Melon is divided into 564 billion yuan market power lithium battery industry will enter the ‘Warring States era

Melon is divided into 564 billion yuan market power lithium battery industry will enter the 'Warring States era

In the context of new energy subsidies and accelerated acceleration, the power lithium battery market is filled, the war is continuously upgraded, and it is gradually moved from “Spring and Autumn” to “Warring States”.. Wanjie, SKI has recently recently, there are many major actions in the power lithium battery industry.

. Wanjie slammed 68 billion yuan in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, starting universal innovation gathering, the battery and energy storage project will introduce the automatic battery production line, and the production of 80GWH battery will be formed after the production..

Such a big hand, it can be seen that it is not small, universal “Said Operation”, let the battery of my country’s China network industry exchange group have no confrontation “universal good”! “We will build a super production base. Among them, the world’s first-class battery manufacturer, world-class research and development facilities. Peter Sareo, General Manager of Wanjin One-two-three Battery Co.

, Ltd., said that the project will meet the needs of companies such as Jaguar, Volvo, BMW, Audi and SAIC Group..

Universion is not only “not bad”, its customers are also heavyweight. Universal is really quite, but there is more. Not long ago, according to overseas media reports, the Korean lithium-ion battery giant Ski has also been treated.

It is said to fight CATL, TSLA / Panasonic and LG chemistry, and plans to increase lithium-ion battery production to 100GWH! It is understood, according to Ski Planning, the output will increase from the current 5GWH at the end of 2019 to 20GWH, and will rise to 40GWH in 2020, and the total output of 100GWH is achieved in 2025.. This plan will be important to SKI’s new factory in the United States.

The investment may be as high as $ 5 billion, and only the factory production will reach 50GWH by 2025.. So, how much is SKI to confront to CATL, TSLA / Panasonic and LG chemical production planning? It is understood that CATL currently has a battery-yield of about 30GWH, which is expected to reach 45.

9GWh in 2019, and the production will reach 54GWH in 2020.. At the beginning of this year, CATL intends to increase in German factory, which is expected to achieve 100GWH production by 2026.

. Then, the total output of CATL will exceed 150Wh; while Tsla / Panasonic’s total production in the construction plant and planning is also above 100GWH; LG chemistry is currently available in Korea, my country, Poland and the United States. 2020 to ensure that the annual production capacity of the annual 110GWH battery.

The giants will dispatch “Millions of Major”, it seems that the powerful lithium battery market competition has opened “Dafa Mode”. It is reported that BYD has been put into production and planning, the production of power lithium battery has also reached 100GWH. Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of BYD has declared that BYD plans to make battery subsidiaries independently of the battery, not difficult to expect future BYD’s production.

Will have a huge outbreak. After the “Wealth Rise”, the Evergrande Group has a new energy source, indicating that the scale of the new energy production will be quickly expanded, and the “multiple” annual production reached 60GWH in 10 years; this “multiple” is How much is not clear, but it is two, this scale is also 100GWH level. The melon is divided into 564 billion yuan 973GWH market “” Workers want to do things, must.

“The battery giants are so large-scale expansion, based on the perception and judgment of huge demand for future new energy vehicles.. my country is currently the world’s largest and fastest power lithium battery market, and its industrial development is also the most representative.

. According to the statistics of the Dynamic Lithium Battery Application Branch, 2018 my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery installed capacity is 56.89GWh, up 56.

88% year-on-year.. According to Bohai Securities, the domestic power lithium battery installed capacity is 77GWH, 113GWH and 158GWH, respectively, according to the introduction of the domestic power lithium battery industry market, according to the previous three years, will exceed 340 billion yuan.

. The scale of the future of the global lithium battery market will be larger. According to the research report released by Switzerland Bank (UBS), the sales of new energy electric vehicles will increase from 1.

8 million vehicles in 2018 to 1.7.5 million vehicles in 2025.

. The demand for the global electric motor vehicle will rise by 9.5 times, which is expected to increase from 93GWH in 2018 to 973GWH in 2025.

. Accordingly, the business income of lithium-ion batteries will also rise from $ 23 billion in 2018 (approximately RMB 154 billion) to RMB 84 billion (about RMB 564 billion). “The world is the Xi Xi, all are the lord; the world is bustling, all is the benefits.

“Since there is a lot of money, why don’t you add horsepower production? Size effect reduction costs, in addition to market demand factors, battery companies expand the production scale effect, can effectively reduce costs. It is understood that the power lithium battery is reduced, and the first is to increase the energy density using the new material system (NCM811, etc.), and the other is through scale effect.

. From the current development process of battery materials, new materials, not only difficulty, slower. So the cost is the most realistic path through the scale effect.

. According to industry institutions, 70% of the cost of the entire powertrain battery can be reduced by scale..

In addition, battery companies can also expand its ability to enhance resistance. The power lithium battery is used as a new industry. In the rapid development opportunities and risk, the new energy is from time to time, but only the company has a company, it will not easily turn it easily.

. “The market will further focus on dominant companies, small low-level power lithium battery companies will be eliminated in competition. “Chen Qingtai said.

In recent years, the gross profit margin of the power lithium battery industry has been declining.. From Multi-feedback information, 2018 domestic power lithium battery company gross profit margin has declined, and even the company’s power lithium battery business has less than 10%, and the international market is also low.

. According to industry analysis, the battery market is influenced by the upstream raw material price fluctuations and new energy subsidies policy, and the price of power lithium battery declines year by year. “Substation” is an important logic of the development of the current industry.

. It is foreseeable that with the gradual upgrade of the “arms race” between the battery giants, the market shuffling is intensive, the power lithium battery industry will speed up the two polarific differentiation under the giant effect, and the future global power lithium battery pattern will also usher in the giant change..

In the spring and autumn, the people of the princes, the small car truck, the big battle, the princes in the Warring States, only seven people in the country. According to the Bank of Switzerland, the future global battery market oligarch will be further strengthened. The top five suppliers will occupy 80% of the market share, and the power lithium battery market will also enter the “Warring States Age”.

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