my country’s dynamic lithium battery structure is excessive or ushered in change

my country's dynamic lithium battery structure is excessive or ushered in change

According to my country’s Automobile Industry Association data, 2016 new energy vehicles sales 507,000 units, up 53% year-on-year. Under the direct driving of new energy vehicles, the 2016 lithium battery industry has also ushered in great improvement, and nearly 80% of the company has achieved profit..

Among them, net profit increased by more than 100% of companies more than 100%.. At the same time, the pattern of “small and scattered” “small” industry industry has not been resolved, and the problem of less low-end production is further intensified.

. Entering 2017, subsidized policies, etc..

The power lithium battery industry is hot, with the hot sale of new energy vehicles, 2016, the power lithium battery industry has risen sharply. According to 2016, the company’s annual report showed that nearly 80% of power lithium battery companies achieved profits rise..

Among them, the maximum increase of net profit is more than 100%, which is more than 100% of the company, which is more than 100 million yuan.. Industrial faucet BYD expects Net profit in 2016 to 5.

2 billion yuan. It is precisely due to the continued high rise in the new energy vehicle market, the production of dynamic lithium battery has always been gap, the supply is insufficient, and even the new energy vehicle company sells by the battery company’s production decisions..

Under this situation, 2015 and 2016, the amount of investment in domestic power lithium battery companies continued to rise, and the output was expanded.. As of the end of 2016, the new output of domestic power lithium battery industry added 42GWH (1GWH = 1 million kilowatt), which is almost 3 times the total shipments in 2015.

. Due to the rapid increase in scale, my country has become an important production base for the global vehicle lithium-ion powered lithium battery..

In this regard, the national 863 program energy saving and major expert group of the new energy vehicle major project is a head, and Ouyang Ming, the Professor of Tsinghua University said that the industrial output may reach full in three or five years.. In 2017, it is superimposed by multiple factors, and the sales of new energy vehicles fell by more than 70% year-on-year.

. In addition, the price of raw materials has increased, the power-lithium battery industry has reduced cost pressure, and begins to fall into structural adjustment..

Data show, compared with December 2016, the price of three-dimensional lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate dynamic lithium batteries fell in early February this year, with a decrease of more than 15%. Since new energy automakers are still in the adjustment period, currently, the overall power of the power lithium battery company is flat, and the order is more than 20% year-on-year..

Industry analysis, the sharp price reduction of the dynamic lithium battery is because the new energy cars have recently declined, and on the other hand, the overcapacity is related to the excess of production.. In 2016, the new production of domestic power lithium batteries is nearly three times in 2015, while the output is only 82% year-on-year.

. Experts said that in 2017, the production of lithium battery production is excessive, and the industry will face differentiation..

The high-end lack of production, the minister of the low-end, the Minister of the Ministry of Industry and CTD said in the electric vehicle 100 people’s forum, the new energy automobile industry is still in the primary stage of development, just as “reverse water boat, do not enter,”, although the production and sales scale of new energy automotive industries The fast rising, but the core technology of the power lithium battery will have greatly improved, and the construction of charging infrastructure is still accelerated.. At present, the company has already had a structural excess mold, and the problem of low-end production of low-end production in low-end production in less than low-end output is further intensified.

. At present, the two-polarization in the dynamic lithium battery market is serious, low-level repeated construction problems, industry structural risks. From a market concentration, the market share of 10 companies in 2015 is 75.

3%, and 121 overall dynamic lithium batteries, the number of truly entered the vehicle supply system is not more than 20.. According to relevant information published by my country Electric Motors, there is an important issue in the development of Chinese car lithium-ion battery industry in China.

It is important that the output is drastically expanded. The high-end is not enough low-end; the battery advertisement management is tighter, the company should deal with deficiencies; The physical performance is not bad, but the gap in group technology is obvious; the technical route has disputes, some companies are frustrated; the power lithium battery automation is low; the safety accident is frequent, the battery safety needs to pay attention to; the recycling utilization is technically obstacles, the implementation of the implementation of policies Difficulty. In this regard, Chen Qingtai, chairman of my country Electric Motors, said that under the promotion of the poor policy, many new energy mutual bus companies are busy increasing production, competing to battery companies, to get battery products and even reduce quality requirements.

. Some battery parts companies also reduce quality standards and relax management, slow down the pace of technology research and development..

At the same time, there is still a “small and scattered” problem.. SSI from the market rapid expansion and low admission threshold, small and medium-sized companies with high R & D technology have begun to enter the power lithium battery industry, but these companies have no advantage in technological innovation and profitability.

. The industry believes that although my country’s motivational lithium battery industry has ranked among the world’s first camp, this does not mean that there is no gap with excellent companies such as Han, Japan, according to a company person in charge, current Japanese and Korean giant production Product, only 3 million in the middle of the unqualified, and the pass rate of my country’s battery cell product is not available to this level. The power lithium battery industry or ushered in the industry believes that there will be a fierce price war, a decline in profit, and the decline in the production of the power lithium battery industry will continue to trouble.

. However, high-end production will not be available, those companies with product technology, production scale advantages, and market share benefits are better gain space..

In 2017, the dynamic lithium battery industry is about to welcome a screening of the large wave, and some battery production companies with poor quality and low safety factories will gradually be eliminated by the market.. Wang Bing, director of the national new energy automobile technology innovation engineering expert group, said that the dynamic lithium battery company has a structural excess, not absolute excess, three-line power lithium battery company’s phase-out process will accelerate, some process backward, positioning low-end The company will also be integrated with M & A.

Miao Wei said that the future will strengthen production regulation, and further promote technical progress. Improve the technical admission threshold by revising new energy automobile production companies and product access management regulations, improve the technical admission threshold, and strictly prevent low level repeated construction. In response to the development pattern of “scattered, small, weak”, establish production early warning mechanism, guide the company’s reasonable planning production development plan.

Chen Qingtai also believes that it is necessary to build an environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable power lithium battery industry chain, increase research and development, and the big effort to grasp the quality, and solve the problem of exposure.. In addition to the manufacturing process, the gap between domestic and international advanced technologies is that the basic industry should pay more attention to the research of basic industries, fundamentally shortened and the gap between the world advanced technology.

. At the same time, the government also guides industry policy, promoting industry changes, eliminating low-end production, improve market concentration, and optimizes industrial structure..

And promote the technological advancement of dynamic lithium battery industry, create a group of new products and new technologies, is an important way to break through the bottleneck of over-production. According to Li Wei, a researcher of the Physics Research Institute of my country, currently developing the development of all solid-state lithium-ion batteries. It is expected to enter the market during the 2020 to 2025.

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