Multi-place in my country’s charging lithium battery area pattern continuous optimization

Multi-place in my country's charging lithium battery area pattern continuous optimization

Although my country’s new energy vehicles have not expected in 2019, we dragged down the power lithium battery market to a certain extent, but my country’s lithium-ion battery industry overcomes adverse effects, still maintaining steady development. As each provinces and cities have attached importance to the development of new energy automobile industry chain, lithium-ion batteries, especially dynamic lithium batteries, are highly concerned, 2019 provinces and cities centralized, my country’s lithium-ion battery area pattern continuous optimization. The lithium-ion battery industry is one of the industries of all the provinces and districts in my country.

. According to the data of my country Light Industry Federation, 24 provinces and municipalities in my country have reported the production of lithium-ion batteries in 2019, which is also reduced in 2018 (Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia)..

Among them, Beijing is actively adjusting the industrial structure, and gradually putting the lithium-ion battery manufacturing.. Dynamic lithium battery production high concentration despite the extensive regional distribution, production high concentration.

From the 2019 province, the production of lithium-ion batteries in my country (according to my country’s Light Industry Federation Data Calculation), accounting for more than 10% of Guangdong, Jiangsu and Fujian three provinces, consistent with 2018; There are 5% to 10% between Henan, Hubei, and also in 2018; there are 11 provinces and districts between 1% to 5%, which increased by 1 in 2018; In 1% of the 8 provinces and districts. It can be seen that the production of lithium-ion batteries in all provinces and regions of my country is concentrated. In 2019, CR2, CR5, CR10 proportional is 44.

6%, 69.8% and 88.8%, respectively.

. In 2019, the decline in production in Guangdong Province is more obvious. In addition, some provinces and cities have risen, and the output concentration has declined by 2018.

. Note: (1): Cr2 means the sum of the output of the top two provinces and area, CR5 refers to the sum of the output of the top five provincial and city, CR10 refers to the sum of the output of the top ten provinces and districts..

From the changes in production, there are 20 provinces and districts in the 24 provinces and regions to maintain an upward momentum. Only 4 provinces and districts have declined. Among them, there are more than 100% provinces and districts in the provinces and districts in Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Liaoning, Qinghai, of which Hunan is in the first place in the growth rate of nearly 500%; the year-on-year growth rate is located between 50% and 100%.

There is Jiangsu, Shandong, Jilin. 1 Guangdong leading advantages are still obvious as reform and opening up bridgehead and first-line, Guangdong Province rely on adjacent to Hong Kong’s advantages, and the economy is the first to ushered in the first. On this basis, the Guangdong Province’s lithium-ion battery industry has developed rapidly and has become my country’s most important lithium-ion battery production base.

. At present, Guangdong Province has established a complete lithium-ion battery production chain, and the number of backbone companies in each link is in the leading position..

According to incomplete statistics, more than 1100 lithium-ion battery industry chain companies in Guangdong Province, the first of various provinces and cities in China; nearly 100 in my country’s lithium-ion battery industry chain, 2 2% of Guangdong Province, more than 60%. Note: (2): Only listed companies that are mainly engaged in lithium-ion battery industry chain, do not include a listed company that invests in lithium-ion battery industry chain but does not act as a main business. More than 300, Guangdong Province, only 1,300, including BYD, Dongguan New Energy (ATL), Shenzhen Bik, Billion Lithium Lithium, Peng Hui Energy, Zhuhai Yinlong, Xinwangda, Swing Technology, Zhuhai Guangyu , Dongguan Miao, Zhuo Neng New Energy, Xionghao Power, Dongguan Zhenhua, Desai Battery and other domestic well-known companies, in my country’s consumer lithium-ion battery market, storage lithium-ion battery market dominated, lithium The battery market has a more obvious overall competitive advantage (second only to CATL, Fujian Province).

In the positive material, negative material, diaphragm, electrolyte, equipment, etc., Guangdong Province has head companies. In terms of positive electrode materials, the phosphate material TOP10 company China Guangdong Province occupies 3 seats, Germanyan nano’s first first, three yuan materials TOP10 company China Guangdong Province occupies 2 seats, Greenmei development momentum is rapid.

In terms of negative electrode materials, TOP10 companies have 4 seats, Beitry, Dongguan Kaipin, the first and fourth. In terms of diaphragm, TOP10 company has 2 seats. The star source material is ranked second, and the first Nijie shares (Shanghai) has an important production base in Zhuhai.

. In terms of Shanfu stock electrolyte, TOP10 company has 4 seats (in addition, the subject of Shanshi Co., Ltd.

is Dongguan Shanni Cell Material Co., Ltd., also in Guangdong Province, not calculated), Tianci materials, New Nancea high two.

In terms of production equipment, Guangdong Province gathered a group of leaders such as winning technology, Chengxie intelligence, Shenzhen Jiyang, Shenzhen Hao Neng, Xin Jia Tuo, Zhengye Technology and other leaders. Although the important lithium-ion battery companies in Guangdong Province have accelerated the pace of other provinces and cities in the past two years, the production of lithium-ion battery production in 2019 has declined, but the leading advantages of Guangdong Province are still very obvious..

In 2019, its output reached 4.73 billion, a year-on-year decreased by 16.1%, but its output is still twice the second place.

