my country’s power lithium battery double male ‘defending battle

my country's power lithium battery double male 'defending battle

Positive car market winter, the dynamic lithium battery sector is connected to good news. Recently, BMW adds CATL orders, from the mid-2018 year-on-order amount to 7.3 billion euros (about 56.

8 billion yuan), which also makes it a maximum order for the dynamic lithium battery field.. On one day, Audi my country president Wu Jiabi also said that Audi is negotiating with BYD in the electric car required by China, the specific details have not yet been announced.

. Catl and BMW, BYD and Audi, behind the double-doubles, means my country’s powered lithium battery has entered the supply chain of global excellent car companies. In 2009, my country began to lay out new energy automobile tracks, through huge subsidies and policy support, my country quickly jumped as the world’s largest new energy car production and sales country.

As the core components of the new energy car, the battery industry also takes this Dongfeng, and the rise is. Obviously, the new energy automotive industry chain is in a critical moment of breakthrough. And at the same time, in terms of policy, in order to spur domestic companies, my country’s automobile and battery market will gradually release.

Perhaps soon, in the near future, act as “squid” agstication in the domestic electric car rivers and lakes, there will be Panasonic, LG chemistry, Samsung and other battery giants.. In this context, it is a “double male” CATL and BYD as the domestic battery field, can it maintain the strong rise, continue to write glories? During the long championship of the car core technology, my country’s downtown technology, the power lithium battery industry took the lead.

According to this year, the global power lithium battery installed volume is displayed, CATL (25.4%), Panasonic (20.3%), BYD (15.

2%) occupies the top three respectively. The next year’s local brand occupies two seats, and the results are good..

In the new energy vehicle field, the status of the power lithium battery is like the engine of the fuel car, which acts as a car heart.. Even in the style of global new energy cars competition, the role of the battery is quite key.

Because the power lithium battery is not only the big head of the whole vehicle manufacturing cost (about 30% -40%), it is also directly related to the battery life and safety.. Today, after decades of catching up and transcend, in the field of power lithium battery, my country finally has the ability and overseas battery giants.

This also proves that the strategy to achieve “corner overtaking” by electric vehicles, and hit the confidence in my country’s automobile science and technology fields.. Of course, the results are not easy.

. Taking the “Ten Town Thousand Vehicles” project as the starting point, the government, the government will put hundreds of billion funds into the automotive field. Under the promotion and policy of subsidies, my country’s new energy car sales in China has been close to 2 million, and the forefront of New Energy Automotive Production and Sale.

The electric vehicle has driven a strong increase in the battery industry.. In 10 years, my country’s battery installed volume added from 0.

03GWH to 57GWH, up to over ten times. More critical external factors lies in “I can’t see the hand”. In 2016, a paper “White List” announced, setting up the threshold for domestic battery industries, and foreign batteries are blocked outside the high wall.

. After occupying the situation, the domestic battery field ushered in spring. The “new show” CATL and “Old will” BYD, from more than 240 battery companies, becoming a well-deserved double male in China.

. According to my country’s first half of the dynamic lithium battery installed data, CATL and BYD accounted for 45.5%, 24.

5%, ranking only 5.9%, and the rest of the players are less than 2%, the gap is obvious..

CATL and BYD have become the number one players in the domestic battery field, the market accounts for more than 70%, forming a double oligarchy. In terms of yield utilization, in 2018, my country’s power lithium battery is about 57GWH, while total production reaches 260GWH, that is, yield utilization is only about one-fifth. Among them, CATL utilization rate is 86%, and the third JewJV production is only 49%.

The performance of the rest of the players is more common.. Of course, the position of the rivers and lakes under CATL, BYD is inseparable from capital, technology, and talent support.

. First of all, the founders of the two companies are technical, and they have long working in the battery field..

According to the Song Network, CATL’s research and development amount accounted for the revenue ratio of more than 5%. In 2018, more than 4,000 R & D staff, and the domestic lithium-ion battery industry has a doctoral researcher, half of the job is in CATL..

In the capital market, CATL market value is close to 200 billion yuan, and the well-deserved industry beast. And BYD has a lead in the battery, and there is a congenital advantage in technology accumulation and cost control..

