials is skyrocketing, the company’s cost is improved; the government will gradually cancel new energy car subsidies to bring the company More pressures. The new technology is in full swing, the world’s dynamic lithium battery industry developed country is investing a lot of material resources, human development, the future solid-state lithium-ion battery and fuel power battery technology, seizes technical highlights.

So can my country’s power lithium battery companies achieve corner overtaking, seize the technical highlight? When can the solid-state lithium ion battery achieve industrialization? At the academician of our engineering, Chen Liquan, lithium-e-sports, said in an interview with “Finance” reporter, my country’s powered lithium battery can maintain the current development situation to a critical moment. He proposes that my country’s lithium-ion battery companies should seize the market in all directions, especially to pay attention to the international market; to layout innovation, the technical force of lithium-electric company’s own technical force is limited, such as cooperation with colleges and research institutes; strive to take the lead Next generation power lithium battery technology breakthrough. 1.

What is the development of my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry in my country? Chen Liquan: At present, the performance of lithium-ion battery companies has a large fluctuation.. According to BYD, the net profit fell 83.

09% year-on-year. BYD expressed the impact of the overall earnings decline in government subsidies, electric bus profitability and new energy automobile business in new energy automobile business, which made a large pressure on the company’s overall profitability..

From the entire industry, BYD, CATL strength is relatively strong, they attach importance to R & D and technical team construction. BYD new energy vehicles and lithium-ion batteries are produced, forming a relatively closed industrial chain. Performance declines and relative enclosures may also be related.

There is indication that now is gradually open. CATL (CATL) has been relatively open, and the domestic research units and related units cooperate, utilize and mobilize the enthusiasm of the industrial chain, using domestic advantageous companies and raw materials, the company pays attention to the research and development of battery technology, so that lithium The quality of the ion battery is rapidly increased, and the output is also expanded. The market share of the product is in the forefront.

It realizes the strategic transformation that is running and run.. How can I keep this state? How can I achieve the transformation from and run to the lead? This is a daunting task in front of CATL.

. I hope they can be opened, and they will make full use of the domestic relatively perfect lithium-ion battery industry chain advantages, strengthen cooperation with the research units, and further improve the performance of lithium-ion battery, actively open domestic and foreign markets, and maintain advantageous status..

In the market share of the company, the company has its own advantages and disadvantages in the company, such as the company, such as Guoxuanao, Watma, Bick and Lifan, but is in the face of double pressure, the price increase of raw materials, is urgently needed to enhance Research power, improve competitiveness. How to spend the difficulties is the problem that these lithium battery currently urgently answer. What new progress is there in my country’s lithium-ion battery industry in China? Where is the difficulties in the development process? Chen Liquan: Now my country’s lithium-ion battery industry development situation is general, but there are two major problems in low energy density (endless mileage) and safety accidents.

. This is also a common problem facing international peers. At present, the electric vehicle battery life can reach six or hundred kilometers, but the car battery is high, the cost is also high, the recent TSLA’s car hit the cause, BYD also has a similar accident, so which battery is absolutely safe Instead, the solid problem of lithium-ion batteries.

The current lithium-ion battery is a combustible liquid electrolyte. In order to improve the energy density, the international general practice is to reduce the amount of non-active substances, such as thinning the diaphragm between the positive and negative poles, which is easy to cause the positive and negative poles. Short circuit, combustion of electrolyte.

The first year Samsung mobile phone battery explosion is due to the defect of circuit design, the temperature increase during use, due to the diaphragm, causing multiple explosion accidents. Now consumers are very concerned about the safety of electric vehicles, and there is a higher expectation for electric vehicle battery life, how to solve two problems with low energy density and lithium-ion battery safety? Chen Liquan: The national “13th Five-Year Plan” requires the energy density of the lithium-ion battery cell to reach 300Wh / kg-350Wh / kg, in order to accomplish this task, the negative electrode must be used to use Si / C material (negative material nanoilica is our patent , Get the world’s recognition), positive is a three-yuan material or a lithium positive material. Cobalt in the ternary material is a scarce element.

The most recent price has skyrocketed. From the cost consideration, high-nickel-based three-membered materials such as 811, so that the ratio of the three-yuan material reaches 9: 0.5:0.

5. The energy density of the battery core after using a silicone carbon negative electrode and the positive electrode of the three-dimensional material can achieve the goal, but the security issue may be more prominent. Recently, I have heard that domestic companies have solved security problems, it is worthy of celebration.

