Multi-technical route to compete with dynamic lithium battery industry

Multi-technical route to compete with dynamic lithium battery industry

In the context of raw material prices, my country’s powered lithium-ion battery industry has a pressure, once again achieved good results. According to the data released by the power lithium-ion battery application branch, this year, this year, my country’s market dynamic lithium-ion battery installed capacity is about 128.3GWH, up 153.

1% year-on-year, and the annual installed capacity is expected to reach 150GWH.. Impacts to “big and strong” since 2015, my country’s new energy automotive production and sales have launted the world’s first, and the domestic brands rise rapidly.

. According to statistics from my country Automotive Industry Association, this year from January to Normal this year, the new energy vehicle market is still hot, the production and sales volume has a new high, and the accumulated output has exceeded 3 million units, and sales close to 3 million units..

In addition, this year’s new energy vehicle market penetration has also achieved rapid improvement, raised from 5.4% last year to now 12.7%.

. Among them, there is a significant increase in private consumption, and the sales of new energy vehicles are strongly supported..

This also shows that as the power lithium-ion battery technology is constantly mature, consumers’ new energy cars have become higher and higher, and the new energy automobile market has been driven by policy driver.. Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Industrial Division, said high-priced development of the new energy automobile industry, driving the rapid progress of the dynamic lithium-ion battery industry.

. Today, the power of the powerful lithium-ion battery materials continues to develop and innovate, process technology continues to upgrade, battery manufacturing costs decline. It can be said that the progress of the new energy automotive industry is inseparable from the power of lithium-ion batteries.

. The statistical data of the power lithium-ion battery application branch shows that the market share of the top 10 companies in my country has reached 92%, 9 of which is independent brand; the global market installed volume is ranked first, my country’s 6 seats. In this regard, Liu Yanlong, secretary general of my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, pointed out that in a comprehensive open and competitive market, my country’s head battery company is in the world’s first group in product development, technical breakthroughs, cost control, service capabilities, etc.

Really “big and strong” goals. In order to ensure the standardization of the dynamic lithium-ion battery industry, the relevant national departments have introduced a number of policies and planning measures..

In November this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Lithium-Ion Battery Industry Standard Condition (2021)” and “Lithium Ion Battery Industry Standard Notice Management Measures (2021)”, and disclose opinions to the whole society, it is directed to guide Lithium-ion battery companies reduce the manufacturing project of simply expanding production, strengthen technological innovation, and improve product quality. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, etc. Ladder use and recycling work, truly realize green development of new energy vehicles and power lithium-ion battery industries.

The price of raw materials continues to climb the industry in pressure in the operation of the dynamic lithium-ion battery industry, also facing huge pressure. Raw material prices have risen, bringing great challenges from supply chains for power lithium-ion batteries..

Yang Hongxin, Chairman and CEO of Honeycomb Energy, pointed out that this year, the sales of new energy vehicles have risen rapidly, but the synergy of supply chains has been obviously lagged behind the overall growth rate of the industry, adding liquid Vc (carbonate vinyl carbonate) in the electrolyte in the electrolyte. Lithium hexafluorophosphate, Lithium Lithium Lithium Lithium Lithium Lithium Lithosphate, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), SP (conductive carbon black) price continues to rise, supply is very tight. He expects that the situation of this imbalance in supply and demand will continue.

In the future, other materials have been used due to long period of expansion, and the chemical expansion of the environmental assessment, and the equipment production will also be supplied.. According to data, this year, the price of lithium cobaltate in the node material has increased by more than 200%, and the price of electrolyte has increased by more than 150%; the supply of negative electrode materials is continuous, resulting in a significant increase in the comprehensive cost of the power lithium-ion battery.

. Under the sustained pressure, BYD, Penghui Energy, Guoxuan High-tech Co., Ltd.

issued a price increase. Among them, BYD adjusted the unit price of battery products such as C08, and the unified increase is not less than 20%..

In this regard, BYD said that the price increase is important due to market changes and the price of raw materials caused by limit reduction.. Guoxuan’s high school also frank in the price adjustment letter.

