Maybe ‘hug’ recycling power lithium battery

Maybe 'hug' recycling power lithium battery

Recently, the news of the car and enterprises jointly studied the recycling of dynamic lithium batteries. At the end of October, Audi claimed that UMICORE (Qi Mei) company completed the first phase of the dynamic lithium battery recovery strategy research cooperation, both parties are cooperating with research and development, which can repeatedly use the closed loop of the high voltage battery assembly..

On October 15th, BMW also announced the establishment of the joint technical alliance with Umicore and Swedish Battery Northvol to promote sustainable use of European electric vehicle power lithium batteries.. It has always been keen on the Japanese car companies in “hug” naturally, and many car companies such as Toyota, Nissan jointly launched the recycling of electric vehicles retired lithium-ion batteries.

. Multinational companies in the field of electric vehicle power lithium battery recycling, planning, in advance, my country’s car companies also have a move. At the construction of the new energy vehicle power lithium battery recycling system held on October 31, 11 new energy automobile production companies such as iron towers and FAW, Dongfeng, BYD were signed and cooperative intent for the construction of power storage batteries.

. With the rapid development of electric motor industry in my country, the problem of recycling of waste dynamic lithium batteries cannot be ignored..

As the Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Li said, accelerating the construction of the waste power battery recycling system is the current urgency and arduous task. It should actively explore the formation of a strong technical economy and friendly market-based recycling mode..

my country Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. predicts that the use of the power storage battery is generally 5-8 years, which means that my country’s car power lithium battery is about to usher in a large scale of scrap recovery.

. According to the seven ministry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Battery “, the automobile production company is the subject responsibility of the recovery of waste power storage batteries. In the past, my country’s vehicle company only attached importance to the sales of electric vehicles, ignored the work of subsequent services, battery recovery and other work, which buried hidden dangers for the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

. At this point, the approach of multinational companies is worth learning, although new energy automotive products have not yet been sold, but have considered closed-loop management from the perspective of full life cycle..

With the improvement of the policy, today’s recycling of waste power storage batteries is inevitable.. The sooner entered this area, the more you will gain more.

It is estimated that by 2025, the size of the power lithium battery recovery will reach 37 billion yuan.. However, due to the operation system and business model is still immature, the power lithium battery recycling is still “Blue Sea”, which may be one of the important reasons for multinational companies.

. Considering that the relevant techniques of current power lithium battery recovery are not mature enough, automotive production companies undoubtedly increase the cost of battery recycling. It is impossible to add companies to the company.

I am afraid that it is difficult to say, cooperation. It is crucial. The author believes that on the one hand, since the current source of power lithium battery to be recycled is relatively small, the single company’s payment and returns are not proportional to the renewal, it is better to strengthen cooperation, establish public The recycling platform, the partners invested in a certain proportion of funds, and the results were shared; on the other hand, except “connected”, “combined” is also crucial.

Currently, it is not easy to carry out the recycling of dynamic lithium batteries.. In the case where the size of the retired battery and the relatively small amount of volume, the company has relatively limited.

When the retired dynamic lithium battery enters the market, the company will continue to carry out recycling work, not only passive, but also cost pressure.. Therefore, the vehicle should have a early manner, actively carry out innovation and exploration of relevant business models, find practical solutions.

At present, my country’s car power storage battery is not the same in system volume or monomer technology, even if it is the product produced by the same battery, it may also be different in different brands.. Therefore, there are still many difficulties in cooperation between the vehicle companies to carry out the recycling of power lithium batteries, and cooperate with battery companies and recycling companies to achieve better results.

. Of course, and have cooperation with my country Tower with a large number of waste-powered lithium battery capabilities. The recycling of lithium batteries will play a certain driving use, but if they can actively absorb power lithium batteries and professional in the process of cooperation.

Power lithium battery recycling company is expected to find a mature business model to achieve healthy and sustainable development of the industry. It is worth mentioning that in the process of cooperation, my country’s vehicle companies may also absorb foreign recycling companies..

Although there are many domestic power lithium battery recovery companies, it is generally small, and the system and technology have to be further improved and improved. If you can learn more international advanced recycling technology and philosophy in multiparties, it will help domestic The maturity and improvement of the power lithium battery recovery industry has contributed more power to build low-carbon environmental protection society.

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