. 2. How is my country’s lithium-ion batteries in the world? Chen Liquan: Lithium-ion battery is a unique in Japan in Japan, Japan, Japan.

my country and South Korea have quickly chased it, forming the situation in Korea and Japan, my country’s market share is in the third place, and the world’s top ten companies are not. I made a report “How to break around my country” in 2010, indicating that (my country’s lithium-ion battery to break around) is largely dependent on the focus of lithium-ion batteries; depends on the government and company home Investment of funds; depends on the correct national strategy. Under the promotion of the national development of electric vehicle policies, the spirit of “Three Thousand Three Thousand Erbene can be swallowed”, the strength of lithium-ion battery has increased rapidly, and the product competition is greatly enhanced.

. By 2014, my country’s lithium-ion batteries market share exceeds Japan and South Korea..

This year’s data shows that CATL has exceeded Panasonic, ranked first. You mentioned that Japan lithium-ion battery companies took the lead in achieving industrialization and a unique, later being surpassed by Korea Battery..

How does the South Korean battery company have quickly caught Japan? Chen Liquan: The Korean lithium-ion battery has a faster development. At the beginning, it hired Japanese battery engineers to help it developed from South Korea. Korean equipment.

The second is the strong support of the government. The Korean government continued to introduce three programs before and after 2007, adding more than 300 million US dollars to support Samsung and LG R & D lithium-ion batteries..

Analysis of the evolution curve of Sino-Japanese and Korean lithium-saving market share can be found that South Korea has increased rapidly from 2007 to 2011, and reaches the vertices.. Was the South Korea caught up from Japan to the low-end lithium ion battery? Or is it directly developed high-end lithium-ion battery? Chen Liquan: If the lithium-ion battery is in, the Japanese company opened the leader in the industry.

. ATL (Japan Holdings) actually got an Apple order, starting to produce a battery in Bluetooth, at that time, sold a few tens of dollars, because everyone pays attention to Bluetooth, market demand. Later, South Korea’s Samsung and LG rise, realizing technology innovation, more than Japan.

Now Samsung lithium-ion battery enters into our market, bringing great pressure to our company. What is the development of Japanese and Korean batteries development? It is worth learning from? Chen Liquan: When South Korea has developed rapidly, Japan has adopted reverse chase tactics, accelerating the research and development of the next-generation lithium-ion battery, ie the electrode material “black box”, attempting to make Koreans’s catching up speed slow down. So in Korea and Japan related experiences are worth learning.

We must strengthen the innovation of battery materials and systems, and continuously improve battery performance, but also to develop domestic intelligent equipment on the basis of introducing equipment, reduce battery production costs, so that domestic lithium-ion batteries is superior to South Korea, thus Maintenance. Whether the decline of South Korea’s market share is boycotted with Korean lithium-ion batteries due to Sad incident? Chen Liquan: South Korea market share decline, some people think it is because Korea deploys Sad system, we boycott the use of Korean batteries, actually is not entirely this reason..

Korean battery company declined earlier than the deployment of Sad system, completely blaming my country is wrong, in the past two years, cancel the Korean company in the past two years, just accelerated a downward trend. In fact, South Korea has developed very cheap in my country..

First, South Korea is actually profitable in our country, and has a joint venture between Korea supply technology and my country in the past few years.. Second, my country’s raw materials include the positive and negative power of batteries to South Korea.

The reason is that orders are large, exports have subsidies, so the raw materials purchased by South Korea have cheaper than domestic battery companies.. The third is that my country’s Lithium China is willing to purchase Korean automation equipment at high prices.

At the same time, the raw materials are more expensive than Korea, so it is not as good as South Korea.. Under the new policy environment, how does my country’s lithium battery be a benign development? Chen Liquan: The first few years of battery cells appealed to have policies to protect my country’s battery companies, and the state has issued policies such as supply subsidies to promote the development of new energy automotive industries.

It is advantageous for lithium-ion battery industries.. But last year began to replenishment, the lithium-industrial industry has reached a key point.

How can I maintain the development situation in the past few years is the issue of everyone care?. my country’s lithium-ion batteries should seize the market in all directions, especially to pay attention to the international market; to lay out innovation, the technical force of lithium-electric company’s own technical force is limited, such as collaboration with colleges and research institutes; Breakthrough in a generation of lithium ion batteries. In this way, we can make people become runners.

. Analysis of the development of Korean lithium-ion batteries is helpful to us. It is worth paying attention to that my country’s lithium-electric company is independent individual.

There is no state or consortium behind, so how does it compete with LG chemistry, Samsung SDI? Chen Liquan: LG, the name of Samsung is not a country, but in fact, there is a thousand and inexhaustible government.. Previously, Sad Problem can limit the Korean battery company to enter, but if it is a nematic relationship with South Korea, it is difficult to say smoothly to the South Korean battery company to enter my country.

