Masque revealed in China to establish a factory plan and implied that battery technology would have breakthrough

Masque revealed in China to establish a factory plan and implied that battery technology would have breakthrough

Not long ago, TSLA and Shanghai’s related units are negotiating things about establishing TSLA plants in my country. Some people revealed that TSLA established a production plant in Shanghai. Shanghai Jinqiao Group has signed a non-binding memorandum, and the two sides invest 30 billion yuan.

($ 4.5 billion). Shanghai Jinqiao Group is a state-owned company, and this investment is important for its land assets.

. However, the Shanghai Jinqiao denied that all kinds of unconfilled, Tsla did not comment on this. However, TSLA seems to have established a super factory in my country, which seems to have been determined, according to CEO Mask’s statement at the second quarter, the company has established a super factory in my country.

. He said, “We hope to maintain most of the production in the United States, but it is obvious that in my country and Europe establish a super factory and make sense to local market services..

Production in California is then transported across the large half of the earth, especially if the product wants to make consumers depending on the situation as possible.. “The first super factory of TSLA is estimated to be 5 billion US dollars.

To understand my country has a large number of TSLA potential customers, and relatively speaking, the cost of establishing plants in my country may be slightly lower than the United States, but the production efficiency and employee’s professionalization and can cope with strong working pressures. It is Tsla urgent. To learn more about Tsla in the US factory frequently encounter employee spits and protests, and there is a problem with safety management, so that the production of hot models in TSLA is far from market expectations, orders have also fallen sharply.

. Therefore, in my country’s establishment factories can not only meet the market in China, and even possible to fracture in other regions..

Tsla Asia Pacific President Ren Yixiang said that my country’s Model3 bookings are higher than other countries outside the United States.. In addition, there are many users who have purchased, as well as consumers who have given up because of policy and production issues.

. In addition, in our construction plant, TSLA can prevent import tariffs of our manufacturers, thereby reducing car prices, further attracting potential customers. At the conference call, Mask also suggests that battery technology will break through.

A analyst refers to the latest developments including solid state battery technology, Mask also delivered a view.. The following is some of the Mask part: Ok, let me talk about my opinion.

. Almost some people around the world claim to get a battery breakthrough. When someone claims to create a breakthrough battery technology, then send us a sample.

Or you don’t trust us, you will choose to send samples to an independent laboratory to verify the relevant parameters.. That’s right, now most of the battery breakthrough technology stays in the PowerPoint stage, even I can also send you the PowerPoint Demos of the Fairy Square.

. But this does not mean that you can have a collection with our lives..

So TSLA is the largest lithium-ion battery buyer on this earth.. So, when they get a breakthrough on a lithium-ion battery? We! Because we are the biggest customer.

If we have some breakthroughs in the battery technology, I will feel very surprises, which will inevitably be very wonderful, I will inevitably load the history book.. However, the laboratory gradually develops modern production process in the next few years to further optimize costs.

Therefore, the breakthrough battery will not appear at this stage.. I think some technical breakthroughs are achievable.

. However, these are confidential, so I can’t talk at this calling meeting, but I am sure that one of the solutions can work..

Up to now, it has not yet started in the laboratory, but it will soon be implemented in the laboratory.

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