At the same time, its business is multi-diverse, with a full-vehicle manufacturing ability, the row series is the absolute guarantee of the battery installed.. Because the overall output of the overall yield, the shuffle in the dynamic lithium battery field has never stopped.

However, CATL and BYD have not until slowing down the rhythm.. This year, CATL has announced in Sichuan Yibin to invest 100 billion to establish a dynamic lithium battery manufacturing base, and will establish a battery factory in Germany.

After investigation in 2021, the production of 14GWH will be achieved.. Its products are important for BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, PSA and other European car giants.

In the face of CATL’s expansion, BYD is equally after the same. It has set up a joint venture company in Chang’an Automobile, and the annual production of 10GWH power lithium battery factories; in addition, the Chongqing Yushan District Government signed 20GWH power lithium battery project investment agreement; 30GWH power lithium battery project settled in Xi’an High-tech Zone. Its battery factory established in Qinghai, will become the largest power lithium battery factory in the world.

. Due to the power lithium battery industry attaches importance to R & D capabilities, CATL and BYD have formed a stable advantage. The small company is difficult to match the R & D capabilities or cost control.

. “Friend Circle” competition is a major focus in the battery industry. There is also a sales volume.

Since the battery must be installed in the car, the focus of the battery giants is still in the supply chain, for example, the industry chain downstream Vehicle. On this basis, the battery supplier has formed a respective friend circle..

CATL’s success, but also verified the importance of a circle. When the CATL is also known, the founder once took the lead in 700 pages of technical documentation, which got a big order, gain a big order..

With the back book of the BMW, after CATL, it also entered the supply chain of Yutong, Daimler, and the public.. Today, CATL’s circle of friends has spread all over the main plant and new forces of the car.

. It has luxury car companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc..

At the end of 2018, according to the effective catalog of the new energy model released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there were more than 3,800 models, including more than 1,100 models from CATL supporting power lithium batteries, accounting for approximately 30%.. Behind the CATL drift, there is also a “credit” of the opponent – BYD’s strategy, also helped a lot.

. In 2016, BYD as a domestic new energy vehicle faucet, the BYD Tang, BYD Qin, BYD E6 three models, occupied the first year..

Wang Chuanfu said, “BYD’s battery will not be sold outside, we must keep BYD leading in the battery area. “I didn’t think that BYD, I have read” Fat-water, “is missing, but the dynamic lithium battery brochure is missing..

When BYD reacted, it was too late, CATL2017 installed machine was 10.40GWH, close to BYD’s twice. The title of my country’s powered lithium battery king is changed.

After the strategic mistakes, BYD pain, in 2017, decided to divide the battery business, no longer gave self-sufficiency, began to supply, and set their own friends circle.. It is noted that BYD is the layout of the automobile industry, but has become a stumbling block for its battery.

. Unlike CATL to focus on the battery sector, as a player in the new energy vehicle industry, there is direct competition between BYD and other cars. Some people have done a metaphor, buy BYD’s batteries, just like two countries to fight, go to the enemy to buy arms.

However, BYD is determined to have, Zhijian does not change. Last year, Wang Chuanfu visited the car enterprises, successively and the old general meeting of Beiqi, Great Wall, and Chang’an..

Wang Chuanfu’s efforts have not been in vain, and the orders of Changan Auto and Toyota have been pulled.. As a result, BYD’s circle of friends gradually looked up.

. In the commercial vehicle field, BYD has a car enterprise such as Beijing Hualian, Zhonglianka, Yangzhou Shangwei; the number of passenger cars, Chang’an Automobile as the alliance, and then cooperated with Toyota. Recently, Audi in the CATL circle, also toned to BYD to throw olive branches.

. It is foreseeable that BYD has expanded his friends to circle, and it is a CATL’s circle of friends..

It is more printed that the words have been made, and the circle of friends is bigger, and the enemy’s friends are small.. In order to strengthen the relationship between the friends, the two sides came to me in the past, and they all set up in a thousand ways to use the car factory.

. In addition to the supply outside the car, the company has established a joint venture between the alliances in the way, the binding of the alliance is established in addition to the use of Beiqi, SAIC, Dongfeng, Changan, FAW, Geely, etc..

This trick is also learned by BYD.. In addition to the League of Chang’an Automobile, BYD has signed a joint venture agreement in November this year, and its establishment of a pure electric vehicle in Toyota has signed a joint venture agreement, and the two parties share 50%, jointly carrying out pure electric vehicles and the platform used in the vehicle, and the design of parts.