Now compete with them, and the government should support our advantage, such as the advantage of this field. help. Some of our companies tend to cooperate with foreign companies, and there is no unite between companies.

. For example, a domestic battery company wants to develop a sodium cell battery with the general company’s joint venture. At that time, the company solved our opinions, we no one supports this cooperation project.

. But last year, the company still hosts a signature ceremony..

Our company has no trust in domestic technology, nor has no comprehensive incubator to achieve technical innovation and promotion.. 3, next generation batteries Who is the important breakthrough point of the next generation of batteries, how is the advancement of solid lithium ion battery technology? Chen Liquan: We have been doing the basic research of solid-state batteries, hoping to achieve industrialization within five years.

. Considering that the prior art cannot completely abandon, on this basis, gradually turn to solid state batteries to reduce costs. Now the United States, Japan, South Korea and Europe are developing solid batteries.

. For example, Toyota, Japan is currently developing electric vehicles from all solid-state batteries, and will start this new car in 2022..

BMW and other car companies are also developing a full solid state battery, hoping to be able to produce in the next decade. If we achieve industrialization within five years, it has a competitive advantage..

“Finance”: So you think is within five years, can the solid-state lithium-ion battery achieve industrialization? Chen Liquan: It is proposed in the past few years in the past few years. It is exactly that it is 2020 (13th Five) to achieve industrialization..

Now there are several solid-state lithium-ion battery companies that have been established in China.. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and the investor have built Weiwu New Energy Co.

, Ltd., this year, it plans to realize solid-state battery loading demonstration, this is just the first step..

Other applications are also actively developed. R & D Solid State Battery is the next generation of technical highlights. For example, now the battery is three yuan, and the Koreans are also cards in the acupuncture.

Now there is no solving this technical problem.. But it is said that domestic companies solve this technical problem.

So you must make critical, frontier technology. In recent years, the price of lithium on the market has skyrocketed, so how the solid lithium-ion battery alleviates the pressure of cost? Chen Liquan: Lithium resources on earth is limited, far from satisfying the demand for global electric vehicles, scale-based storage and consumer electronics. In recent years, the price of lithium salt is doubled.

. Cobalt in the three-dimensional positive material is a rare element, and the price of this two years has skyrocketed..

This brings great pressure to the cost of lithium ion batteries. Although the solid battery still uses lithium to do a negative electrode, the selection range of the positive electrode can be larger, and it is possible to use a positive material such as cobalt..

At the same time, we are still studying the sodium ion batteries, and has also established an industrialization company.. The resources of sodium are very rich, and the positive electrode materials are not cobalt, nickel and other scarce feedstocks.

. Sodium ion battery can be widely used in scale energy storage and low speed electric vehicles. We hope that my country can lead the world in the study, development and industrialization of sodium ion batteries.

. Now talk to lithium sulfur batteries, aluminum air batteries, do you think they have developing prospects? Chen Liquan: Lithium sulfur battery research can be, but the final market is denying can be another problem. Because the theoretical energy density of the lithium sulfur battery is quite high, the sulfur is an insulator, making an electrode must add a conductive additive, which is not high.

. In addition to environmental issues. Professor Peking University Xia Dingguo has developed a new positive material with a capacity of 400mAh / g, and the energy density of a lithium ion battery that uses this material to achieve a lithium sulfur battery, even higher.

. The current aluminum air battery is a disposable battery, not a rechargeable battery. Is the development of Israeli development.

In the past few years, some people introduced the aluminum air battery to the electric vehicle in the electric car. 1000 kilometers. But there is a problem with it to industrialize it.

. Where is the problem? It can be reused, not repeated charging (it is reusable, not rechargeable), aluminum is consumed to form aluminum hydroxide, and then electrolyze aluminum, re-formulate the positive electrode plate, and is installed on the battery. The energy consumption and energy efficiency of transportation and processing is only 20% to 30%, while Kurlen efficiency of lithium-ion batteries is higher than 90%.

. Now we are studying the chargeable aluminum ion battery. Just beginning, the prospect is still difficult.

A new report of the 100-person will also mention lithium air battery technology. What is the current development progress of this technology? Chen Liquan: If the lithium ion solid battery is difficult to develop, the lithium air battery is more difficult. Because the negative electrode of the lithium air battery is metal lithium, the positive is air, but the air contains moisture, carbon dioxide.

So the lithium air battery is further, because the electrolyte is definitely solid, it is impossible to liquid. .

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