Modern car and SK innovation cooperation development electric car battery ecosystem

Modern car and SK innovation cooperation development electric car battery ecosystem

Beijing time September 8th news, according to foreign media reports, Korea Modern Motors said on Tuesday, modern and Kia will innovate and develop an electric car battery ecosystem.. Modern cars said that both parties will create a partner system, which involves electric vehicle battery rental, battery management services, and the reuse and recycling of electric vehicle batteries.

. According to modern cars, the cooperation between cooperation agrees that it is necessary to create high added value in the entire life cycle of electric vehicle batteries, and strengthen its ecological friendship..

A modern executive said that the existing vehicle battery business focused on the battery is different. This cooperation focuses on the life cycle of the battery, and the cooperation between the cooperation is “battery,”, “this is a virtuous cycle..

This cooperation will also be an opportunity to promote more diverse cooperative systems in future vehicle battery industries.. (The picture shows Zheng Yi Xuan (right) of the Executive Vice Chairman of Modern Automobile Group, Shaking hands in July in SK Innovation Electric Vehicle Battery Factory and SK Group.

By this partnership, both parties will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and optimize design, and connect electric vehicles and batteries to establish a benign circulation that covers all the processes from production to recycling from production to recycling.. This is the first detailed cooperation plan that is announced from the Chairman of the Executive Vice Directors of Modern Automobile Group and the Chairman of the SK Group.

. Modern cars said that both parties will actively seek various methods to maximize the added value and eco-friendship of electric vehicle batteries..

For example, from the automotive battery, metal, nickel, and cobalt, and use electric vehicle batteries for energy storage systems, etc.. These two companies are currently working, collecting and verifying battery packs used in NIRO electric vehicles.

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