With the continued rising price of the electrical core material, the power lithium-ion battery company currently faces the biggest difficult relationship between the new crown epidemic.. In Liu Yanlong’s view, the “price increase” of the industrial chain is mismatched, and the root of “disease” is in that the importance and layout of resources and materials are not enough, and there is a series of chain reactions.

. In the future, the power lithium-ion battery industry should be keen on the lesson, causing enough attention in key resources and material layout..

However, it is worth mentioning that in the case where the price of raw materials has increased, the leading company still presents strong anti-risk capabilities.. Recently, Ningde Times proposed to invest 13.

5 billion yuan, and build a new lithium-ion battery production and manufacturing base in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province.. Industry insiders believe that battery base is expected to promote the speed of lithium-ion battery industry accelerated upgrade.

For other powered lithium-ion battery companies, customers, production, cash flow are still an important starting person in the development of raw materials.. Recently, the honeycomb energy announced the completion of the financing of B + rounds of 6 billion yuan.

This round of financing funds will be important for research and development technology, and build Changzhou Phase III production base, Changzhou R & D Center and Changzhou Headquarters Management Center. At the same time, honeycomb energy is said, 2025 global production planning goals are upgraded to 600GWH. Diversified route Baihuaqi placed in the process of new energy vehicles to market development, the phenomenon of multi-technical route appeared in the dynamic lithium-ion battery.

In this regard, Liu Yanlong said that from the battery technology route, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has gradually obtained the user’s recognition with the advantages of economic, safety, and the market demand warming.. From January to November this year, my country’s market lithium iron phosphate ion battery installed capacity reached 64.

8GWH, first higher than ternary batteries (63.3GWH). The cost advantage of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries also attracts the attention and favor of many large-scale car companies around the world, including Tesla, Volkswagen, Daimler, General, Ford, Modern, etc.

Ion battery, LG new energy, SKI and other battery companies are also accelerating the layout of lithium iron phosphate ion battery. In addition to the original technical route, benefited from the development of new materials and new processes, more and more power lithium-ion battery new technologies begin to emerge. For example, billion-wearable lithium can focus on the large cylindrical battery technology, which is also the battery technology direction of Tesla, Panasonic and other companies.

. It is reported that Yi Lithium can have a complete technical reserve in the field of large cylindrical cells, and plan to invest in 20GWH passenger vehicles and auxiliary facility projects. In addition, silicon negative batteries, sodium ion batteries also set off unmistive heat.

Guangqi Yan AionlxPlus is fitted with nickel-cobalt-rich three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, system energy density reaches 205Wh / kg. Unlike ordinary nickel cobalt-manganese ternary lithium ion batteries, the negative electrode of the new battery is added to the silicon. This design makes silicon expands and shrinks in the charge and discharge process (not broken), as well as the sponge water absorbing, allowing the silicon negative to play a large capacity, and its core characteristics are significantly reduced the quality of the battery.

Volume. From the development of silicon negative electrode technology, the power point of the energy density of lithium-ion battery has been increased from the positive electrode to the negative electrode..

In this industry context, a lithium metal secondary battery using metal lithium as a negative electrode material is also received more attention.. Recently, the mixed lithium metal battery supplier SES announced the Apollo lithium metal battery, which is said to be greater than 107ah, which is said to be the largest lithium metal battery in global monomer capacity, and the first public display of more than 100AH ​​monomer lithium metal batteries in the world.

. In recent years, the vehicle company has independently developed the lithium-ion battery system into a new trend..

From BYD’s “Blade”, Guangqi Yan’s “magazine”, to the “big 禹” of the Great Wall, then to the “Amber” and “Mica” and “Micap”, the battery system independently developed by 图 汽车In addition to high security, upgrading the renewal capacity and energy saving management is also attractive.. Some insiders pointed out that due to the continuous increase in the driving force in the new energy automotive industry, the demand for the dynamic lithium-ion battery has begun to differentiate, which also promotes the powerful lithium-ion battery companies to multiculturalize the technology route.

. In the future, under the use of market-oriented purposes, the battery technology route will have a number of tracks, and advance in parallel.

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