my country’s monopoly charging lithium battery, Europe wants to get rid of dependence: far is not so easy

my country's monopoly charging lithium battery, Europe wants to get rid of dependence: far is not so easy

The world automobile industry may usher in a “big change in the past 100 years”. Recently, Vice-President of the European Commission, Marros Selkovic, said that in 2025, the EU can produce enough batteries, not to rely on imports..

my country is the largest producer of lithium-ion batteries and the largest exporter.. Europe wants to get rid of dependence, not so easy.

my country’s monopoly lithium-ion battery production power lithium battery has many kinds, and lithium-ion batteries are the most important types.. In 1983, Japanese chemist Yoshino made a prototype of the forefront of the charging lithium-ion battery, opened the lithium-ion battery era, and therefore received the 2019 Nobel Chemistry Award.

. In 1991, Japan Sony and Xucheng Co., Ltd.

jointly launched the world’s first commercial lithium-ion battery, and successfully achieved production. Rely on technology and industrial premises, in the field of lithium-ion battery, Japan will occupy the forefront. Beginning in 2005, my country, South Korea began to catch up.

In 2014, my country’s lithium-ion battery production exceeded Japan, South Korea, ranked in the forefront until today.. Data show that in early 2019, the global lithium-ion battery manufacturing capacity reached 316 GM (GWH).

Among them, my country’s lithium-ion battery production ranks first in the world, accounting for 73%. Rank second US, only 12%. Specifically to the company’s market share, the world’s top ten lithium-ion battery production companies, my country occupies 6.

The top ten lithium-ion battery company market share said that my country’s monopolized lithium-ion battery production is not. European wants to get rid of the current situation of European want to get rid of lithium-ion batteries, with long-term intended and reality needs. Long-term intend, refers to environmental considerations.

On November 28, 2018, the European Commission launched a long-term strategic vision, referred to the concept of “climate neutral”. The so-called “climate neutral” is also known as “carbon neutrality” means that a country or a company is equivalent to zero to the harmful gas emissions, or to neutralize the emissions through environmental measures..

From the generous direction, it is to reduce carbon emissions.. Implementing the industry in this industry, naturally reducing fuel trucks, promoting new energy vehicles.

In recent years, European countries have introduced the timetable for the ban on fuel vehicles, and increase their subsidies for new energy vehicles.. Some countries and regions ban traditional energy car schedules Europe can achieve “climate neutral”, the new energy car is crucial.

The new energy car can develop a smooth and lithium battery in one of the “three-power system”.. Realistic needs refer to industrial development.

Although the new crown virus epidemic causes the overall sales of automobiles to plummet, in the first half of 2020, the sales of European new energy vehicles rose by 52%, with 403,300 more than my country, rushed to the forefront.. In the future, European new energy car market is not to be underestimated.

. Europe is the birthplace of automobiles and automobile industries, accounting for an important position in the field of fuel trains..

Entering the era of new energy vehicles, if the lithium battery cannot be self-sufficient, in addition to economic losses, European countries are more worried, they will be launched behind Zhongzimei and other opponents. Get rid of import dependence, Europe also has a bottom gas. This is because Europe is working hard, and the construction of 15 large-scale battery factories is promoted.

. Selvkovic said that by 2025, the European plant will produce enough batteries to supply power for at least 6 million electric vehicles..

By then, the battery produced by Europe can not only meet their needs, but also export. It’s not so easy, although European confidence is full, but wants to get rid of dependence, far is not so easy..

To produce lithium-ion batteries, control the most upstream lithium ore resources is the top priority. According to the information of my country’s lithium industry in China, the total amount of lithium ore resources in the world has undergocated by about 62 million tons, and it is important in South America and Australia. European countries can almost ignore.

Global proven lithium resource reserves, including my country, the United States, Japan, South Korea, is not rich, so it is not worthy of overseas layout.. At our country, Tianqi lithically returned 25.

9 billion yuan to acquire 24% shares of Chilean Lithium-life giants SQM, and became the company’s second largest shareholder.. Tianqi lithium industry also holds 51% of Australia Tellson.

Tellson is the world’s largest solid lithium concentrate owner and supplier, with the current largest reserves and best quality in the world – Western Australia Greenbushes. The lithium-in-one, the world’s third largest and largest lithium compound manufacturers in my country and the world’s largest metal lithium producers. At present, there are 6 high-quality lithium resources in Australia, Argentina, my country and Ireland.

. Qingdao dry transport, Jiangte motor, medium mine resources, Baowei holding company also actively lay out of overseas lithium resource market. At the same time, investment institutions represented by Jinsha River Capital, Songshi Investment are also aimed at foreign lithium ore resources.

. There is data showing that my country has mastered half of the world’s lithium ore resources..

Confused Europe, there is less resources in lithium mine, late layout late, at least one end, do not dominate. In addition, the layout of lithium-ion batteries is also important..

Taking my country as an example, only A-share listed lithium-ion battery company will reach 92, not to mention the small and medium-sized company that is not listed.. Lithium-ion battery industry chamfer charts to Europe, as introduced above, the top ten lithium-ion battery companies in the industrial chain, no European companies.

In fact, the lithium-ion battery industry is presenting “head effect”, market share focuses on head companies. European companies want to counterattack, very difficult. So why is Europe and a bottom gas to get rid of import dependence? The key is 15 large-scale battery plants mentioned above.

. These 15 large-scale battery plants, except for Northvolt in Sweden, most of the investors come from my country, South Korea and the United States..

Such as my country CATL in Germany, South Korea Skinnovation in Hungary, the second factory, US TSLA in Berlin, the largest battery factory. After all put into production, although European can produce batteries, funds, technology is to bring from China and South Korea, and the raw materials are also imported..

Therefore, the so-called “get rid of”, can only get rid of the battery import, but there is no dependence on the technology, the dependence of raw materials.. Only from the production layout of lithium-ion batteries, the world automotive industry may usher in a “one hundred years without big changes”.


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