More than 10 billion market space listed companies to fight power lithium battery recycling market

More than 10 billion market space listed companies to fight power lithium battery recycling market

Benefits from the production and sales of new energy vehicles, and the power storage battery shipments are also new.. The battery life is limited, according to the calculation, since 2018, the power lithium battery will enter the scale of “retired” stage.

. Battery recovery, if the battery is not recycled, it will cause waste, environmental pollution, so the power lithium battery recovery is of great significance..

On July 25, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, etc. Will be further improved. Policy intensive issued according to the “Notice”, identified 17 provinces and cities, regions, and my country Tower Co.

, Ltd., such as Shanxi Province, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province for the pilot area and company, and determine each The corresponding target tasks of the pilot area help build a relatively concentrated, cross-regional linkage recycling system. At the same time, the “Notice” requires a moderate control of disassembly and ladder using the company’s scale, strictly controls the number of renewable use companies.

. The policy level is clearly coordinated with the industrial layout and scale, which has the development of the industry to develop, centralized centralized, and taking advantage of the leading industry. The “Notice” is based on February this year, the “Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Management” issued by the previous seven departments requires the new energy vehicle power battery recycling and utilization.

On July 3rd, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the provisional provisions of the “New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling and Utilization”, which proposed to establish a comprehensive management of new energy vehicles National monitoring and power storage batteries in accordance with the “Interim Measures for the Recycling Management of New Energy Automobile Power Battery”. Platform, information collection on power storage battery production, sales, use, scrap, recycling, utilization, etc..

Shen Wanhongyuan Securities Industry Investigation Think, the announcement of the traceability management method is another major advancement of the construction of the power lithium battery recovery management system, and traceable management is the necessary conditions for the future of the dynamic lithium battery industry to use and recycle. The latest policy shows that on July 27, the Ministry of Industry and Information restrictions on the list of “New Energy Automobile Waste Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry”. In the list, the company includes Zhangzhou Huayou Cobalt New Material Co.

, Ltd., Zhangzhou Hapeng Technology Co., Ltd.

, Jingmen City Greenmei Xin Material Co., Ltd., Hunan Bangpu Circular Technology Co.

, Ltd., Guangzhou Guanghua Technology Co., Ltd.

. The above policy intensive introduction means that the power lithium battery recycling system will further improve, and the dynamic lithium battery recycling is gradually entering the standard stage..

The market space exceeded 10 billion new energy auto production and sales volume has been rapidly rising since 2014, and the power lithium battery also enters the high-speed rise stage.. At present, most of the power lithium battery packs sell warranties to the main plant for 8 years.

There are still 5 years before 2016, but considering the early battery production is still not mature, assume that the actual service life is 4 years, and the power lithium battery scrap will be present in 2018. Double-rising. The power lithium battery enters the large-scale scrap period, will promote the development opportunities of the waste battery recycling market.

According to the measurement, the amount of scrapped in 2018-12020 is 39,500 tons, 152,700 tons, 277,300 tons, totaling 500,000 tons.. The power lithium battery contained in a variety of pollution, no recovery treatment will pollute the environment.

. More importantly, the battery can be recycled in iron, lithium, cobalt, etc., not in time-time recovery, will severe waste of resources.

. Waste dynamic lithium battery recycling is generally divided into two forms of ladder utilization and dismantling utilization. The ladder uses important for battery capacity to reduce the electric vehicle to operate normally, but the battery itself does not have a waste of scrap, can still continue to use in other ways, such as electric bicycles, low-speed electric vehicles, energy storage batteries, etc.

. The ladder uses the battery life and reduces battery costs, and can effectively reduce energy storage costs..

Disassembly utilization is a regenerative resource that uses value in the recycling battery, such as cobalt, lithium, etc.. By recycling these price metal, it is possible to avoid scarce and price fluctuation risk of upstream raw materials to a certain extent, and reduce battery production costs.

. In general, lithium iron phosphate ion batteries tend to be tradder, and the ternary battery tends to disassemble the utilization..

The Guangfa Securities Industry News shows that it is estimated that the 2020 battery recycling market can reach 10.7 billion yuan (the ladder is 9 billion yuan, the dismantling is 17 yuan), and it can be upgraded to 24.5 billion yuan until 2024 (9.

2 billion) Yuan, dismantling use of 15.4 billion yuan). At present, due to early battery technology constraints, poor consistency, the ladder use is difficult, and the price of cobalt lithium is still in high, so the dismantling utilization revenue is relatively considerable.

Listed company’s licensed battery recycling industry chain has gradually formed third-party institutions, materials companies and battery companies.. Third-party recycling company specializes in lithium-ion battery recycling and regeneration, representatives in Greenmei, Fangyuan Environmental Protection, Hunan Bangpu, Zhangzhou Hapeng, Jinyuan New Materials.

Lithium-Electric Materials Corporation Master mineral resources or produces four major materials, including Huayou Cobalt Industry, Xiamen Tungsten Industry and Heighng Lithium Industry, Ningbo Jinhe, etc.. Dynamic lithium battery companies are represented by CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Haoke, China Airlines, Shenzhen Bick, etc.

. At present, the important competitors of the battery recycling market are mainly based on third-party recycling companies. In 2016, Hunan Bangpeng, Greenmei, and Zhangzhou Hapeng combined with the battery recycling market share of more than 90%.

. The listed company involves the company’s recycled company is important, oriental, Tianqi Shares, Greenmeal, CATL, Guanghua Technology, etc..

Oriental Seiko Full Co-Subderection Profee In the Main Industry of New Energy Vehicle Power Lithium Battery System, Place has reserves in the recycling of dynamic lithium batteries and ladder. Since 2013, Tianqi Shares continue to launch the car circular industry, recycle dismantling, parts regeneration, and disassembly and sorting resource utilization, etc..

By acquiring Longnan Jindai Cobalt Cobalt Co., Ltd., holding Dry Thai Energy into the power lithium battery recycling market.

Greenmei has built a waste battery and a powerful lithium battery large circulating industry chain, cobalt nickel tungsten resources recovery and carbide industry chain, electronic waste circulation utilization industrial chain, scrapped automobile comprehensive utilization of industrial chain, waste slag, stranger, wastewater circulation industry Chain and other five major industrial chains, circulatory re-cobalt, nickel, copper, etc. 25 scarce resources and ultrafine powder, new energy vehicles with power lithium battery materials and materials, plastic wood profiles, etc..

The subsidiary of CATL Hunan Bangpu, battery cycle, car cycle, and new materials, 2016 waste lithium battery recovery of 25,000 tons, market share is as high as 49%,. Guanghua Technology is the leading company of domestic PCB chemicals. In 2017, on the basis of stabilizing traditional business, the company cuts into the field of positive material materials in lithium-ion batteries.

It has been formed by high performance electronic chemicals, high quality chemical reagents and new energy materials, integrating research and development, production, sales and services. One special chemical industry system. .

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