. In 2019, the proportion of total production of lithium-ion batteries in the country in 2019 is still as high as 30.1%, while in 2018, its accounting is more than 40%.

. In 2019, the number of lithium-ion battery exports in Guangdong Province is 1.7.

7%, which accounts for 50.2% of the total number of lithium-ion batteries in my country. Basic and 2018 are flat; the export amount is up to 5.

55 billion US dollars, up 10.1% year-on-year, accounting for lithium my country 42.6% of the export of ion batteries, a decrease of 2.

9 percentage points in 2018. 2 Jiangsu Journey to the 2019 Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the High Quality Development of New Energy Automobile Industry”, clearly proposed, “Let’s give full play to the integrity of the Jiangsu industry chain Advantages, in Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, Suzhou, etc., focusing on power lithium batteries, automotive electronics, power assembly, etc.

Key to support the major scientific and technological achievements of key backbone companies in new energy automotive industrial clusters, new technology new products promotion applications, key technical research, major platform construction, mergers and other projects. Under the vigorous promotion of various departments in Jiangsu Province, the lithium-ion battery industry in Jiangsu Province, especially the dynamic lithium battery industry rapidly, and play a huge use of the rise of my country’s lithium-ion battery industry..

According to incomplete statistics, the number of various companies in the lithium-ion battery industry chain in Jiangsu Province in 2019, more than 70% over 2016, only 40 in the number of dynamic lithium battery companies, basic domestic power lithium battery faucet Both rooted in Jiangsu Province. In 2019, my country’s powered lithium battery installed volume TOP10 CATL, Guoxuan high-tech, Tianjin Zhizhen, China Aviation Lithium Electric, Fu Can Technology, Times SAIC SAIC, Xinwangda and other 7 production bases were built in Jiangsu, Panasonic, South Korea, LG Chemical International lithium-ion battery industry giants such as SKI and the honeycomb energy, prospect AESC, and the international power lithium battery “new players” also selected production bases in Jiangsu Province..

In the case of continuous collection of power lithium battery projects in Xinwangda, Jiangsu Province attracted many power-lithium battery upper reaches of the material and equipment company, Jiangsu Catai, Zhili Technology, Yitai, Tianci Materials, Peking University , Bertry, Cudali and other supporting backbone companies have landed. Overall, Jiangsu Province has formed a more complete lithium-ion battery industry chain, which has created Nanjing, Changzhou (including Yanyang City), Suzhou and other powertrain battery production. In 2019, there was nearly 2.

3 billion yield of Jiangsu, the yield increased by more than 50% year-on-year, and the production of lithium-ion battery production was only 1.72 billion in the country. The rate is as high as 44.

2%, which has become an important force that pulled the rise in lithium-ion battery industry in my country.. In 2019, there was 380 million exports from Jiangsu Province, up 26.

7% year-on-year, which accounted for 18.2% of my country, an increase of 2.7 percentage points in 2018; the export volume was as high as 3.

45 billion, up 33.2% year-on-year, accounting for lithium-ion batteries in my country 26.5% of total exports, increased by 2.

6 percentage points from 2018. 3 The four provinces in the middle have been invested in recent years. In my country, the five provinces of China (40) (Henan, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangxi, Hunan) play the location advantage (back to the Guangdong, the long triangle two collectors), based on the local characteristics, focus different The link, vigorously develop the lithium-ion battery industry, and achieve good results.

Note: (3) my country’s central region includes Shanxi, Henan, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangxi, Hunan Province, China. Hunan, Jiangxi fully exerts the advantages of mineral resources, with lithium-ion battery materials as the core, extending the lithium-ion battery industry chain, has born Hunan Santon, Jinrui New Materials, Hunan Shann, Hunan Ruixiang, Hunan Zhongli New Materials, Hunan Limited , Huiqiang new materials, Xiangtan Electrochemical, long-term luiser, Zhongke Technology, Jiangxi Ziyu, Jiangxi Zheng Du, Jinzi Technology, Yuxi new materials and other bobics, cultivated Santon’s new energy, Fu Can Technology, Far East Foster and other powertrain. Hubei, Henan, Anhui uses a whole vehicle (Yutong Bus, Zhengzhou Nissan, Dongfeng Auto, Ankai Auto, Jianghuai Automobile, Chery Automobile, etc.

) to use new energy vehicle development opportunities, vigorously develop power lithium batteries, and cultivate China Aviation lithium electricity , Multifloro, Guoxuan high-class, Dongfeng era, Henan lithium moving, etc.. Jianghuai Automobile has gradually put into production with landing projects, and the production of lithium-ion battery production in the middle of the central country maintains rapid rise.

. In 2019, the total output of lithium-ion batteries in the five provinces and cities reached nearly 38 billion, up 40.5% year-on-year, higher than the overall growth rate of 36.

4 percentage points, and the national proportion increased from 19.2% in 2018 to 24.0%, rose nearly 5 A percentage point, becoming an important pole in my country’s lithium-ion battery industry.

Among them, Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi 2019 lithium-ion battery production ranked fourth, fifth, sixth; Hunan lithium-ion production growth rate is close to 500%, the top of the country. Overall, as my country’s lithium-ion battery industry backbone company accelerates the layout of Jiangsu and the central and western regions, a large situation in Guangdong Province is expected to be broken, and my country’s lithium-ion battery industry area structure will be increasingly balanced.

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