, Research and development and other related businesses. The cooperation between this and Audi also has a tendency to establish a joint venture company..

The battery is constantly consolidated, and you don’t stay, because the Chinese battery company is coming soon.. From the current situation, policy Dongfeng is abandoning, and car companies have increasingly demanding battery technology; on the other hand, due to the “white list” (foreign battery subsidies to entry the threshold) canceled, the pillow, the overseas players, will be entered field.

As the heart of the new energy car, the hungee of the enemy, the influence of the development of its industry. According to “2019 New Energy Automobile Consumer Market Research Report”, consumers are most concerned about the new energy vehicles, and the problems of the continuum mileage, battery safety, and charging experience (fast charge)..

In the survey of consumers abandoning the purchase of new energy vehicles, 87% of the influence of battery factors. Therefore, life-fire miles regardless of vehicle enterprises or battery companies, they must have a row..

The most important factor in the balance of life is important is the density of the battery.. The phosphate ion battery that once considered the mainstream technology route was due to the density encountered a ceiling and could not reach the battery life’s battery life, and began to gradually be marginalized.

. Therefore, CATL and BYD have been developing higher density batteries..

According to the Song Network, CATL current NCM811 model battery, monomer energy density reached 300Wh / kg, basically cover the operating conditions of 600 kilometers of battery life. Rank second BYD battery density at 270-280WH / kg. However, in accordance with my country’s existing technical planning, the battery is in 2020, 2025, the monomer energy density is 350, 400, 500Wh / kg, respectively, in 2010, respectively.

. It can be seen that the pressure of CATL and BYD is not small..

In addition, while increasing the row mileage, it is more important to ensure the safety of the battery is more important.. The self-ignition event of Sanfang, has been surprised by consumers.

. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also emphasizes battery safety again..

However, there is a natural conflict between battery safety and battery miles.. In order to pursue high-capacity and fast charge, the battery company has increased the proportion of high-nickel materials, resulting in poor thermal stability of the battery, so it also improves the failure risk of the battery.

. But consumers buy vehicles, and they don’t have lost. Therefore, in addition to the battery producer improvement technology, we must cooperate with the factory to improve the capacity of BMS (Three Electro Management) systems.

. It can be seen that although CATL and BYD have achieved the first and third achievements, but the overall goal of achieving new energy vehicles, but also a long way to go. Moreover, the competitors on this road are unable to be underestimated.

. Since this year, after the government cancels the battery “White List” catalog, the old battery giants such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG chemistry have got into China tickets..

Before the giant entered Hua, I have already been soaring. In 2015, Panasonic announced that the investment of $ 400 million in Dalian, Samsung announced that the Xi’an government, LG chemistry started to build a battery factory in Nanjing. Battery industry Warring States era or will open.

In 2017, Chairman CATL asked, “When the typhoon is coming, the pig will fly. But is the pig fly? How is the style of the typhoon behind the pig? “Zeng Qun’s worry is not reasonable. Although domestic battery companies have achieved leading market share, there is still gap between products and foreign batteries.

. Last year, Switzerland announced a research report on global power lithium battery. On the energy density, Panasonic 21700 battery monomer density can reach 340Wh / kg, CATL is currently 300Wh / kg.

At cost, Panasonic battery cost is 111 US dollars / kWh, LG chemical cost is 148 US dollars / kWh, Samsung SDI and CATL costs more than $ 150 / kWh. That is, as the CATL of the domestic power lithium battery leading sheep, the density is not as good as the pine, the cost does not dominate, and the foreign battery is competitive, it is not easy..

Although CATL and BYD have established their respective friends, the Alliance can resist the attack of foreign batteries, and it will take time to observe. Recently, TSLA’s Shanghai Factory began to put production, and its battery supplier chose LG chemistry, and let the old partners are pine up..

A visible trend is happening, and the car company is in order to strengthen his right to voice. If you don’t want to put the egg in a basket, you will take a lot of ships, reduce the risk of suppliers..

Going out of the greenhouse CATL and BYD, opened the situation of my country’s powered lithium battery double male. However, this world is flat and faces the future of overseas, where will they go? How to pull the future battle? We will wait and see. .

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